RC Cars Gas Powered Electric Drift Mini HPI & Nitro Cars

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Acura Electric Cars

RC Cars Gas Powered Electric Drift Mini HPI Nitro Cars

Diving into the Remote Controlled Cars world can seem a little daunting at first. Nitro Cars, Remote Controlled Drift Cars, Gas Powered Remote Controlled Cars and even Remote Control trucks are all options you ll be faced when you re picking out your first Remote Control Car . I m here to shed a little light on choosing the right RCs to begin. Welcome to your new hobby; the land of Remote controlled vehicles.

Buckle Up!

My first RC Car was a Turbo Hopper that my mother (Santa) picked up at JC Penny’s. Though I thought it was the best thing in the world, not to mention the fastest Remote control in the world, it was far from. Fast RC cars were for the big dogs; people who has money to spend; gas models were the thing to have. Actually, my gas powered rc car was quite slow.

These toys are a great way to pry children’s grubby little fingers off the video game controllers and get them outside. While operating these bad boys isn’t exactly a physical activity in itself; chances are amateur RC enthusiasts will have a crash or two and they will have to retrieve the vehicle.

Let’s get one thing squared away: remote controlled vehicles aren’t only for small children. Several Remote control car owners are well into their teens, 20s, 30s and so on. There is competitive racing circuits, national championships and several types of classes in both the amateur and professional RC racing realm.

These cars can be fun for people of all ages and price ranges. If tricking out your remote control car is your only hobby, you might find yourself spending every last cent to your name on the latest suspension upgrade or high performance nitro rc car. If you’re just getting started in the world of radio controlled cars, you might only race remote controls around the local parking lot to kill an afternoon and get a few rays.

One thing can’t be denied and that’s the pure fun and excitement you’ll experience when you take control of your first RC vehicle, dictating it’s every movement. These cars acceleration is really quite impressive and probably faster than you think. Gas powered RC vehicles were previously quite a bit faster than electric RC vehicles, but times have changed somewhat and the discrepancy has narrowed. It’s more of a preference thing when it comes time to choose your first RC vehicle.

Do you want a quiet, subtle sleeper or do you want an aggressive exhaust sound when you punch the gas? Either way, you’re sure to love the total control you’ll have once you get used to your controller and radio controlled vehicle, regardless of the salary or age bracket you fall into.

Another cool thing about fast remote control cars is that they can be a novelty too. Let’s say you’re a fan of BMWs. Let’s say you like anything and everything BMW Related, whether it’s the latest M3 to roll of the assembly line or a BMW coffee mug, you just want to get your hands on it. Well, there are several companies that are making scale models of some of your favorite cars. There are model versions of several of the latest tuner cars that have become popular in recent years.

Gas powered version of the VW GTIs, Subaru WRXs and BMW M3s are all known to have several Remote controlled variations ranging in scale size. RC car racing for these types of setups are becoming more popular because they are relatively low maintenance.

The downfall of remote control rides of course is the short battery life.  They can only run for a very short time before new batteries are required. Along with this cheap batteries came weak power and unimpressive top speeds (usually about 15 mph). However, a new company, Edge of Power, has recently developed a lithium-ion polymer battery pack for their RC line.

These batteries have an on and off switch which give the status of the battery. Along with that, they are supposed to be smaller, lighter, and more powerful. With these longer lasting batteries, remote controlled car drivers can finally enjoy longer run times.

If you want a gas powered rc car, nitro is the way to go. They combine the suspension cues of actual F1 cars and the power of dragsters, all rolled into one. Mini RCs are more geared towards child and amateurs, but that’s not to say they can’t be a ton of fun too. Every mini handles a little bit different than the next and definitely different than gas powered RCs.

It’ll take some getting used to the torque and under steer issue for some gas powered rc vehicles. Want to play it safe until you get the hang of with little to no maintenance necessary? Drive a few different electric models until you get used to those, then up to gas powered rcs.

Having a scale remote controlled car can be perfect for tooling around your secluded street or local parking lot. gas-powered models are also great to pass the time during those long afternoon car shows. A lot of BMW owners are finding that RC manufacturers are taking note of the demand for these particular cars and have begun producing several of the models offered by BMW. I can’t particularly say that the same craftsmanship has gone into each mini-vehicle that went into the actual vehicle, but at least they look good.

Just do your homework on the gas car brand, the engine specs and you should be well prepared to pick your first RC.

When you get a little seasoned in the sport, you’ll notice some of your competion’s rc rides for sale after they get beat. However, one option if to just buy better rc car parts. If you aren’t skilled enough to wrench on your toy yet, find someone with some experience working with these mini car parts. RC car parts are very, very small and require special tools to ensure that are installed properly. Electric models are the same way.

And yes, mini models are even more of a pain to work on. Racing these puppies is definitely fun, but does require some dedication to the hobby or you won’t be remote control car racing for long.

Acura Electric Cars

You don’t need to have an exact replica car or even like cars period, to enjoy having your own Nitro remote controlled car. A lot of Remote Control car drivers might very well drive a poorly made vehicle and even have more money wrapped up in their mini RC than they do their actual car. The point is, RCs are for everyone to enjoy. Both gas powered remote controlled cars and electric remote control cars have their ups and downs. Do you want to recharge batteries or do you want buy gas for the combustion engine remote control cars?

Do you want to drag race your little devil or just have fun in the grass? There are several options to consider when diving into the RC world, but one thing they all have in common is they love driving them! Nitros can be tempting for different reasons, but if you consider buying one used, look for the same characteristics you would if you were buying new RCs for sale.

Nitro RCs and other types of gas powered RC vehicles account for some of my fondest memories. Somehow my brother convinced my other that it would be a great idea to spend our Saturdays competing at the local Gas racing events. I raced in the amateur class and usually did okay with my mini.

My brother worked his way up the rank and became a very skilled driver. He eventually placed as high as 2nd in the professional RC Drift cars division and 1st in the open gas powered RC class.

To this day, I can’t put a number on the amount of money that’s he’s spent over the years tweaking and fine tuning his gas guzzlers. I gave the hobby up long ago, but still like to tool around the street or an empty parking lot with the gas car that kept from years ago. As my children get older, having a nitro might be an option and even racing them.

However, a fast rc vehicle is just asking for an empty wallet if you’re aren’t careful! Make sure your children are ready for nitro cars before you run out and buy them one!

There are so many great brands including Nitro RC cars, Traxxas RC cars. Tamiya RC cars, HIP, Team Losi, Team Associated, Tyco, Nitro, Nikko, Yokomo, Rally, Redcat, Xmod, Maiso, Kyosho, Xtreme,Hot Wheels and more.  There are also tons of awesome styles and good sizes including toy cars, drift, mini z, large scale, big, on road, kids models, brushless, new bright micro models.

 Scales include 1/5, 1/18, 1/8, 1/4, 1/10 and more.

RCs are one of best hobbies to pick up. Not only do the enthusiasts range from children to seasoned … racers, the price range of these cars varies so much that you can enjoy your new remote control car without breaking the bank. Gas powered Remote controlled cars aren’t the only option out there.

Plenty of electric rc vehicles are available for beginners that are far less expensive to maintain.

Acura Electric Cars
Acura Electric Cars
Acura Electric Cars
Acura Electric Cars
Acura Electric Cars
Acura Electric Cars
Acura Electric Cars
Acura Electric Cars
Acura Electric Cars

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