Alfa Romeo 4C First Drive Road And Track /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS DIY Reviews!

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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Electric Cars

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David Guidolin: Great videos Chris Harris. Question. What do you prefer the Lotus Elise SC or the Alfa Romeo 4c?п»ї

CaliPatriot88: Been looking forward to this car a long time, can’t wait for Alfa to come back to the states.п»ї

Pirelli North America: Check out this video by Chris Harris of DRIVE featuring another import from our native country: The Alfa Romeo 4C. We have a long history with Alfa Romeo, so it’s no surprise our P-Zeros are the obvious choice for this … machine.п»ї

Mattyew: This guy kinda looks like Obama’s cousin!п»ї

Dave Sparks: This is the first new sports car I’ve seen in years that I would seriously consider buying. Yes, there are some cool supercars I would love to own, but there’s no way I’m shelling out north of $200K for a car.п»ї

Diego Sartori: Bravo Alfa Romeo! Watch Chris Harris drive the Alfa Romeo 4Cп»ї

Simon BiTurbo: I’ve been waiting for such a long time for an Alfa that Chris Harris could get excited about. I’m glad that one has finally arrived.п»ї

Damir FranciЕЎkovi‡: *Alfa 4C, First Drive by Road and Track* Ok, this is so much better review than one the guys from +Top Gear did the other day. It’s not really a competitor to Cayman S as I see it, even tho the price range is similar. This is a bit more modern (albeit not very eco-friendly 😉 4-cylinder car that can’t really feel like Porsche’s 6-cyl engine.

Not that I wouldn’t love to fit one heavily tuned Busso V6 in it and take it home with me 😉 And just why would anyone compare Alfas interior quality to a German car. It’s still an Alfa, and it can’t be perfect in that way guys. Nice test drive +Road Track it’s good to see what the car performs on a racetrack, because that’s what you are buying it for. And some nice driving by Chris Harris there too 😉 #alfaromeo #4c #testdrive #stillwantone п»ї

Mostafa Mohamed: It turns out you can do this with 1.7 i4 engine.п»ї

Ibrahim Mohammed: I really wish this comes to the us, if it could out price the cayman and stay let’s say under $50k it will do great.п»ї

David Guidolin: +Arthur Chan +Chris Beauchamp nice review of the 4cп»ї

Ruggero Zoggia: Auto Fantastica !п»ї

Freakishd: hnngп»ї

The1О©nly: Am I the only one who think that the theft of Koenigseggs lines is almost ridiculous?п»ї

David Guidolin: +Arthur Chan +Chris Beauchamp I like this reviewer. Watch the videoп»ї

Mustafa Kilinc: is he saying that this market simply needs options or is he saying the porsche cayman is lacking? the cayman is one of my favorite cars but this really seems like it could give it a run for its moneyп»ї

dji zzah: i know it will probably have zero quality control and many trips back to the dealer for warranty issues, but it sure looks good!!п»ї

moleBRUV: When they’re focusing so much on keeping the car light-weight, why fit it with a heavy double-clutch system? A sporty little car like this should not have a paddle shift, but a good old fashioned lightweight manual that would benefit the driving experience massively.п»ї

Nayagam sajith kumar: oh this afla is stunning. great italian design. п»ї

sammyhtb: that hood makes it look bony/skeletal. otherwise gorgeous carп»ї

Spanky Urbutt: I live accross the pond and have been waiting for Alfa to come back. Dont break my heart and not come to home to America.п»ї

Matthew Miller: A shame that by the time it arrives in the US it will have gained 500 pounds.п»ї

Massimo Regno: The price is to high With all option they cost 59000 euro in Luxembourgп»ї

Tom Mad: i’m in love :Dп»ї

Ryan A. Lanzetta: That car looks absolutely amazingп»ї

TJP77: Gotta lose those spider headlights. The concept showed much better alternatives. п»ї

Paperairpain: Should have had one of those V6’s with a supercharger just for the sound. п»ї

Maxwell Adams: it dose come to the us п»ї

Felipe Mendes: +Dante Petrarca п»ї

derezayt: beautifulп»ї

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Electric Cars

Eoltas: Naujasis Alfa Romeo 4Cп»ї

Raj Singh: When buried in a world of staid, reliable, always-steady-at-the-limit German cars at the track, it’s nice to see the Italians send us a new option. a girl who will, in all likelihood, stab you in the face for commenting on her expensive purse. Hmm. Italian. I’m betting her mother would hate me!п»ї


Funghetto NINTENDO: italian engine, italian design, italian passion, italian people inside 4c. All country in the car. the other brands no good sound ;)п»ї

Dino Pappous: Whoa. the Germans better look out. п»ї

Michele Galassi: Buy a Dacia if this car is too expensive!п»ї

Giovanni Montinaro: love..п»ї

targa florio: Welcome Back Alfa. How we have missed you.п»ї

simon199418: looks like the descendant of the stratosп»ї

Johnny Billot: Great Car!Thanx!п»ї


Underground Grudge Productions: I really love the sound of the 8C but I have to say with the 4C being same price as the Corvette, I’d rather own a vette.п»ї

Cniloticus: Thanks for the excellent review!п»ї

Massimo Todaro: In my next life i want to be Chris Harrisп»ї

David Pisciotta: This car looks and sounds fantastic. Its my goal in life to own one of these. Awesome car and great review!п»ї

WikdSeafood: Beautiful car.п»ї

Lorenz Nelesen: Not really shure about the styling yet, but man! What a car!п»ї

///AMG: ГЁ una biposto 1.7 senza servosterzo che non serve a nulla, bella …

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Electric Cars
Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Electric Cars
Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Electric Cars
Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Electric Cars
Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Electric Cars
Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Electric Cars
Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Electric Cars

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