2012 Audi A6 3 0T The Truth About Cars

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Audi A6 Electric Cars

2012 Audi A6 3.0T

ya gonna keep ‘em down on the after they’ve seen So said the farmer to his wife the chances that their would return home the end of the First World War. The implications aren’t quite so but the same might be wondered the redesigned-for-2012 Audi A6. Now that the A7 is available, why get the staid sedan which it shares a chassis, and interior?

Exterior styling is far and the largest difference between the A6 and A7. To a Mercedes CLS competitor out of the sedan, more dramatically flared the openings, removed the frames the side windows, lowered the a couple of inches, and relaxed the arc of the to flow it all the way to the rear of the car, a hatchback. None of the tweaks are radical, but together they do a considerably more stylish The most beneficial tweak be the upward sweep of the A7 s beltline its rear wheel. There’s no curve in Audi’s sedans, the new A6, and the rear quarters appear dynamic as a result. (Though just enough metal the rear wheel opening and of the new A6 to avoid the poorly proportioned, appearance of the current A8’s quarters.) This isn’t to that the A6 is an unattractive car.

very tastefully styled and in terms easily holds its own the current BMW 5er and Benz E-Class. The is that we’ve now seen the A7. makes Audi a serial the A4 sedan doesn’t look so once you’ve seen the A5 coupe.

On top of this, while I ve never had an problem with the same different lengths German philosophy, and even believe a high level of design is good for a brand, the current of Audi sedans might this philosophy too far. re hard to tell apart at a

Some interior details between the A6 and A7, but as with those have too often been on to differentiate the sibs within litters they’re the sort of you’ll only notice directly comparing the two cars. For the triangle of wood trim on the doors has a high trailing on the A7 but a low trailing point on the A6. Both are attractive in the same tastefully way, especially when with the same trim (such as the naturally finished trim on the tested A7 instead of the timber on the tested A6).

cars are available with the impressive electronics, including a nav that employs Google to display a satellite image of location and front-and-rear obstacle systems that display the of nearby objects by quadrant in to the typical beep.

Coupes are more stylish than sedan counterparts are far from But about 30 years ago manufacturers that they could sedans that looked and more like coupes, and sales consequently plunged. the past decade there has a mild revival in coupe if we’re willing to grant the Mercedes CLS and Audi A7 are “coupes” their rear portals. But why both a “four-door coupe” and a Ostensibly, for the same reason offer both a coupe and a the latter will be roomier, to get in and out of, and altogether more functional.

No problem here in the original case: the first-generation CLS was certainly far functional than the E-Class on it was based.

The problem with the not a bad problem to have: the A7 isn’t less roomy than the A6. The roofline might be a couple lower, but somehow headroom is reduced by a few tenths up front and by than an inch in back. room and legroom similarly by only a few tenths of an inch. The A7 is just about as easy to get in and out of as the A6. getting into the rear don’t have to engage in to avoid banging their on the header.

Once they’re either car’s back is adequately roomy and comfortable. impressive, lest the A8 lose its d’etre . but little to complain either. The A7’s primary limitation is entirely artificial: no center seating position.

On the hand, the A7 is actually the more car when cargo hauling is for, given its large

If you’re not feeling much for speed, and care more for the initial outlay and fuel low, the A6 sedan is available Audi’s ubiquitous 211-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine. I requested an A6 with this but none was available. So the tested four wheels, just those in the A7, were driven by a supercharged 3.0-liter V6.

The supercharged six isn’t dripping character even in 325-horsepower in the performance-oriented S4, and has even less in the A6/A7 application. But driving all wheels through a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission it certainly the task of moving the car, much more powerful its official power ratings in the process. Tipping the scales at over two tons, the A6 3.0T is 150 pounds lighter than the A7, and might be a little quicker.

the BMW 535i xDrive manages to a little higher, the A6 3.0T’s EPA of 19 city and 28 highway are nevertheless given the car’s curb performance, and all-wheel-drive (if far off the 2.0T’s shockingly good 25/33). The computer’s reports were in with these ratings.

like its powertrain, the Audi chassis is supremely competent. creeps in later and less than with older and body motions are well with just a hint of from time to time. to the all-wheel-drive system, even throttle applications mid-turn upset the car’s composure.

The the sedan is pushed, the better it inspiring confidence. Within the only the BMW arguably handles as much precision and poise, and the 5er now has less communicative steering. to the A7, the A6 rode a little more but how much of this was due to the lower tires on the former (265/35YR20 vs.

255/40YR19)? The A7’s optional suspension might be a little than that in the A6, but the difference is not Especially when so equipped car provides the sort of smooth, insulated ride you’ll in a Lexus. Older A6s had higher noise levels, but the new ones to trail the ultra-low segment

And yet, compared to the S4 with they share an engine, the A6 and A7 also feel considerably and much less overtly The A6 is about eight inches and nearly two inches wider the S4, but it’s only about 200 heavier, so the difference in driving isn’t entirely a matter of One factor: the S4’s optional rear differential isn’t in the A6 or A7.

In either of them you’re driving a largish four-door. a more overtly sporty experience should have part of the A7’s role. If so, this an opportunity lost.

For or worse, the A6 and A7 drive nearly the Competence to spare, but limited

Audi A6 Electric Cars

So far we’ve got no compelling reasons to buy the A6 of the A7 unless you’re a knuckle-dragger who hatchbacks are only suitable for economy cars. But how about one: Audi charges $7,000 extra for that door. Equip an A7 like the tested A6, and the sticker will $64,845. How attractive does A7 seem now?

Should the A6 be seen as offering all of the goodness of the A7, the sexy sheetmetal, at a considerably price?

Well, this on how the 2012 Audi A6’s compares to those of its direct Equip a BMW 535i xDrive everything on the tested Audi A6, and it for over $10,000 more. But it includes more stuff of how BMW packages features and options: like power-adjustable seat adaptive shocks, a power-adjustable column, and keyless access and (a standalone option not on the tested Adjust for these using car price comparison tool. and the price advantage shrinks to a $6,670.

Skip the sport packages and difference is cut in half (BMW much more for its more package). No longer $10,000, but no how you slice it the Audi is considerably expensive than the 5er as well as its sister.

The usual caveat at point: compared to anything you can spend a lot less by opting for Japanese. Yet compare the Audi A6 to the M37 and you’ll find that within $1,000 of one another, the modest advantage usually to the Audi. In this light, the price seems very

Ultimately, it’s hard to fault with the 2012 A6 based on any objective criteria. It not be as fun to drive along a winding as an S4, but then no sedan with an rear seat is. The A6 3.0T’s is strong yet efficient. Its chassis with poise and precision also riding fairly and quietly.

Its interior is stylish and comfortable, if short of luxuriously (that’s just not the Audi We’re back with the posed initially: the A7 performs the accommodates people about as accommodates cargo better, and has a exterior. How, then, to get about the A6? We’re left its much lower price, but how is that?

The A7 proves that it’s to offer a more stylish car no significant tradeoffs. So why not do it? Or, taking a tack, if you re going to offer two why not style and tune the A7 to make it far than the A6?

One possibility comes to even though it s nearly as as the A6, the A7 is just too sexy for too many car buyers. After all, doughboys DID return to the farm. For luxury car buyers who cannot the sleek hatch (and who simply don’t want to pay the premium for it), the A6 does about everything very

Audi provided the car with and a tank of gas.

Michael operates TrueDelta.com. an online of car reliability and real-world fuel information.

Audi A6 Electric Cars

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