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AUDI A6 Saloon 2.0 TFSI Hybrid 245PS Tiptronic Semi-automatic 7-speed 4dr

Audi Details

Audi A6

The Audi A6 is an executive car made by the automaker Audi AG, now in its fourth As the successor to the Audi 100, the A6 is in Neckarsulm, Germany – and is available in and wagon configurations, the latter by Audi as the Avant. All generations of the A6 offered either front-wheel or Torsen-based four-wheel drive – by Audi as their Quattro

Second- and third- generation A6 have shared their with the company’s Allroad

Audi’s mid-size car was previously the Audi 100 (or Audi 5000 in the States), and was released in three generations (Audi C1, Audi C2 and C3). In 1994, the latest (C4) of the Audi 100 was facelifted and as the Audi A6 . to fit in with Audi’s new nomenclature (as the full-size A8 had just introduced). The exterior was changed slightly from the C4 Audi 100 – new and rear lights, new radiator similarly with chassis and and transmission choices. The United was the first market to receive the A6, as of RHD Audi 100s had run out before and before the rest of mainland

The new engines for the A6 were 1.8-litre 20v four-cylinder, and 2.8-litre 30v V6 petrol with the 2.3-litre inline engine being dropped on markets. For the diesel engines, an four 1.9 Turbocharged Direct (TDI), and the inline five 2.5 TDI (103 kW (140 PS; 138 bhp)) available. Until 1997, the A6 with several different two of them turbodiesel, and most of available with Audi’s quattro permanent four-wheel system. The A6 was available with and Avant bodies.

The C4 design was with the following engines: A performance version of the C4 A6, called the S6 was produced. It included the 4.2-litre V8 which was uprated to 213 kilowatts PS; 286 bhp), and a new limited edition 240 kW PS; 322 bhp) version was added: the S6 made by quattro GmbH.

In 1997, the introduction of a new A6 ( Typ 4B ), based on a new automobile platform – the Volkswagen C5 platform, with a new range of combustion engines was announced and in March at the 1997 Geneva Show. This new A6 moved up a in quality, and was marketed in the same as the BMW 5-Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The body presented a modern with a fastback styling set the trend for the Audi lineup, and the relatively large saloon an shell with a low coefficient of of 0.28. In 2000 and 2001, the C5 A6 was on Car and magazine’s Ten Best list. new A6 was available with a wide of engines and configurations.

The 30-valve and 2.8-litre V6 engines represented the of the A6’s development programme, a multitude of other engine available throughout the globe. As an to the manual transmission, a five-speed automatic transmission was also The C5 saloon variant arrived in in Europe, late 1997 in America and Australia, and the Avant in In Canada, there was no Avant name for an estate/wagon) available at all in – Audi dropped the C4 Avant at the end of the model year, and jumped to the C5 Avant in 1998 in conjunction its release in the US. As a result of complying FMVSS, the North American were equipped with and rear bumpers that several inches further their European counterparts, modified brackets and bumper assemblies as result, and child-seat for occupant safety.

In compliance Canadian law, Canadian received daytime running as standard equipment. North C5 A6 models received the 2.8-litre, V6 engine, the 2.7-litre biturbo V6 found in the B5 platform S4), and the 40-valve V8 petrol engines. The V8 arrived with significantly exterior body panels, slightly more flared arches (fenders), revised and grille design (before introduced in 2002 to all other A6 larger roadwheels (8Jx17-inch), brakes and Torsen-based quattro four-wheel drive as standard. In the A6 received a facelift, with headlight and grille design, exhaust tips, and slight to accessory body moldings, and colour from red to amber in American models.

A new host of engines were introduced. The 1.8-litre engine was and replaced by a 2.0-litre powerplant 96 kilowatts (131 PS; 129 bhp). The Turbocharged Direct Injection was tweaked to produce a maximum power output of 96 kilowatts PS; 129 bhp), and 310 newton metres lbf·ft) of torque, receiving a manual gearbox in the process. The V6 gained an extra 5 hp and better and the 2.8-litre V6 engine was replaced by a engine with 162 kilowatts PS; 217 bhp).

The turbocharged 2.7-litre was resulting in 184 kilowatts (250 PS; 247 and 330 newton metres (243 controlled by standard quattro. The V6 was also slightly modified in 120 kilowatts (163 PS; 161 bhp) the second modification) and 350 newton (258 lbf·ft). A new more V6 diesel was also introduced 132 kilowatts (179 PS; 177 bhp) and 370 metres (273 lbf·ft). The V8 engine which arrived in remained unchanged. Also new was the multitronic continuously variable available in most front-wheel models.

All models, except the petrol and 1.9-litre TDI, available with Audi’s four-wheel-drive system, quattro. A version of the Avant, with ground clearance and slightly styling was sold as the Audi quattro, Audi’s first SUV. Regarding this C5 Car and Driver magazine stated, It is one of the winsome mid-sizers to meet with some of the nicest this side of a BMW. In the moderate performance of this excellent, 3.0-litre V6-powered, was improved by the addition of two higher-performance the 250 PS (180 kW; 250 hp), 2.7-litre V6 and the 300 PS (220 kW; 300 hp), 4.2-litre V8, with Audi’s quattro four-wheel drive system. In major muscle came in the limited-run RS6 – powered by a 450 PS (331 kW; 444 twin-turbo V8 engine – which finished first in a C/D comparison .] [ The second-generation A6 was on Car and Driver magazine’s Ten list for 2000 and 2001.

The 2005 A6 won the World Car of the Year for 2005. In addition, the facelifted A6 3.0T won two Car and Driver comparos pitted it against other like the BMW 5-Series, the Mercedes the Jaguar XF, and the Infinti M. The Audi S6 was a variant of the A6, featuring a modified of the 4.2-litre V8 engine producing 250 (340 PS; 335 bhp) and 420 newton (310 lbf·ft). It was available as a and Avant. In the late years of the A6 C5 an ultra-high-performance limited-run Audi RS6 was presented. Weighing in excess of kilograms (4,057 lb) and producing 331 (450 PS; 444 bhp) and 560 newton (413 lbf·ft), it propels the RS6 0-100 kilometres per hour mph) in 4.5 seconds, and on to 200 km/h mph) in under 17 seconds.

available as only an Avant, a variant was later added.

C5 series A6 Avant formed the for an semi-offroad model in 1999, Audi allroad quattro. to the regular A6, the allroad featured an air suspension system, allowing for ground clearance; larger with all-terrain tyres, and and unpainted bumpers, giving it a appearance and more overall over varying terrain. As the allroad quattro suggests, Torsen-based quattro permanent drive system was standard for all versions.

The standard adjustable air system can lift the car high to provide 208 mm (8 in) of ground clearance; a mode (an option with transmission), absent from quattro-equipped vehicles, can be selected the touch of a button. When together, the two systems made it for the allroad to complete an official Rover test-course, thus far it is the car-based SUV that has been capable of doing so in testing. the air suspension can lower the vehicle to only 142 mm (6 in) above road and simultaneously stiffen the spring and rates to provide a sporty experience, much like of the conventional A6 with the sports Audi’s 2.7-litre, twin-turbo V6 engine with 250 PS (184 kW; 247 hp) of and 350 N·m (258 lb·ft) of peak was available initially, alongside the TDI diesel unit with 132 kW hp) and 370 N·m (273 lb·ft) of torque. A of the corporate 4.2-litre V8 petrol was made available in 2003, and a powerful TDI (163 bhp) in 2004.

Audi stopped production of the in July 2005. Although the continued to be available for sale 2006 in Europe, there was no model year for North With the return of the allroad to North America, with the A4 allroad quattro, the C5-Platform quattro has begun to take the Ur-allroad. The ‘Ur-‘ is used in the language, as a prefix to signify or ‘early ancestor’ (e.g. is Urgroßmutter), and is used informally by car worldwide to refer to the original Quattro that was produced 1980 — 1991 Ur-Quattro).

The use of the term was then to the original S4 and S6 models to differentiate from later models the same name; and more to the C5 allroad models(Ur-allroad). The need for the models is likely because Ur-allroad owners feel the new B8 A4 allroad, with its small engine and lack of air-suspension, not live up to the allroad nameplate and are to accept it. The C5 design was available the following engines: The Typ 4F A6 was released in

Designed by Satoshi Wada in this model was visually an of the C5, but was lengthened to 4,927 millimetres in), and incorporates the new Audi single-frame grille. Like contemporary Audis, the A6 had a tornado that ran just below the shoulders and joins the front and light clusters. The C6 iteration of the A6 more sophisticated technology.

notable is the Multi Media (MMI), which is a system in-car entertainment, satellite climate control, car settings as suspension configuration and optional accessories through a central interface. This has the advantage of the wealth of buttons normally on a dashboard by replacing them controls which operate devices using the integrated On the internal combustion engines, the new Stratified Injection (FSI) injection technology was introduced. the line of engines represents the progression as the former model, all were new. The multitronic variable transmission continues as an for front-wheel drive models, a new six-speed tiptronic automatic available in the four-wheel drive

Audi’s trademark Torsen-based permanent four-wheel drive is in most of the lineup, and standard in the powerful models. quattro is not on the multitronic variants of the A6, but is available on the and tiptronic gear systems. the tiptronic system is not available on the drive variants of the car. The manual gearbox is available the 3.2-litre V6 engine, but not for the North market.

The Avant arrived the course of 2005. The A6 allroad made its debut in 2006, and as is an off-road ready version of the available with either a V6 or 3.0-litre V6 Turbocharged Direct diesel engines, or a 3.2-litre V6 or V8 petrol engine. Interior console of C6 A6, showing tiptronic shift lever, Multi Interface (MMI) controls, and parking brake It is a long version of A6 sedan for China

The vehicle was unveiled in 2005 Motor Show. The vehicles on sale in the middle of 2005. models include A6L 2.4, A6L 2.0 TFSI (170PS) followed after. A6L 3.0 quattro (218PS) and A6L 4.2 (335PS) were introduced in Other models include A6

The Audi S6 performance variant was in the Frankfurt Motor Show, and from early 2006 2011. It is powered by a 5.2-litre Stratified Injection (FSI) V10 producing a 320 kilowatts (435 PS; 429 and 540 newton metres (398 The S6 reaches 100 kilometres per hour mph) from a standstill in 5.2 and the quarter mile 13.5 Audi announced the C6 series in the spring of 2005 and released it in the of 2006. This model was the Audi A6 allroad quattro the previous version, which was called Audi allroad . with no reference to the A6 nomenclature).

The A6 allroad quattro again adaptive air suspension and quattro four-wheel drive system. The A6 was powered by a choice of two Fuel Injection (FSI) petrol a 3.2-litre V6 and a 4.2-litre V8, and two TDI diesel a 180 PS (132 kW) 2.7 L and a 233 PS (171 kW) 3.0 L. The tiptronic is standard on the 4.2 V8 and the 2.7 TDI, but optional on the 3.2 FSI and 3.0 The 6-speed tiptronic transmission converted high-torque engine into both sporty and operating convenience, with fast gear changes.

electronics respond efficiently to all input in both D (Drive) and S programmes, helping to prevent upshifts when cornering. The air suspension can be raised by up to 60 mm (2.36 in) to ground clearance of 185 mm (7.28 in) is better than the older The car featured a number of off-road cues including larger and sills.

In some European this A6 allroad quattro was expensive than the larger Q7, but air suspension is an expensive option in the Q7. In its country, Germany, it cost a few Euros less than the Q7. In the A6 won the World Car of the Year award, and has won the Practical Caravan Towcar of the awards, due to its array of towing such as adjustable suspension and damping, and the presence of a Trailer Programme. Audi unveiled a C6 Audi A6 on 12 August 2008, at the International Motor Show.

The incorporates some modern design cues to keep the A6 with the rest of the Audi There are minor cosmetic to the front and rear lights now have daytime running the taillights extend towards the of the trunk lid and pinch off at the license mount, however their remains rectangular compared to the sculpted light clusters in the 2008 Audi A5, 2009 A4, and 2009 Audi Q5 (the three being all-new The intakes below the headlamps are by the Audi RS5. The A6’s six side) front light-emitting (LED) daytime running (DRLs) are located within the headlamp housing, similar to placement of the LEDs (ten per whereas on the S6 these front (five per side) are found to the fog lamps in the lower front

The new front and rear fascias RS6 would be used on the facelifted A6 and S6 Also updated for 2009 is the all-wheel drive setup, is already found on the 2008 A5 and 2009 Audi A4. This new features a 40/60 front-to-rear split and offers a more feel, reducing the understeer comes from 50/50 AWD There are now six petrol and four engines available for the upgraded A6. All engines now feature cylinder-direct Stratified Injection (FSI) and all diesel engines now feature rail (CR) and Turbocharged Injection (TDI) technologies.

is a new petrol engine, a 300 PS (221 kW; 296 3.0-litre supercharged V6, badged as 3.0 or 3.0T. This new engine is with the 2010 Audi S4 and S5 although in the latter two applications in a state of tune and mated to a S-tronic dual-clutch transmission. The new and revised quattro system the 2009 Audi A6 3.0 TFSI equivalent performance to the Audi S6 5.2 FSI is unchanged except for receiving the tweaks like the rest of the A6 lineup). Moreover, the S6’s is 4,500 pounds and 59 percent of is distributed to the front which understeer. US models went on as 2009 model year and arrived in U.S. dealerships by the of January.

Early models include A6 3.2 FSI A6 3.0 TFSI quattro (sedan/Avant), A6 4.2 FSI (sedan), S6 5.2 FSI (sedan). The latest of ultra-high-performance Audi RS6 was launched in 2008 and produced until the quarter of 2010. Based the V10 engine powering the S6, the RS6 features an alloy 4,991 cc (304.6 cu in) V10 Fuel Stratified Injection with a dry sump lubrication It produces a power output of 426 (579 PS; 571 bhp), and 650 newton (479 lbf·ft) of torque, it the most powerful vehicle produced by Audi.

Initially only as an Avant, the saloon went on sale in mid-October It is longer wheelbase version of A6 for China market. The vehicle was in Auto Shanghai 2009. model includes 2.7 TDI (189PS).

The generation C7 series Audi A6 designated Typ 4G ) was launched in early for the European market and in other soon after. It is heavily by the Audi A8 (D4), pulling from its exterior details. The A6 its interior, platform, and powertrain the Audi A7 four door which had been released before also in 2011. to the A8 and A7, the A6 has the most aggressive front and LED headlights. Design work in 2006, with Jurgen exterior design being in 2008.

The new A6 increased its wheelbase by 3 inches (76 mm) and its width by 0.7 inches (18 The redesign also decreased the drag coefficient to 0.26 Cd. engine choices for the C7 include two engines – a 2.8-litre FSI V6 with 204 (152 kW) and a 300 horsepower (224 3.0-litre supercharged FSI engine – and diesel engines – a 2.0-litre four-cylinder and a 3.0-litre turbocharged engine in three states of

The European A6 3.0 TFSI will optional a seven-speed dual-clutch and an air suspension, two features that not be available on the United States For North America, the Audi A6 3.0 quattro will be powered by a supercharged V6 putting out 310 PS (228 kW; 306 hp) 325 (441 N·m), the same carried over from the A6 3.0 TFSI, but in a higher state of and mated to an eight-speed automatic For the United States but not the Canadian there will be an entry-level A6 2.0 TFSI FrontTrak (front-wheel with a 2.0-litre turbocharged the same engine in the Audi A4 and Q5, but to the Multitronic CVT (continuous variable

The A6 features all the driver assistance from the A8, but adds a head-up and Active Lane Assist. It features an optional full-LED system. 2012 Audi A6 (US) 2011 Audi A6 3.0 quattro (Japan) Audi A6 2.0 TDI (Europe) Interior.

A hybrid variant was also available for the time in the A6, offering a 2-litre 211 metric horsepower (155 kW) combined with a 45 PS (33 kW) electric Electric power is supplied via lithium-ion battery, with range of 3 km for constant 60 km/h mph) drive and top speed of 100 (62.14 mph). The market of the A6 Hybrid is scheduled for 2012. production of the US model was delayed.

The 2013 A6 allroad quattro was at the 2012 Geneva Motor along with the 2012 RS4 Sales began in 2012. The UK deliveries arrived in July German model went on in spring 2012. Early included 3.0 TFSI quattro 3.0 TDI quattro (204PS), 3.0 TDI quattro 3.0 TDI quattro (313PS).

The A6 L (built in for the Chinese market as a long alternative to the standard A6) was unveiled in in Guangzhou International Sports Early models include A6 L A6 L 30 FSI, A6 L 35 FSI, A6 L 35 FSI quattro, A6 L 50 quattro. Available in S6 sedan and S6 they included twin-turbo V8 rated 420 PS (309 kW; 414 hp)@5500–6400rpm and 550 N·m lbf·ft)@1450–5250rpm, recuperation and start-stop cylinder deactivation, Active Cancellation system, seven-speed S transmission, quattro permanent drive system with a center differential and torque (optional sport differential), air suspension lowers the body by 10 mm (0 internally ventilated brake (optional carbon fiber-ceramic matt black calipers S6 logos, 8.5Jx19-inch cast wheels in a unique five design (optional seven 19- or 20-inch wheels (four quattro GmbH), including titanium-look wheels with a rotor design), 255/40-series Audi drive select dynamics system, optional steering, single-frame grille aluminum applications and chromed double bars, exterior feature aluminum-look housings, S6 with spoiler on the trunk (S6 has a roof spoiler), diffuser on the bumper in platinum gray an aluminum-look offset edge, elliptical chrome-tipped tailpipes, of eight body colors exclusive shades Estoril crystal effect and Prism crystal effect), body with S6 and V8T badges, leather steering wheel with stitching, footrest and pedals and keys of the MMI operating system in an finish, decorative inlays in brushed aluminum (optional fine grain ash natural layered Beaufort oak), of 3 colours for headlining, instrument carpet and seats (black, silver and goa beige (only for the upholstery)); Pearl Nappa and Alcantara seat upholstery Milano and Valcona leather), sport seats with lumbar supports and embossed S (optional power-adjustable comfort with memory function, S sport seats with head restraints). Other include xenon plus with an all-weather light, LED lights, an electromechanical parking driver information system color display, MMI radio includes a Bluetooth interface, sound system with ten MMI navigation plus (hard an eight-inch monitor, MMI touch system), 15-speaker Bang Advanced Sound System.

The S6 was unveiled in the 2011 Frankfurt Show. S6 sedan and Avant went on sale in spring It is a plug-in hybrid version of A6 L 2.0 TFSI 211 PS (155 kW) engine with a 95 PS (70 kW) electric motor. power is supplied via lithium-ion with electric-only range of 80 km mi) for constant 60 km/h (37.28 drive.

Other features MMI navigation plus developed in Infotainment Tech Center in Beijing. The vehicle was unveiled in China 2012 in Beijing. in Saloon and Avant bodies, are versions of A6 S line with 2.0-litre TDI or higher engines S6) in front-wheel-drive or quattro all-wheel-drive for the UK market. It included 20-inch alloy wheels with a titanium finish, black and number plate surrounds and the frame strips, and by privacy extending from the B-pillar black roof rails Black inlays, sports upholstered in black Valcona black headlining, BOSE system with DAB radio, Music Interface (AMI) for connection.

Sales began in 2012, with deliveries in early 2013. It is a version of S6 with increased engine to 560 PS (412 kW; 552 hp)@5700–6700rpm and 700 N·m (516.29 cylinder on demand system intake and exhaust valves of 4 (2, 3, 5 and 8), eight-speed tiptronic transmission shortened shift times and D and S modes, quattro permanent drive system with vectoring with self-locking differential with an elevated value and oil cooler, adaptive air lowering body by 20 mm (1 in) (optional sport suspension plus Dynamic Ride Control), is dynamic steering, four vented 390 mm (15 in) diameter brake in wave design with a outer contour (optional 420 mm (17 in) carbon fiber-ceramic brake with anthracite gray black six-piston brake (optional red brake calipers), stabilization control with and off modes, high-gloss 20-inch wheels in a seven twin-spoke (optional 21-inch cast in high-gloss silver, polished or polished titanium-look), matte applications on the body, high-gloss protective grille at the front of the the bumpers, the fender, sill and the large roof spoiler; diffuser with two large exhaust tailpipes, a choice of 9 colours (including exclusive Daytona Gray matte), instruments feature black and white dials and red needles, three-spoke multifunction steering illuminated entry sills, information system (DIS) RS logos, RS 6-specific driver system, footrest and pedals and in the MMI navigation plus terminal in finish, decorative bezel the retractable monitor in a piano interior door openers in a double-bar design, standard inlays (with six additional as options), standard black (optional Silver or black RS sport seats with bolsters and integrated head and RS 6 logos upholstered in black and leather with diamond at center sections (optional Valcona leather in either or Moon Silver), optional deluxe seats with function, two sportily molded seats (optional three-person seat), xenon plus LED rear lights, a tire-pressure system, illuminated entry custom driver-information system, system plus, cruise three-zone automatic air conditioning, MMI plus with MMI touch and the Audi sound system. appearance packages (in Matte or Carbon) includes customized badges on the central front air Carbon appearance package alternate front splitter and shapes. Optional Dynamic increases top speed to 280 km/h mph).

Optional Dynamic plus increases top speed to 305 km/h mph). Other options LED headlights with a unique the sport differential on the rear Comfort package, head-up the high-performance driver assistance Bang Olufsen Advanced System with 15 speakers and watts of total power, online car phone. UK model was to order from early with deliveries beginning in summer. A6L with 2.0 TFSI was sold as A6L TFSI in China.

In Canada, UK A6 Saloon with 3.0 quattro (310PS) replaced the A6 3.0 quattro (300PS). In UK, A6 Avant 3.0 TFSI quattro (310PS) the A6 3.0 TFSI quattro (300PS). 245 PS kW; 242 hp)@4000–4500, 580 N·m (427.79 lbf·ft)@1750-2500 For A6 3.0 TDI quattro (245PS), 580Nm replaced 500Nm model in UK.

For A6 3.0 TFSI quattro (310PS), S tronic is used in UK model, tiptronic is used in US, Canada A6 3.0 TDI quattro (313PS) was sold as A6 3.0 quattro in the UK. As part of 2013 S6 sedan launch in the US market, 3 versions of ‘Prom’ commercial premiered during 2013 Bowl game. The 60-second ad, by Venables Bell Partners, a teenage boy.

Voters to decide their favourite of the commercial 24 hours on Friday the Super Bowl game, winning entry shown on at Audi’s YouTube channel and the actual game at CBS. do Brasil e Cia

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