Audi& s EGas Environmental Civic Issues

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Audi e-gas

Audi s E-Gas

A while when I was first trying to out what to write this about, toying with the of alternative fuels, I came an interesting article.  The article in found on regarded and something the company is working on “E-Gas,” which sounds another cool electric source.  So I skimmed the article, roughly, and figured it would be cool to talk about at point on this blog.

But I actually read the article all the way


No, it’s not a series of cars that gets absurd amount of miles per or miles per gallon equivalent.  is quite different, and pretty in its nature and in the approach Audi is in developing it.

The good folks at research and development department are aware of the promises of the popular energy sources, such as They are also aware of the of those sources.  Electricity isn’t as reliable as it needs to be and not t give any greater mileage gasoline, and the logistics of recharging cars are nowhere near they need to be if electricity to be adopted as the primary fuel for cars.

E-Gas is designed to work the current fuel infrastructure in and is being developed to work in currently on the road without any It is also carbon-neutral, so although it not improve the environment in any way, it will not do any harm.

The process is and ingenious; the production facility electrolysis to split water hydrogen and oxygen.  This might seem familiar it is a principle of hydrogen fuel cars currently being However, as with electricity, the for hydrogen fuel cell as an source is not yet fully-developed.

  So instead of a cell focus, Audi to take that freed and combine it, through scientific with carbon dioxide “in a unit to generate renewable methane, or e-gas .”  The whole is environmentally neutral.  You might be “that can’t be true, but CO2 is a product, so they have to be up energy to make the CO2 available.”  And be right to think so.  Audi gets the CO2 for the production of “from a nearby biogas ,” (citation) so the process actually use of something that would go to waste.

So, then, E-Gas is synthetic Methane is a natural gas.  does that mean?

E-Gas is synthetic natural there is already a network in for distribution.

This makes the of distribution on a large scale more approachable.

One of the drawbacks to plan at the moment is that the producing E-Gas is the only one of its so the volume of E-Gas produced, in the future, anyway, will not meet our energy requirements.

That and the current high of E-Gas are two factors holding this exciting bit of development.

are still skeptical of E-Gas as a viable alternative energy and for good reason.  Many for the next incredible alternative crop up every year, with more miraculous of efficiency and viability as a replacement for

I agree that we should not right in and fully invest in any one new technology before it has been and proven.  However, what me so much about E-Gas, and sets it apart from sources, is that it aims not to push aside gasoline and gargantuan infrastructure.  The aim, is to basically offer a placebo or gasoline; one that current can use without modification because is, for all intents and purposes, natural

  That is what is so revolutionary Audi’s approach to alternative


I should mention, in of a question I received from that the performance of cars with E-Gas are the same as using traditional gasoline.

Audi e-gas

Unfortunately, the cost of filling a car E-Gas at the moment is quite a bit than the cost of gasoline. hopes to bring the price to an equivalent level with  This price drop is not to happen very quickly the supply of E-Gas simply won t be enough for a while), though gasoline s price rising is a possibility for the two meeting somewhere in the


4 thoughts on “ Audi s ”

This really seem kind of amazing, and I m glad to know about the progress that actually is in regards to the fuel problem. The of this definitely presents an for its implementation, but I would love to see like this start to more often. Good to that at least one company is in the right direction, though.

I do not know much about forms of energy but if this can it sounds really cool! soon they will be to find a new form of energy won t harm our enviornment or pollute it than it is. Maybe through research and development they can out flaws of E-Gas and get it out on the market for to use.

Gotta love huh? But really, this sound like scientific It s almost too good to believe and I don t understand why all car companies aren t resources to make it more available. I guess a drawback, at initially, would be that it be more expensive due to the limited but it sounds like the supply may be to catch up to the demand in the future.

It s recycling for cars. If I could use it I would.

This idea sounds cool. I guess that that is environmentally neutral be considered as one of the possible solutions to the problem. You mentioned it is expensive but if I you that gas in the US is for example 100% than gas in Germany or Turkey you probably be surprised.

Or maybe because we both learned in Civic Issues Forum :D.

Audi e-gas
Audi e-gas
Audi e-gas
Audi e-gas
Audi e-gas
Audi e-gas
Audi e-gas
Audi e-gas


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