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Audi Electric Cars

How an Electric Car Motor Works

car motor technology is constantly but the basics are simple to understand. out how electric car motors work.

hybrid cars, which have a gas engine, electric are only powered by an electric car . True electric cars are to be the transport solution of the future to manufacturers, although that day is a long way off at present.

The technology is growing but electric cars do some major advantages. Not will they reduce and eliminate the need for fossil but they’re also completely which will get rid of the noise associated with the gasoline Additionally, there will be no fumes to worry about as no exhaust needed with an car motor.

How, though, do electric car work?

The battery is the heart of an car motor. It’s also the item in the vehicle weighing in at over 1000 pounds. The is that it’s currently to get a big enough charge into the pack to run the car all day.

The range is generally in the region of 50 before the battery needs Because it lacks any form of the electric car motor can’t itself as it drives, other with regenerative braking.

It a number of hours to fully the battery. Since very few have public charging the only place to recharge the car is a home. On top of that, the battery only runs for between to four years after it needs to be replaced.

Because of the current size of this makes them expensive. However, the other bills will tend to be because, unlike a gasoline there are few other moving

Audi Electric Cars

If the battery is the heart of the electric car the controller is the brain as it tells the what to do. It operates as the connection the battery and the motor, dictating how of motor’s energy is transmitted to the

When the driver presses on the gas pedal, the controller sends the to the engine to increase the speed. As as the driver removes his foot the gas, no further power through. The controller on an electric car can be alternating current (AC) or current (DC).

With an AC controller, the DC voltage the battery is pulsed on and off using pseudo-sine waves. The polarity of the DC is reversed 60 times each by six different sets of transistors. The of an AC controlled vehicle will run at 240

On a DC controller, pulses are sent to the 15,000 times every rather than continually on. It can run on anything from 96 to 192 volts.

The potentiometer is, to all intents and purposes, the element on the controller. For that there are two of them attached to the and they are connected to the gas pedal. time the driver presses on the gas, the two potentiometers make with each other the increase in power.

If they match, more will pass through the to the motor. If they don’t, the will do nothing.

Audi Electric Cars


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