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MSD Ignition DashHawk Vehicle Display Gauges


Connects to OBDII Port: The MSD DashHawk offers quick and easy installation on a wide range of vehicles. It connects to your vehicles OBDII port eliminating the need for extensive wiring and splicing found with other gauges.

Displays Over 100 Parameters: The DashHawk Gauge Display had the capabitlity to record and display over 100 vehicle parameters including rpm, speed, water temp, and many more.

2 to 7 Function Display: The display of the MSD DashHawk can be customized to display 2 functions or up to 7 depending on your needs.

Color Changing LCD Screen: The DashHawk features a 16 million color changing display that allows users to personalize the look and get a factory look to match any interior.

Data Logging Capabilities: Users can record and store vital data and access or download the information to a PC. The DashHawk also allows users to test performance with 0-60 or 1/4 miles times.

View Diagnostic Codes: The MSD DashHawk allows users to view and clear engine diagnostic trouble codes.

See Specifications Tab for Can Equipped Vehicles


MSD Ignition offers the DashHawk, an amazingly compact intelligent device that will provide you with real-time information about your vehicle’s operation, diagnostic trouble codes, vehicle performance, and other useful information. MSD Ignition Dash Hawk has user programmable alerts to keep a watchful eye on critical items, while you can use the various data to alter your driving habits for maximum economy, maximum performance or for various tuning functions. This digital gauge is not much bigger than a credit card and installs with no tools in seconds!

Easy to move between vehicles in minutes!

Order Notes

12 Volt Accessories, Electronics, Wiring Harnesses, Engine Chips, LED Lights Lighting Accessories are fully Warranted but Non-Returnable. Warranty for each product is according to the specific manufacturer’s policy, which is generally repair or replacement. Should you have a warranty issue please contact us and we can facilitate a warranty service request for you with the manufacturer. More Info

Frequently Asked Questions

DashHawk Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles are supported by DashHawk? Many Ford, Chrysler, and GM vehicles started implementing Controller Area Network (CAN) communications in 2004. As new vehicles are introduced, most are CAN compliant.

As a result, you have some vehicles in 2004, many more in 2005-2006, most 2007s, and finally by 2008 ALL vehicles sold in the US must be CAN compliant. A matrix for known supported vehicles is shown in the supported vehicles page.

My vehicle is not on the supported list. Is it CAN compliant? If you vehicle is not listed in the supported vehicles page, all is not lost! There are many vehicles being added/tested every day and it is hard to capture them all and keep them up to date, so a good way to see if your car has a CAN bus is the following:

Locate the OBDII connector. It is under the dash on the driver’s side of the vehicle, often either under the steering wheel or tucked up next to the driver’s side kick panel.

Look carefully at the plug with a flash light or other bright light source. If pins 6 and 14 have metal pins in them (i.e. are “populated”) then the vehicle has a CAN bus and DashHawk will most likely work with this vehicle.

How big is DashHawk? It is a remarkably small device for all the power it packs! It is 1 7/8 tall by 4 wide by 3/4 thick. It EASILY fits in a pocket and is smaller than many cellphones!

How many parameters can I view at once? You have many customizable display options. You can view up to seven parameters on one display (plus fuel system status and display number). There are 11 customizable displays.

A list of supported parameters can be found on the parameters page.

Can I change how the data is displayed? Certainly! Just press the MENU button and then select SetUp-Display-Display X (where X=the number of the display).

You can choose 2 function bar graph, 2 function digital, 3 function digital, 4 function digital, 6 function digital or 7 function digital formats.

How do I know what’s Normal for my car? Every vehicle is a little different, especially when some are fueled by diesel or have a turbo/supercharger. However, the User Guide has a complete set of descriptions for all the parameters in the Parameter Reference section.

Be sure to read it! Also, look for a Firmware download in the near future that will have some display markers for normal ranges of the more common parameters.

Is there any type of data capture? Absolutely! DashHawk has a built in Data Logger feature that allows you to pick up to 5 parameters to record for up to 3 — 5 minutes (record time is vehicle dependent).

You can review the data step by step on the DashHawk or hook it up to your PC (via the included USB cable) and analyze the data with the included PC software.

Audi e-gas

In addition, the 0-60 MPH and Quarter Mile tests also record addition data that can be reviewed on the PC.

How do I find documentation for all the features? The documentation can be found in several places:

On the original CD

On this web site’s Downloads page

Installed in the Program Files-DashHawk-Documents folder when you installed the PC software

Online HELP is available at any time in the PC Software by hitting F1

How do I use DashHawk to increase my fuel economy? Fuel economy boils down to driving style and operating the vehicle in the best efficiency range. To do that, here are some general tips:

Use DashHawk to monitor engine Load and engine Absolute Load. Keeping this number low in a cruising configuration will reduce fuel consumption.

Monitor TPS and Speed. It may sound obvious, but keeping a light foot and operating in a speed appropriate for the gearing and torque curve of the vehicle are key factors in reducing fuel consumption.

Change up to a higher gear whenever possible (in a manual car). Keeping the RPMs down without lugging the engine can help efficiency.

Use the MAP parameter in conjunction with TPS, Speed, Load, and MAF to monitor your driving style to minimize fuel consumption.

How accurate is the quarter mile time? Experience has shown that a variance of 0.1 -0.2 seconds from calibrated dragstrip clocks. This can be greatly affected by wheel spin, crosswinds, etc. but is a useful relative gauge to compare modifications and conditions.

Can I use the quarter mile time to figure horsepower? You can use the Horsepower Calculator in conjunction with the Quarter Mile measurements to get a good idea of your horsepower at the wheels and crank.


CAN Equipped Vehicles (More are being added as they are discovered!)

Footnotes are listed at the bottom of the page

Audi e-gas
Audi e-gas
Audi e-gas
Audi e-gas

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