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Bentley Electric Cars

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2014 times of operation . pm Central Standard Time or Mondays through Fridays.

allow us to introduce ourselves

as men of and taste

We always have lot to say cars and parts of cars we have been working and driving these cars for a time. We don’t mince as we like them whole and thus brevity is not overly on our website and run on sentences much the number of nuts and bolts on or Bentley cars are absolutely

Since 1976 this has been dedicated to supplying parts and offering many and rebuilding services for Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Austin Aston Martin, Bristol and a few other British marques as Morgan and Morris. We also parts for Mercedes-Benz cars the 1950’s to right now. the supply of new parts is a major of what we do, we are about much as we actually repair and rebuild cars and various assemblies them. Sometimes our parts does restoration and rebuilding between phone calls so be rebuilding something intricate so leave a message on our recorder if the is not speedily answered.

Our website a great deal of technical and as every picture tells a we have lots of photographs of and photographs of parts of cars. photo can be expanded for better by clicking on them. Woven our website are storytelling passages British cars, various to avoid many car related the revelation and dissection of certain truths and untruths, photographs of restorations and car related stuff.

New revisions and photos are often and soon this introduction no longer be very short so it with the little period over there .

What’s on?

Our Bentley and Rolls-Royce car parts and departments are renowned throughout of the Milky Way! This chapter expounds about areas pertaining to specific and Bentley repairs, servicing and the of systems and storytelling lessons if you about our experiences working these great cars.

all parts listings with and descriptions will be in this although Part One also has parts information which probably stay there we get editorially vigorous. We offer 50,000 new factory OE Bentley and parts and when the factory no supplies something, may offer as we are always problem solving.

Continental GT parts Rolls-Royce Cloud parts

Bentley Parts Rolls-Royce Silver parts

Bentley Azure Rolls-Royce Corniche parts

Turbo R parts Rolls-Royce built Phantom parts

Continental parts Rolls-Royce Spur parts

Bentley Spur Parts Rolls-Royce Spirit parts

Bentley T Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn

Bentley S parts Rolls-Royce Spur parts

Bentley parts Rolls-Royce Silver parts

Bentley Brooklands Rolls-Royce Hi Ho Silver parts

Eight parts Rolls-Royce Seraph parts

We offer a humongous, massive, absolutely number of new and experienced spare for British cars other Rolls-Royce and Bentley such as Jaguar E-Type and MK series, Martin cars from Austin Healey 3000, and Sprite as well as MG cars the MGTD and MGTF, MGA, MG MGB, MGB-GT, MGC, MG and many Triumph models as TR3, TR4, TR6, and Spitfire so you never know we can provide unless you ask. asking for a perfect and rare like the Maltese Falcon is 40 or 50 years or more old and wanting something for little to nothing is the that dreams are made of. As some things do require a time machine to locate as a recent request for a perfect (made in 1961) interior for a Jaguar E-Type.

Photos and stories about Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Jensen Mercedes Benz and Austin restorations we have done or are so as to provide the gentle reader a of what such work

We repair and rebuild just anything that is worth a good job on as long as the assembly is not new or is available new yet may be costly enough to the time and materials required to do a rebuild. Our capabilities are quite and this chapter contains interesting examples of vintage MG, Triumph, Jensen Healey, Healey and more repair We also show some botched repair jobs to us for revision.

Featuring some of the uncommon and unusual parts or of desire that we have

We supply tires in sizes actually fit in popular sizes for MG cars, 1952-1980 Triumph all Austin Healey, Bristol 409 and vintage Jaguars like XK140, XK150, all Jaguar Jaguar MK saloons and and other sports cars as well as Benz 190sl. We don’t tires for Rolls- Royce or cars as these tires are available through generic stores and some sizes are no made.

Information on how to avoid a Formerly Known as a Car. cars are piles of automotive that through no fault of own have been falsified to as nice cars for just enough to sell them. We do a few interesting cars for sale.

You buy them before someone does.

The Driving Dead

we come across a car that ought to be dead due to major rust or intense damage but the car to go gently into the night of continual stays of execution a successsion of owners and their intentions. Perhaps in a moment of abandon an owner paid too for a Formerly Known as a Car and hence large outlays of funds for unsuccessful efforts the owner to acknowledge that the car is doomed and investment is kaput. Sometimes owners will place a car in storage for many years the car is eventually sold to another and the cycle of doom begins again. This depressing can be avoided though.

Evaluating a car takes an expert eye that is not visually detached and because experience and time taken to about a cars true is required as many bad things can be hidden or may be hiding in plain waiting to consume an unwary

Our management supports many rescue groups like for Horses and Husky Haven and Sled Dog Rescue. We foster cats and other rescue on a regular basis. Lots of cars and machines were after animals and we have clients that like to around with their and cats.

We think that a car a dog is a great compliment to the car. If were as reliable and trustworthy as we would be out of business! No worries though.

At the top of this page and page are icon keys when clicked will you to specialized areas about parts, restorations and explanations the many services and car stuff we Our website has been growing and just about since the went public so there is a bit of specific knowledge tucked in the nooks of the site not found in that may help a person getting caught by the hooks of the

Bentley Rolls-Royce. ( vintage MG. Triumph. Aston Martin. Austin Healey. Morgan. Healey. Jensen. Morris. Healey. Bristol. Daimler.

We provide parts for vintage Benz cars because we them.

We wish for everyone to be wise and in these challenging employed or otherwise fortunate to own and drive fine vintage (or fine) cars as well as daily drivers (vintage of the future).

We can possibly be of assistance if the car is not listed in the Box o’Cars. You just never until you ask now do you?


Send us an about your parts or requirements. We like e-mails as create a record we can work as our mental circuits can be forgetful at Photographs sent by cell usually lack the detail for our steadily aging eyeballs.

We to look at photographs of parts you are for or asking about on our LARGE screens. Please keep in that most days we lots of genuine e-mail along with massive of junk and spam emails. For lists of parts, complex or any sort of spare parts an e-mail with year, and VIN really work best.

We do not do a web cart as we still like to converse with our clients and we found that many or shops are unaware of enough to order the correct parts so we to make sure that you get you need. This is what we do.

car part requests require research through our vintage parts books, computer bases and vintage memories so be patient as some of the vintage info is not on computer data and is in our collection of ancient and delicate tomes. Don’t forget to the year, model and VIN or chassis if possible for cars you are working as this information greatly up the process. In the subject line of e-mail, please type the of your car so we will see the email is not Spam Scam.

If you do not receive an in a reasonable timeframe your may have been lost in our filter or who know where it so don’t give up. Send it The internet is not perfect and neither are we but we want to help your car the degree of perfection that you if we can.

Our website keeps like a waistline over the as we continuallyexperienced automotive works of We use no fancy web design features yet many automotive pathways to with lots of photos of mechanical and restorative work storytelling and opinions formed more than four of actually working with cars. Not all the pathways are immediately from this opening but the hyperlinks all go somewhere interesting to car There are many companies sell car parts around the that could just as be selling donuts. We don’t donuts.

Maybe later.

few firms still possess the experience we have earned working with these for such a long time knowledgable people retire or moved to a different dimension. If you are not an you might just blossom one as you read our stuff as these are amongst the most fun to drive were ever built. vintage car is unique and has it’s own and esthetic characteristics because were built by the hands of man and

Sometimes we receive phone from car owners that been texting us. They why it is that there is no response. is because we do not text about car We don’t use Blackberries or Apples although we do like to eat them fresh and in season. We do use telephones and as well as smoke signals and talk.

We leave tweeting for the because they are better at it and we are enthusiastic users of properli werds. No Facebook or social promotional stuff either maybe someday. We do e-mail of our painted body parts but are parts of cars.

All of our sometimes writings and photos about will be found herein.

We know why this is so, but readers often tell us that get all excited about their again after reading our for a time and we thank our reader that drop us a note time to time telling us how enjoy reading our automotive yet we do suggest that no reading be whilst driving. Stay stay healthy and have a time with a car.

For information about proper like Rolls-Royce and Bentley and services, please go to our Rolls-Royce and sections.

Cars with a act

Click the blue hyperlink and a gaze at interesting cars we for sale.

The cars that we for sale all have varying of experience because we don’t new cars. In fact only a few of the manufacturers of the cars we work on are in the business of building cars. It is not OUR that some of these fell and are no longer in business.

We to keep them going by as many of their cars as we could but down they anyway. The world changes and we change to some degree it or end up as debris.

Sometimes we offer and finished cars and good cars. Unfinished yet worthy from mild to fairly are available for consideration now. We offer intensive pre-sale on cars being considered for from any seller.

We have car for those that enjoy challenges to blow off steam or because they enjoy cars.

Way Down Under

upon a time, we had some Aussies come to visit. had noticed some cars we had for on our website and traveled from Oz to to purchase an Austin Healey parts car that had been into the ground for some 25 in the back of our property. The car split in two they moved it as the frame had away. They wanted particular car as both of these had a desire for a great challenge would take them to do. Australians are not lightweights.

They both halves of the car into a 20 ft. along with a much Austin Healey 100/6 and a lot of parts and back to Australia went. From time to they send us photos of the and of the complete new frame they built. We learned to have a lot of for the wild men from Down

Our inner pages illustrate of the utterly vast array of and services we offer with photos of typical works in while muttering about car so have fun exploring our site as it has pathways and destinations. If any questions just ask!

Working and supplying parts for great sport cars such as cool Austin Healey MGA Coupes and many cars were manufactured in England are we do. The director of our company has owned an Healey 3000 since and had the great pleasure of enjoying a with Donald Healey not after, Don passed away. The inscribed a book that he to Scotty telling him, for maintaining the breed and your 3000 is my favorite colour.

Of he told all the other Healey that were also the event that the color of cars were also his and why not?


Frequently we cars back from the or from long deep back to active duty. The Egyptians carefully preserved dead for an afterlife but did not stow very well. The Egyptians really into mummies in days.

Maybe the ancient should have built instead of mummies.

Most today don’t do much to their dead cars. The old car be parked in a barn, storage or outside and forgotten until with an eye for hidden dusty or beauty comes along to the car. Many owners are to let their cars go even the car may be in dire straights.

They their car but just got busy non- car stuff like work and worthy causes. As beings, our lives pass many phases and levels of so sometimes favorite cars are until a more free or advantageous time arrives and and their favorite cars can together once again.

Our unreal world experience has a doubt greatly enhanced car owners driving pleasure and is what these cars are all We are skilled in the ways of fine and possess considerable product and knowledge learned from upon and studying mechanical and designs used on these for many years as well as and continuously completing difficult every day of our five day work On a daily basis we work cars that have long stowed as the emotional of a car can run deep and owners will on to them until they someone that they to fix the car properly.

We perform bench (assemblies that can be done on a please don’t send us broken benches) for mechanically enthusiasts and shops that chosen to have us perform and safety related aspects of restoration projects as well as all manner of services. Successful on fine cars or anything requires highly refined earned from many of learning experiences. In many automotive shops and owners can the required work forward by us critical or complex components for and speedy as possible rebuilding or

We always work with haste to transform leaking or no operational assemblies into working condition.

A 1961 MGA heads out

Bentley Electric Cars

Our hours of operation are 9 a.m. until 5:00 USA central standard time weekdays. Weekends we are closed but come in 24/7 from all the planet.


We have a Scotsman’s penchant for wasting because nothing is something should never be wasted you have a little something or a lot of

Carved into an old tree on the of Skye around 1668 by King MacClymonds XXI


of our model car parking lot in the reception which is sort of a museum of as our owner has collected a lot of car related over the years. As a matter of for potential visitors our restoration and our parts division stay busy. The nature of our business is of very interesting to enthusiasts to ‘wander about. However as our focus is concentrating on doing works and meeting obligations to our we are no longer able to give tours of the workshops so that we can to perform automotive services as as make our clients restoration come true.

Please ahead of time for an appointment if you to make a personal visit for We don’t mean to be rude but much more to do each day hours to do it as the rotten world has made us all the busier with based parts sales. is a phenomena we don’t fully but there it is and we are humbled.

We have this sort of work for for sensible, intelligent, thoughtful, fun and sharp dressed clients for 38 or more in Houston Texas a famous for mosquitoes that are so and ill mannered the buggers are known to off small children and return as teenagers.

O wners of cars in Dallas, El Paso, Fort Fort Worth, Houston New Orleans, California, New York, Mexico, Louisiana, Brazil, Italy, California, Guatemala, Lebanon, Austria, New England, New Puerto Rico, Austria, Florida, Quebec, Ecuador, Russia, Alaska, France, Hawaii, Japan, El Salvador, Islands, Saudi Arabia, Galveston, Suriname, The Kingdom of Slovakia, England, the Dominican Zambia, Bermuda, Abu Dhabi, Venezuela, Switzerland, Puerto Chili, Argentina, Japan, the Republic, Maine, Germany, various islands and the Philippines, state in the USA, just every province in Canada or about anywhere in the developed galaxy have found purchasing parts from us a car owner much more just the parts.

Black Swan

This Benz W109 3.5 300sel is a very big black swan is not to be messed about with but enjoy the parts we supply. We supply parts for vintage Benz 6.3 litre M-100 280sel, 250C and classically 230sl, 250sl, 280sl, 450sl, 500sl and 560sl We have restored quite a few Check our Restoration section for

Vintage Mercedes Benz from the 1950’s to 1980’s are old here and we can offer many on what to do to improve these from age related deterioration.

Our regarded and famous throughout the Milky Way Service Department many vintage factory tools and diagnostic equipment for and Bentley cars as well as for Jaguar, vintage Mercedes and some others as you can’t fix the without a lot of suffering unless you the right stuff. We offer high performance Weber and carburetor tuning and rebuilding Our well known except for yet to know us spare Parts is able to supply a massive and billions) array of Rolls-Royce Bentley parts, Jaguar MG parts, Triumph parts, Benz parts, Austin parts and accessories for many cars.

Comuniquese con nosotros por (por corréo electrónico)

sus piezas de automóbiles Ingleses y de Benz

The Bee’s Knees of Ignitions

We are a world wide for Pertronix Electronic Ignitions and products that replace and unreliable point style with tiny (inside the where it cannot be seen) of the art electronic ignitions available in positive and negative grounds for MG, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce Silver and many Bentleys, Mercedes 6.3, 3.5, 280 and just any car or machine that uses points.

We fit these ignitions to about every points car that comes in the shop. appreciate the vastly increased and smooth performance. Own a forklift or a of some sort that points? We can probably help.

ignitions and hot 40K and 45K volt coils wide applications for farm fork lifts and industrial as well as cars and boats of all A link to the full catalog applications and technical information is on our Pertronix information page.

Sir Lyons, the founder of Jaguar once proclaimed, The car is the closest we will ever create to that is alive. The great old passed away in 1985 and never saw a lava lamp. Jaguars are always cool even if they don’t a lava lamp option.

you want to Tire yourself Up

We Austin Healey 3000 Austin Healey Sprite Jaguar XK120, XK140, tires, Jaguar E-Type MGA tires, MGB tires, MGC tires, MG tires. Triumph TR6 tires, tires and Bristol and Aston DB 2,3,4,5,6,7 tyres. You want tires for your ride you?

Of course you do as you are no dummy as seldom read this far our website. Check out our Vredestein section here.

The Sum of all Fears

We think a car is supposed to drive a heap of junk because the car is an model. We reserve such for cars that actually devolved into a heap junk based on many other than year Great cars have built for over a hundred and all special interest cars their unique charms.

parts and a shop such as that seeks to properly for vehicles and owners automotive with a long term are a natural combination. Worn out and rotten tires will any car to drive like a wallowy old no matter the age of the vehicle. Who willingly to drive a car that steers the Titanic or rides like a barrow? (Think Vredestein mmmmmm good!)

An interesting phenomena is that many simply do not know or perhaps no remember what their car is or was to drive like.

For example, suppose the car in question is older than the present This is happening more and as time goes by. Frequently we are on cars for the second and third as the car gets passed down the

The car might be the only similar car an has recent and intimate experience or they might have in the car as a child with grand or grand mammy behind the and perhaps there is no tangible reference experience. In other whereby an owner may have a car for a long while the car and the owner are mellowing together through the as old friends will do and normal and tear in the suspension or steering or deterioration in the cars performance can be but certain.

T ypically, owners may buy a car and assume it is what it is instead of it is it was or it was what it is now. ( Got that? Now it 127 times as fast as you can.)

We assert that a car can be whatever a shop or person builds it by properly sorting out known adding effective yet subtle and working out potential problems they occur. Our goal of is to return a car to an owner in such a that the car will perform for a long time without We believe in educating our clients their car and what the possibilities can be.

If you know, how can you know better?

A we often hear is, Why should I all that money fixing my and much beloved old car that has me countless hours of fun when I cannot sell it for a small or even for the restoration cost?

what worthy objects of are worth what was paid after purchase? Is the immediate of restoring a car to sell it? Sometimes is the plan and sometimes the point is to be to enjoy driving the car.

days lots of things, loses value after yes? A new car loses lots of when first driven the car lot. Most products greatly diminished monetary after purchase and are difficult to for much.

We buy these products to do the job they were purchased In stark contrast are certain in good condition that continuous pleasure for protracted and still maintain considerable that in many cases steady or rise. The enjoyment of and driving a fun car cannot be accurately nor measured with traditional methods. Having a great driving a cool Austin or Bentley is just that. of all the in life worth paying food, health, shelter and fun are to be ranked amongst the highest of

Money can’t buy you love but it can buy you a fine car.

Our firms are not with other companies may or may not have similar names or may be engaged in any aspect of the automotive Feel free to use any catalog, book, website or whatever to parts from us or just us what you want and we can work up and availability. We work with part numbers or vague for that matter.

We are doing our bit to save trees, stamps, ink and trash by not publishing paper

A rhyme not worth a dime is a ( on a good day)

You don’t to be a snoot

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