2010 BMW X6 M Review Livin& la vida loca Car …

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BMW X6 Electric Cars

2010 BMW X6 M Review Livin la loca

Uncompromised styling

oh there’s so much power

to the pavement better than on the sole of your shoe


Kills the Earth with its 15 average MPG

Most won’t know you spent on this

I remember the days I was an unattached, stylin’, single It wasn’t long ago. My G35 S was spanking new; the 18s with low Pirellis and the fresh tint job the 280 horses with just style for me to say, “kick every time I got behind the Life was full of possibilities and I doing badly with the I lived 5 minutes from the in San Diego and it was sunny and 80 every day.

Life was good. Now I’m with a mortgage payment, my just delivered our son, and my got a baby seat in the back. I in the San Francisco Bay Area, nowhere the beach, and it’s freezing and overcast all the time. What’s to my life? So when my editor to ask whether I wanted to test the BMW X6 M one gloomy Wednesday afternoon, I in the words of the great AC/DC,

I jumped at the chance, cleared my and 24 hours later, I was behind the steering wheel and scaring kids off the streets of San Jose.

The X6 M a shot of adrenalin for my soul And that was before I got in the thing. is one big car, er, SUV, eh truck, er OK sport activity vehicle. The X6 is

It looked so normal in pictures. I did not the X6 to be such an imposing figure in life. It dwarfed the Honda and BMW 3-series that dominate the lot and it has more ground clearance a monster truck.

And it was Melbourne C’mon, is BMW trying to give the Highway Patrol an early here? Anyhow, the shape of the X6 is and it is big.

It looks like the X5 with the Halo Warthog and this odd looker. Add a gun turret to the top and you got an urban assault vehicle.

Climbing in and out of the X6 M, I kept hitting the of my left leg against the a-few-inches-too-wide under the driver door the weekend, kind of annoying. not flat enough to act as a stepping but just wide enough to hit leg every time you get in or out. But I

When I got inside the beast, I the seating position to be pretty up, like a proper SUV.

The X6 has a interior, until you turn The headroom in the rear is somewhat since it looks like drove the X6 under a semi trailer and shaved off half of the Rear and side visibility is to zero but that doesn’t matter.

People would get out of your way if they saw this coming into their Except little kids on that you may back over on way out of your driveway, I guess. the X6 had a backup camera as well as a 360 top view camera system so at you see the things you’re running

The interior is what one comes to from BMW. The thicker M wheel feels sturdy and with a slew of controls the M Drive button that the highly configurable settings for the Motor Electronics, stability Electronic Damper Control, (speed-sensitive power steering) and the

The iDrive system is much these days, fairly and easy to use. The placement of the is also very well out, like that in the S4. It’s easy to reach your right hand, having to reach forward and the controls on the dashboard like in other cars.

Another feature on the X6 M – heated steering Really comes in handy on cold winter nights. cool to show your – head-up display.

BMW X6 Electric Cars

I know nothing new or ground-breaking, but this one is and you can see turn-by-turn nav instructions there as or choose the M mode which has a graphical RPM and speedometer.

Then I pushed in the start The 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 to life with a shudder. hands find the paddle behind the steering wheel.

the electronic parking brake, (or rather push the button and the lever) into Drive and you push down the accelerator…Man is living! You start to feel the on the back of your neck up as the 555 hp and the 500 lb-ft of torque get you up to and past 60 MPH in 5 seconds on the local highway, around nervously for cops. No

Then you throw the X6 M around the some and become impressed by how behemoth holds the road so in the rain. The rear-biased xDrive is the first on a BMW M model, and it acts to out understeer and oversteer fast and subtly by redistributing power to the or rear axle as the situation

The active roll stabilization body roll in the X6 so despite the of the vehicle the passengers don’t get sick as you go around the curves at 50 All I know is, I didn’t have to let off the gas much on the windy highways of County and the X6 did not slip once on the streets of San Francisco. In the rain.

Achieving this level of is conceivable in a passenger car or a sports but to do this in something this off the ground and this heavy lbs. ) is truly remarkable.

I never buy this car/SAV that I can afford it). unreasonable, it’s wasteful (I 15 MPG), it’s unconventional. It no normal market segment. It seats 4 and has no more cargo than my car.

It’s The tester stickers at over about four grand the base model X6. It just not compute. But the BMW X6 M is as awesome as it is uncompromising.

You hate the way it looks or you love it, no middle ground.

I like the a lot better than the Cayenne and the M has a tad power than the Cayenne probably its closest competition and the for the X6 M’s being. The X6 M made my weekend, me out of the norm and the mundane, and gave me an of exhilaration and thrill. I felt I felt powerful.

I felt everyone should me seriously and get out of the way. I loved how the X6 M heads and dropped jaws. The X6 M me back the days of yore I had fewer responsibilities and life was of possibilities.

You can’t say that too many cars these

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