Attending the BMW i3 Launch My Renault ZOE electric car

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BMW i3 Electric Cars

Attending the BMW i3 Launch

i3 Launch late in the evening (Image: T.

After much pre-event BMW finally launched its first car on Monday, the i3. It was revealed simultaneously in New York and Beijing, with the event taking place at and featuring celebrities including Miller and James Franco.

BMW i3 at (Image: T. Larkum)

The main was followed with smaller shows at the same location. magazine had a Reader Test event on Tuesday evening. I was to this as last year I had for the equivalent ZOE launch but had missed

BMW i3 Launch Venue, at closing (Image: T. Larkum)

The event place from 6.30 to 9pm but to our big ZOE adventure on the way there we arrived the end. The location was Old Billingsgate is a regular venue for launches – it right on the Thames with across the river and along to Bridge. An i3 in silver-grey sat outside on a platform.

Inside there was seating drinks, snacks, etc.) in of a large stage on which sat a i3, this time in a dark

We had the opportunity to take photographs, around the i3 on the stage, and then sit in it. only just received the and not having the chance to test the i3, it is hard to compare them I was struck, however, by how different the i3 inside.

It felt very in the front, with a broad dash broken up by two square

However, the rear passenger and boot did not seem particularly and I wonder if they might be than in the ZOE. For example, the seat is very definitely for two people, not three like in the and the boot appears to be quite but not very deep. I will examine the numbers in detail in a post.

BMW i3 – Driver’s Position (Image: T.

Many people in the media commented on the i3’s looks in a way, partly because it out from the crowd. I’m in two minds this – I agree that for EVs to mainstream they need to more like conventional (and I think Renault got right with the Clio-alike Good looks are a failing on a of existing EVs like the LEAF and the

However, personally, I want an car to look a bit different – and I rather the style, stance and colouring of the i3.

BMW i3 – Passengers’ Area (Image: T.

So, is the i3 a game changer like the No, unfortunately it falls down on all the key not just looks. The price is – even though it costs than most pundits

It is twice the price of a ZOE, so allowing for it including the battery it compete on price.

BMW i3 Electric Cars

BMW i3 – Boot (Image: T. Larkum)

The range is – it has been compared in market to the Tesla Model S yet it only has one of the range. In fact, while we yet have real-world data quite likely its range is less than the ZOE even it arrives on the market a year I’m in no doubt this is the biggest of the i3 – it would easily have forgiven another 50% on price if it had the magical 200 mile (or even 150 range.

Another 100 mile EV – in 2013 and made by BMW – makes it an

BMW i3 at Launch (Image: T. Larkum)

And the charging is wrong. Firstly, on charging: the i3 ‘Standard Charge’ is (7 hours to 80%) while its ‘AC Charge’ is 7.4kW (3 hours for I think this is a marketing Technically it is equivalent to the ZOE, and the same Type 2 connector, Renault discourages low power and provides owners with a 7kW (free in the UK) so the ZOE standard charge is 3 – the same as the i3’s so-called charge .

Secondly, on fast charging: this is an unfair comparison as the ZOE has the charging system of any EV on the market the arguable exception of the Tesla S) in its . It can take AC straight from a European industrial three-phase (as you might find at a large or shop) and charge to 80% in half an To offer something similar the i3 has to use of the older DC fast charging pioneered on Japanese EVs such as the and i-MIEV but unfortunately the AC-DC cannot be achieved without powerful and complex transformers so DC chargers are large and expensive and to become as ubiquitous as simple AC chargers.

That could perhaps be – it is highly likely that has its Chameleon technology heavily around with patents and legal restrictions. But to top it off the i3’s DC uses a different connector to the DC systems. Instead of a Chademo it uses the much-derided but US-supported ’ connector, which is essentially a 2 connector with extra connectors joined on the bottom for the DC resulting in a very large and connector and cable.

So the i3 provides DC charging instead of AC, and does it a plug that is incompatible all existing fast charging Could BMW have got it more It needn’t have been that the ZOE just uses its Type 2 connector and cable for all and the Type 2 has been agreed as the standard.

Furthermore, from I’ve seen in the i3 brochure, to public charging (and services) will be at extra from BMW.

Anyway, enough on the i3 – a car that reach its potential because of compromises made along the After leaving Old Billingsgate a goody bag of brochures and merchandising) – and on our first day with the ZOE – we headed north, and I’ll cover journey in another post.

BMW i3 Electric Cars
BMW i3 Electric Cars
BMW i3 Electric Cars
BMW i3 Electric Cars
BMW i3 Electric Cars


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