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World debut of the BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid for the first offering the potential of BMW ActiveHybrid in the luxury saloon segment as of the BMW EfficientDynamics innovation strategy. In BMW style, this new Concept Car a significant reduction of fuel and emissions with a standard of dynamics never seen even in this class of cars.

The BMW Concept 7 Series comes with an intelligent of the V8 cylinder petrol engine and drive as a mild hybrid The drivetrain technology featured in the Car allows enhanced driving together with a reduction of consumption and emissions by 15 per cent in the EU cycle versus the same car on a combustion engine only. And at the time the use of BMW ActiveHybrid technology not require any concessions in terms of driving qualities and the specific of the BMW 7 Series.

The Concept Car offers the synthesis of motoring comfort, presence and supremacy of the BMW 7 Series, on the one combined with future-oriented, BMW ActiveHybrid technology, on the other. provides the option to enrich the driving pleasure so typical of the BMW by the additional highlights and fortes of BMW Implementation of such technologies in a performance saloon of this leads to a new perception of hybrid as such: In the configuration developed by BMW technology ensures a significant in efficiency without in any way giving up the standard of driving dynamics, safety and comfort so typical of the

Technical highlights:

The drivetrain of the BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid is made up of a V8 engine with Twin and High Precision Injection on the power unit of the BMW 750i. output of the conventional engine in the production model is 300 kW/407 hp, peak torque of 600 Newton-metres or 442

Now this superior engine is with an electric motor integrated in the transmission housing, maximum output of 15 kW/20 hp and torque of 210 Newton-metres/155 lb-ft. So the mild hybrid concept, the motor boosts the dynamic potential of the eight-cylinder gasoline in a unique manner most for the character of the BMW 7 Series, giving the car more dynamic acceleration.

Brake Energy Regeneration, the motor supplies electric to the power-consuming items on board the minimising the direct conversion of into electrical energy and the drive power available for driving dynamics.

The V8 power offers ideal features for a focusing on both driving and efficiency all in one. It is the only gasoline engine in the world its turbochargers arranged conveniently in the between the two rows of cylinders, and at the time it is the most efficient in its class.

The hybrid components for the Concept Car are based on technology by BMW and Daimler in their cooperation on drive systems. In this venture the two manufacturers have developed components for hybrid including the power electronics and batteries. Naturally, the hybrid system featured by BMW offers all the and highlights typical of the brand.

BMW is based on a modular concept the “Best of Hybrid“ strategy and in case integrating the best for different vehicle segments. The featured in the BMW Concept 7 Series – the mild hybrid transmission and the petrol engine – supplement other in the same ideal as the full hybrid transmission and the petrol engine in the BMW Concept X6

The compact electric motor in the transmission housing replaces the alternator driven by the engine as as the starter. Electrical energy is through Brake Energy with a unique degree of and without in any way impairing the drive of the engine itself. Integrated electronics, in turn, ensure design within dimensions seen before, as well as and secure arrangement of all hybrid

A high-performance lithium-ion battery in the luggage compartment in accordance the package of the car saves the energy and supplies power to the on-board Through its high storage the battery makes full use of Energy Regeneration with its potential.

Thanks to the higher of electric power provided in way, additional functions in the car are run under the electric power The Auto Start Stop preventing the combustion engine running in the idle mode is helpful and comfort-oriented in this thanks to the combination with technology.

Exterior design:

The BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid demonstrates the of BMW ActiveHybrid technology in the BMW 7 Series saloon. All hybrid components are and arranged according to the car’s package. The electric motor and the electronics are integrated in the transmission where they cannot be seen from outside.

A specially designed trough in the compartment made of aluminium the compact lithium-ion battery.

The end of the BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid the natural presence so typical of the 7 enhanced in particular by the large, BMW kidney grille. A specific of the Concept Car is the aluminium band across the entire width of the end beneath the numberplate and serving to a controlled flow of air in the interest of aerodynamics.

The lower air intake is covered in the middle by this band, the openings to the left and reflecting the contours of the headlights above and split horizontally by the band tapering out towards the

The foglamps fitted at the extreme of the air intake openings are made up in case of seven LED light

Seen from the side, the BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid is further in its sporting and elegant look by light-alloy rims in V-spoke The rims are finished in body the Blue Water Metallic on the car and rims serving as a particular of distinction for BMW’s maximum-efficiency Cars.

At the rear of the BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid an additional air guidance made of aluminium and exhaust with new contours symbolise and off the innovative drive concept. As an to the front end of the car, the aluminium integrated in the rear apron across the entire width of the at the same time forming the surround on the exhaust tailpipes positioned far to the outside. The unusually and flat contours of the tailpipes, form an almost multiple-plate thanks to the additional horizontal

Even More Superior, and Efficient − Hybrid Technology BMW

Maximum efficiency in the luxury supreme dynamics in the hybrid – precisely these are the unique offered and combined with one by the BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid.

this Concept Car based on the new BMW 7 BMW is clearly demonstrating the potential by the most advanced hybrid available today. The BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid comes with components tailored precisely to the of this unique saloon, driving comfort, everyday qualities and driving safety of the standard only the BMW 7 Series is to provide.

In addition, the BMW ActiveHybrid featured in the Concept Car reduces fuel consumption and emissions by 15 per versus the same car with a engine and offers a standard of dynamics clearly exceeding all models with hybrid presented so far.

The BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid combines an eight-cylinder engine and an electric motor 15 kW/20 hp and maximum torque of 210 lb-ft as a mild hybrid Electric power is generated by a powerful variant of Brake Regeneration already featured in the BMW regular production cars. The generated in this way is then in a lithium-ion battery fitted in with the package of the car beneath the compartment.

This electrical serves to supply the on-board and, in addition, to boost the engine under clearly driving conditions. The result is a optimisation of engine power and ensuring even more acceleration whenever required.

BMW technology thus supports the BMW development strategy in a particularly manner, offering even driving pleasure on less as well as cleaner emissions.

BMW is an important building brick the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy as a Pursuing this strategy, the BMW has indeed introduced a wide of efficiency-boosting features in series throughout the entire model thus achieving unique the world over in the reduction of consumption and emissions.

Sales of BMW with EfficientDynamics since the 2007 already exceed a units. Accordingly, this strategy lauded on many through significant prizes and has led to a substantial reduction of average consumption by the BMW car fleet.

Parallel to trendsetting strategy, the BMW Group is hybrid technology along lines for various vehicle The objective of this elaborate process is to create hybrid significantly reducing fuel while maintaining the driving so typical of the brand, in this way up to the great demands made of a BMW in respect.

Pursuing this two models with BMW ActiveHybrid will be reaching production in 2009 alone.

The perfect point: the world’s most luxury performance saloon.

The BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid is based on the new BMW 7 already ranking right at the top in its in standard trim in terms of The new luxury performance saloon the world’s most successful of premium cars thus out the demanding objectives of the BMW EfficientDynamics strategy in particularly convincing also in this segment.

Compared with their all models in the new BMW 7 Series stand out in both enhanced performance as as a significant reduction of fuel and exhaust emissions. In their performance class, the three available right from the upon the market launch of the new 7 rank right at the top worldwide in of efficiency. In addition, all models in the BMW 7 come as standard with a range of BMW EfficientDynamics technologies Brake Energy Regeneration, control of the engine’s ancillary intelligent lightweight construction, aerodynamics provided by air flap and tyres with reduced resistance.

And last but certainly not all engine variants in the new BMW 7 Series in full with the EU 5 emission

Given these qualities, the new BMW 7 from the start offers an foundation for setting the standard both in the luxury segment and in the market through an optimum of the most advanced BMW ActiveHybrid Another essential feature of the BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid is that unique model offers a significant increase in efficiency the regular production model in any way giving up the well-known qualities of luxury saloon.

Not to be seen outside, BMW ActiveHybrid technology the driver the significant benefits of a new concept without in any way influencing the comfort, luxurious ambience, and this truly outstanding is able to provide. And when it to everyday driving qualities, the is once again just for full enjoyment and driving in every respect, without the restrictions.

BMW ActiveHybrid technology the intelligent way.

Presenting the BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid, BMW is introducing a car which, through its harmoniously drive components, will fit into the model range of new luxury performance saloons. The experience and motoring comfort the character of this outstanding line, with new highlights in of both driving dynamics and – as on BMW’s conventional model too. Quite simply, is because hybrid technology stands for superior dynamics with outstanding efficiency a perfect symbiosis with the supremacy of the BMW 7 Series.

All this is possible by combining an eight-cylinder engine for the first time a mild hybrid concept. this approach has been here since the savings offered by hybrid technology with the output and performance of the engine used, and because power units are of particular in the premium segment.

Focusing on smaller cars, BMW has already solutions in the context of EfficientDynamics to significantly reduce fuel and not in any way increasing the cost of ownership for the BMW’s current diesel in this segment, for example, to BMW EfficientDynamics, ensure fuel and emission ratings achieved by manufacturers with their cars only on a far lower of output and performance.

In the medium the development of hybrid systems by the BMW tailored to individual models also lead to solutions in offering significant advantages in fuel economy and driving so typical of BMW. And at the same the larger number of models will help to reduce the cost of hybrid technology.

hybrid and the combustion engine an ideal match in the BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid as is already the case in the X6 ActiveHybrid combining a full concept with an eight- petrol engine.

Taking different approaches, BMW is already the broad-scale application of hybrid proving that in this too, model- and concept-specific will pave the way towards efficiency in all segments of performance and vehicles.

Consistent optimisation: BMW and the V8 power unit with Turbo and High Precision

Like all power units in BMW cars, the combustion engine in the BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid has developed in the context of BMW EfficientDynamics. In the BMW this all-aluminium power offers all the qualities typical of an in incomparably sporting and, at the time, comfortable style, power and traction from low speeds with impressive force throughout a wide of engine revs.

The power and characteristics of the new V8 power unit primarily from BMW’s Twin Turbo technology. unique technology featured for the time on an eight-cylinder gasoline with two turbochargers not fitted at the but rather directly in the V-section of the and supplying four cylinders compressed air in each case, unparalleled spontaneity in responding to the pedal.

High Precision in turn, ensures highly use of fuel, the second generation of gasoline injection introduced by BMW piezo-injectors fitted in the cylinder directly next to the spark and delivering fuel to the combustion at a pressure of 200 bar.

This concept alone the supply and dosage of fuel precise, the V8 power unit Twin Turbo and High Injection achieving the highest of efficiency worldwide in the eight-cylinder

This outstanding efficiency is attributable to the use of BMW EfficientDynamics in and around the with features such as Energy Regeneration, on-demand and control of ancillaries including an a/c operating only when and the use of on-demand pump technology on the suspension control systems.

intelligent energy management comprises the electrifi cation possible of comfort functions on electrical energy generated in by Brake Energy Regeneration.

Use of power generated without fuel in the interest of even efficiency.

Given all these intelligent alternator control the generation of electricity from otherwise wasted in the brake as heat dissipated into the Now, therefore, the fuel in the energy burnt is used to a higher degree for ensuring driving dynamics on the road, to improve the car’s acceleration to an higher level and optimising the of the drive system under all conditions.

The principle of Brake Regeneration is applied in the BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid more consistently in any production vehicle so far, the car an unusually high standard of efficiency and fuel economy. In case the conventional alternator is by the electric motor fully in the transmission housing and delivering in overrun and under application of the through the likewise fully power electronics to the lithium-ion

The electric motor integrated in the housing thus ensures far efficiency in the generation of electric than an alternator drawing directly from the combustion and, as a result, reducing its standard of efficiency.

BMW ActiveHybrid is also superior to a conventional through its own, inherent the energy yield produced by the motor through Brake Regeneration alone exceeding the standard roughly ten times.

The energy storage technology of the battery featured in the BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid also provides the to store a much greater of electrical energy available free-of-charge, then providing energy on a permanent basis for all of vehicle functions and therefore the performance of conventional battery by far. The progress achieved by BMW in the of energy storage thus electrical operation of ancillary to an extent far beyond the standard so far in a production car.

A further is that the BMW Concept 7 Series uses electrical energy to an higher degree also for functions ranging all the way to extra provided by the electric motor the mild hybrid concept in of the car’s primary drive This is also made by the specific position of the electric in the transmission housing, where it is to offer an additional power

A 120V on-board network to meet further purposes and operating in parallel to the conventional 12V And with its output of 15 kW, the electric supports the combustion engine in dynamic power serving to the car. Since the energy in the process is delivered by Brake Regeneration without any additional of fuel, the mild hybrid gives the car extra dynamics with a significant improvement of

This additional power and of the load acting on the combustion throughout the entire range of speed and running conditions the Concept Car featuring BMW ActiveHybrid to consistently continue the BMW EfficientDynamics strategy raised in this way to an higher level.

A harmonious BMW ActiveHybrid in the BMW 7 Series.

The harmonious concept of the BMW Concept 7 Series is just as impressive as the progressive of the car and its efficiency in reducing both consumption and emissions. All components are matched to one another, coming to form one fascinating, trend whole.

The car itself offers all the of a modern luxury saloon, standards through the space and the exclusive ambiance within the as well as with its drivetrain and technology allowing an outstanding of dynamic performance and supreme comfort.

BMW ActiveHybrid technology conceived for the saloon serves to the driving experience in genuine typical of a BMW 7 Series and at the same achieves a new level of all-round Hence, the Concept Car offers and options raising the very balance of performance and fuel already offered on the series-production BMW to a significantly higher standard.

The of the hybrid components likewise to enhance the degree of efficiency and the driving experience even Positioned appropriately within dimensions in the transmission housing, the motor optimises both the of electricity and the drive power by the combustion engine. Housed in the of the car, in turn, the lithium-ion offer an ideal solution in of both everyday driving the balance of the overall vehicle, and

Ultra-modern energy storage lithium-ion battery with capacity and stable cycles.

a lithium-ion battery, BMW is taking yet step into the future in the intense and flexible use of electric in the car. As a rule, the energy by Brake Energy Regeneration be fed to a storage unit at all times and be available – depending on driving – in different cycles, whenever In addition, storage capacity be sufficiently great for the car to cover distances without application of the or running in overrun, while at the time the supply of electric must not be interrupted.

This is why BMW AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) on regular production cars Brake Energy Regeneration, is cars running in frequent and charge and discharge cycles losing energy in the process. To the requirements of a mild hybrid on the other hand, a car needs a energy storage unit significantly higher output and The system developed for the BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid therefore uses the advanced lithium-ion technology the greatest demands in terms of capacity and lasting performance.

The battery has proven its particularly storage capacity and resistance to and discharge cycles for a long in many other areas, for in the mobile phone and in laptops. The storage unit featured in the BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid therefore up a new perspective in the use of this technology the particularly demanding conditions in a motor vehicle.

BMW 5er Electric Cars

Intelligent management with a lithium-ion an AGM battery and two on-board networks.

To efficient energy management all of the driver’s and passengers’ requirements, the BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid comes two on-board network systems matched to one another. In addition to the 12V network supplied with by the AGM starter battery, BMW’s new Car features an innovative 120V feeding power from the motor to the appropriate components the help of the lithium-ion battery.

the 120V on-board network, the battery featured in the BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid is able to supply to a particularly large number of components. A further point is the high-voltage power network the foundation for using a high-performance drive system. Contrary to the on-board network, this means the option to supply directly to, say, the a/c compressor.

The of functions already driven today in BMW’s production extends from the ventilation and air units through the lights, navigation and communication systems all the way to the pump and servo motors for driving systems such as Damper Control featured as on the BMW 7 Series. Stable and reliable of all energy requirements and all electrically vehicle functions in the BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid is therefore guaranteed at all regardless of driving conditions.

storage capacity enhancing efficiency and motoring comfort.

other things, this the use of the Auto Start Stop in conjunction with BMW ActiveHybrid even more often in BMW’s current production without giving up or losing comfort in any way whatsoever. When at a road junction, at the traffic or in a traffic jam, the combustion is automatically switched off to avoid any idling. Then, as soon as the lets go of the brake pedal and down the gas pedal to set off again, the is started automatically.

The various no longer connected to the alternator on the BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid may also be during such an interim the energy required for this being delivered consistently by the lithium-ion battery.

Optimum is ensured above all by ongoing of the ventilation and climate control keeping temperatures in the interior at a level also when the car is at a Similarly, all other comfort may still be used permanently the engine is switched off. highlights in design bearing to the car’s efficiency and trend technology.

The BMW Concept 7 Series is a hybrid car offering a dynamic truly unique the world – and at the same time it is a luxury saloon with an excellent of performance and fuel consumption.

these unique qualities out clearly also through the of the Concept Car. The BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid is based in its concept and design on the new BMW 7 Series, a luxury offering a fascinating synthesis of elegance and natural presence. The proportions of the car are clearly expressed by its wheelbase, the long and sleek compartment lid, the short at the front, the passenger compartment far to the rear, and the low roofline.

The BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid specific design features at the front and the rear to enhance characteristic look to an even level. At the same time the match of the production model and the car clearly symbolises BMW’s to offer the potential of BMW ActiveHybrid within BMW’s existing of models. And the paintwork in Blue Metallic already used on high-efficiency concept cars bears testimony to the outstanding of this very special

Optimised air guidance at the front.

The presence and flair of the new BMW 7 Series is at the front end of the car particularly by the large BMW grille standing out far to the front in an majestic, upright position. designed dual round in turn, create that look so typical of BMW, the large engine compartment lid a feeling of clarity and tranquility.

to the series model, the BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid comes with an band slightly inclined the rear and somewhat lower instead of the usual chrome above the lower air intake This aluminium trim across the entire width of the tapering out towards the outside. In position and with its special featuring a precise contour and the aluminium band resembles an air typically used on a modern

Featured on the front end of the BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid, the band serves in a manner to optimise aerodynamics and air along the lower section of the The centre section of the aluminium in turn, covers the lower air scoop, while the two slender beneath the headlights subdivide the air at the side with contours to the headlights themselves.

Foglamps are at the outer edge of the two air intakes a black honeycomb grid in unique design. These are made up in each case of LED light units, six of which are vertically in rows of two and one of which is the aluminium band. The horizontal of the aluminium band and the foglamps far to the outside serve in this way to accentuate the sheer width of the

From the side the sporting and lines of the saloon are accentuated by aluminium rims on the BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid. The wheels in V-spoke are finished in body colour and merge even more and harmoniously with the overall of the car. The name “EfficientDynamics – on the lower part of the doors, highlights this outstanding as a particularly fuel-efficient, low-emission

Exclusive design on the exhaust

The particular style created at the of the car by the aluminium band is reflected by the design of the BMW Concept 7 Series where an aluminium air flow extends across the entire of the car beneath the rear apron, its full height only in the

The more slender edges to the and left form the upper on the twin-chamber exhaust system its tailpipes again coming in innovative design. The tailpipes are by a frame of matt chrome instead of their usual or oval shape, come in wide and flat contours. A black crossbar, finally, the tailpipes an almost multi-level as if they were split up two sections.

The aluminium band at the again forms an additional line emphasising the wide of the car. At the same time the surfaces so characteristic of the new BMW 7 Series dominate the looks and appearance of the BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid, again that unique BMW style. The line, in turn, flows via the flanks of the car all the way to the bumper, thus the rear end in the overall dynamic of the new BMW 7 Series for a particularly sporting

Unique: BMW ActiveHybrid technology in the class.

Introducing the BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid, the world’s most manufacturer of premium cars is a clear standard: Hybrid has the potential to meet the extremely demands made of a car in the luxury And at the same time it offers all the required to further enhance the typical of a BMW.

This calls for hybrid components tailored to the respective model and features exactly reflecting the of the BMW brand.

To meet this BMW has applied its unique development in the area of drive systems the world over for the systematic and integration of hybrid components.

The of this intense development is BMW ActiveHybrid – a technology able to the most dynamic hybrid in the world and serving at the same to offer the greater efficiency by combining a combustion engine electric drive under all conditions, significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions in the The BMW Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid is more superior, more and more efficient than all cars featuring this of technology so far.

Yet another important highlight of BMW technology is the ability to offer the potential of this technology independently of the driver’s action. big advantage comes from the that BMW ActiveHybrid technology is integrated into the drive without any effects on the design of the car and its use.

Hybrid technology fits perfectly into the BMW development strategy, where all components and features come as on BMW’s various models, in each case to the specific and its individual character. These and technologies therefore help to fuel and exhaust emissions a wide range of loads under practical, everyday conditions, to a great extent requiring any action on the part of the And BMW ActiveHybrid technology also in the background to begin with, at the time naturally offering its effect in terms of efficiency and

Best of Hybrid: flexible strategy providing ideal on each model.

Given qualities, the technology featured in the BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid is ideally for a luxury performance car of this Taking the same approach as many other highly and advanced technologies, BMW seeks in the implementation of hybrid components to these technologies initially in segments of the market such as the performance class. Clearly, gives particular emphasis to the claim underlying each new

In developing hybrid components BMW furthermore to find appropriate for each model and concept. BMW is based on a modular principle the “Best of Hybrid” strategy in the optimum components in different concepts as required. On the BMW Concept 7 ActiveHybrid the eight-cylinder petrol and the electric motor acting as the hybrid power unit the same ideal match as the petrol engine and the full concept on the BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid in 2007.

Indeed, this scope of possible hybrid reflects the underlying principle of BMW to develop appropriate solutions for all segments and performance classes in with each concept and

BMW is developing these hybrid in a joint venture among with Daimler. The objective of joint venture is to develop and components for hybrid drive in vehicles, each manufacturer integrating the hybrid components into their respective in accordance with the individual of each brand.

Ongoing ensured by BMW ActiveHybrid and BMW EfficientDynamics.

the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy, the BMW is making the most effective worldwide to the reduction of fuel and emissions in road traffic. The of this unique strategy from both the regular use of trendsetting innovations as standard on BMW models and from the introduction of innovations throughout all model as well as the wide range of ensured in this way.

BMW now takes a significant step the future in this context of developed technologies for the environment, up the door to an even wider of technologies for reducing fuel and emissions in the years to come and an appropriate combination of features in case and for each model in the of enhanced driving dynamics and economy. The objective is to develop for all model series providing driving pleasure on the most use of energy.

Now BMW offers a unique of efficiency-enhancing technologies also in the saloon segment, with regular models in the new BMW 7 Series featuring a wide range of through BMW EfficientDynamics quite the world over in their and diversity.

BMW ActiveHybrid technology a further option, hybrid for the first time achieving the standard essential to BMW in a luxury car of this calibre. So introducing the BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid, BMW is proudly another strategy in further the Company’s position as the world in the development of particularly efficient at the same time, highly automobiles of a unique standard.

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