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BMW ActiveE Electric Cars


What makes it an better all rounder though is ability to be remarkably economical, the right circumstances.

It’s got a badge, but I think the stigma Hybrids are a little misleading. I think Hybrid I immediately of a super economical car, can go forever and not need fuel. I am mistaken.

If you want a super 5 Series with some you’re better off with the That performs brilliantly all the The Active Hybrid 5, is still a big petrol engine as I explained

The way the Hybrid side of this works is that the 40kW motor will comfortably the car up to 60 km/h. This is great in distance town driving. I can get from my house to the shops and purely on electric power.

it’s slow, and you need to be careful with the acceleration not only possible but quite

Once the car reaches 60 km/h, an or simply runs out of battery is a very seamless takeover the petrol engine which continues to drive the car and instantly charging the battery.

The battery can be charged when braking. BMW use the energy generated under to charge the battery. This in a more rapid charge if it were only using the petrol engine.

In addition to the electric motor when 60 km/h, if you’re cruising on the and on a longish downhill, the petrol shuts down and the electric comfortably pushes the car along. We able to test this up to 120 while BMW claim it’s up to 160km/h.

All this use of the electric engine and big make the Active Hybrid 5 a economical car, but it’s not as economical as the equivalent diesel.

The then? Well I think the is a huge step in the right and while the short term is a powerful big engine being 20% more economical, the long result is that the technology better and cheaper, making the use of engines in the future a reality.

When you’ve had enough of cautiously in Hybrid mode, you can hit the sport button and really the car come alive. The Active 5 really comes alive in the Road feedback is great and the feels solid and connected.

is no play on the steering wheel, and turn nudges the wheels where you need them to be.

your foot down as you a corner you can feel the power on the wheel, and the car keeping it’s together as you straighten and a surge of the under the hood pushes you into your seat.

The car is in to a late breaking corner and the gives you the confidence to navigate roads which in turn sheer excitement and driving


Out of the corners, you’re on straight flat roads. In mode the Active Hybrid 5 up the road with ease and The cabin isn’t eerily but it’s pleasantly quiet.

is gentle and smooth, braking as the car glides to a halt.

It’s to believe that the car so luxuriously it’s self down the is the same car that a few minutes unleashed a good dose of fury round the corners.

The 5 series practicality is like the 3 put on a photo copier at 110%. The is a little bigger, leg room a roomier, and the general interior a more spacious. There is a centre console between the two seats, it’s not as big as the one in the 6 Series I can comfortably put a whole bottle of but it’s enough for your keys, phone, iPod

Even has USB, mini and 12v charger in there.

The one drawback on the practicality is that you lose boot space because of huge big battery they to cram in somewhere. This make the boot impractical, but you do some space.


Any luxury car excels in the score, and frankly it’s not to make a good car these Even some of the cheaper level cars are doing a good job. What BMW get though is they’ve moved simple plastics, and use more on the dash and the doors.

It gives a nice feel, and you always get a of quality when you touch the or the dash.


Over the few revisions the 5 Series has undergone radical looks, which has a lot of critics voice in their of the design. Traditionally a fairly car, the 5 series now comes a neat modern look. In that same design is evident in the new 3 Series, and even the new 7 due for release shortly.

The lines are and well designed, but most the car looks properly finished.

The styling matches the exterior lines and nicely fitted BMW have gone to a lot of effort to sure that their are aesthetically appealing to owners inside and out.


BMW the envelope when it comes to of this tech stuff. you’re sitting in a dealership at the options list, it’s easy to forget that buying a car, and rather in the for a space ship.

BMW ActiveE Electric Cars

The Active 5 we had came with a head up which shows you the speed driving on the windshield. It also you navigation instructions when got route guidance on.

It comes with a rear camera and park distance Once you get used to that hard to believe you ever got out of a space without it. In addition to the camera, there are a number of around the car that give you a of different views.

You get a top down which is essentially an aerial of your car and it’s surroundings, and BMW use half a dozen cameras to this view. They give you a split screen 90 degrees to the left and to the right for you’re pulling out of a side and cannot see traffic coming.

you stop at a robot, or on a hill the hold automatically engages a which is then automatically when you begin to accelerate. makes being stationary on any a breeze, and completely removes the ability to roll backwards,

When you’re driving, is some lane change technology. If you stray over a or yellow line without indicator on, the steering wheel to warn you. Cruise keeps your car at a steady and helps tremendously with economy when in EcoPro

If you find yourself in a badly lit on a foggy night, the night camera is amazing, showing you no only heat. So humans and cars appear white on the making sure you don’t any unfortunate accidents no matter the weather. The rest of the time the gives you some very graphics and accurate guidance, or without voice controls.

Yes you can switch the lady in the dash off.

While you’re especially in the Hybrid, the iDrive gives you a neat graph, your fuel economy, the % of usage, and whether the car is charging, on the electric engine or the combustion

You’ll no doubt need while you drive, and depending on the your music is stored on, you can connect via mini jack, in to USB, or just connect via My iPhone seamlessly connected via allowing me full access to my and contacts to make and receive

Most of the controls for the radio and devices reside on the steering allowing you to change stations or without taking your off the road or your hand off the

It also comes with a DVD that can hold about a dozen disks. When you run your fingers over numbered button, the iDrive shows you either the pre programmed station or the specific disk in slot. A great way to find you want without having to to multiple stations or disks.

Keyless entry was also which allows you to lock and the doors with the key in your Simply slide you hand the door handle and the car unlocks. To the car, on the door handle are a few lines, simply touch with all the doors closed and the car

The boot also comes keyless entry. Walk up to the of the car with the key in your pocket and kick your foot the rear bumper and the boot open. A very useful when you’re carrying heavy.

Cool Factor

a 3.0-litre Bi-Turbo 250kW But it has a battery.

It’s a Hybrid, a big stonking petrol engine in it.

If a petrolhead, the Hybrid part it uncool, if you’re a greenie, the petrol part makes it

However, the fact that BMW are into the Hybrid space, I that’s cool.

BMW ActiveE Electric Cars
BMW ActiveE Electric Cars
BMW ActiveE Electric Cars
BMW ActiveE Electric Cars
BMW ActiveE Electric Cars


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