Ichabod Crane& s Best Moments from Sleepy Hollow Season …

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Ichabod Crane s Best Moments from Sleepy Hollow Season 1

By Carrie | Posted on 10 March 2014

Hello my fellow, Sleepyheads! Okay, so it’s been a while since the finale that left all of our heroes in peril and we haven’t imploded yet or broken youtube with our relentless search for a new Sleepy Hollow  fix, but we still have an excruciatingly long time to wait before new, original episodes return to Fox. Far too long, if you ask me, but until then, we here at Three if By Space have compiled some of our favorite moments from season one, if only to hold us over for the next month (or week) or at least until we get more information about our favorite crime-fighting duo and their impending return to our screens for season two.

After coming up with numerous ideas, it was quickly determined that, 1) we really are as crazy as we thought, 2) my tinfoil hat was on backwards…again and 3) Ichabod dominated our favorite moments list to such an extent that the snarky Brit deserved his very own list….so that’s where we’ll be starting.

Ichabodisms of Sleepy Hollow  Season One

Ichabod Meets Technology

After being a bit out of the loop for nearly 250 years, it’s not surprising that Ichabod is a bit unfamiliar with all the technology and though he’s handling it very well (I attribute that to his intellectual mind and curiosity taking over and trumping anything else that may lead to general hysteria and lengthy stays at Tarrytown Psychiatric), Ichabod still has those moments of confusion that require some adaptation. With so much that we take for granted, Ichabod has had a lot of learning to do .and he s provided some hilarious moments in the process.

Yolanda from Northstar

Being a man from the past and keeping that a secret from most people can get a bit lonely with Abbie being the only one to talk to at times. Ichabod remedied this with a lovely conversation as he reminisced about his beloved wife Katrina….to none other than Yolanda from Northstar. This was perhaps one of the funniest moments of the season as his conversation was so deep that you were expecting him to be speaking with Abbie, but as it turned out, he was talking with a customer service representative from Northstar…and it was great. As social creatures, we strive for connection and tend to forget that that random voice at the end of the line is human, too… unless you’re talking to Siri. In that case, just put the phone down and walk away.

Yolanda is a much better listener.

Sticky Note Labeling For The Technologically Challenged

Admittedly, I m not entirely sure how these sticky notes would help with everything by themselves unless we assume that Abbie or someone gave him a quick rundown on how everything worked before placing the sticky notes around the room as reminders. Ichabod’s exploration of each piece of new technology demonstrated his curiosity and surprise…and was quite amusing to watch especially the shower scene. Modern indoor plumbing, oh, how we love you.

Ichabod s Antiquated, Obsolete Phone

Another one of the best moments lies in Ichabod’s rant about those damned phone companies and their sneaky adverts and propaganda. And he is no exception to the brainwashing phenomena as he s quickly come to the realization that his phone is antiquated and obsolete. Sucked into the modern world already, the old technology simply isn’t good enough anymore and Ichabod wants a new phone, too!

Leaving Messages Becomes An Art Form

As an educated man of the past, Ichabod is used to formal written correspondence as the method of leaving messages. Adapting to modern technology, he maintains his etiquette and leaves eloquent, formal messages on the phone in the same format as a written piece of formal correspondence. Who wouldn’t love receiving a message like this? I think this may be how I leave all my messages to friends and family in the future you know, if I actually talked to real people on the phone. Speaking of phones, those first few tries at messaging were pretty great, too.

At least he’s trying and not hiding from all technology as forms of evil contraptions that will steal his soul. Let s just leave that to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Electric Car Windows Are Fun and Really Annoying!

Ah, the bane to every mother’s, father’s, aunt’s, uncle’s or general driver’s existence. Put a kid in a car with an electric window and drive. It gets annoying fast.

Ichabod, in all his British and silver-tongued brilliance, is apparently no exception.

Computers Are Confusing   and The Internet Is For Porn

Computers. The greatest modern convenience of the world. Believe it or not, I’m using one right now. Blew your mind, right? I bet you use one, too and may even be reading this on one at this moment.

They re everywhere, so it was only a matter of time before Ichabod had to use one and it has been hilarious every time. From the … spam, to the printing issues and the images disappearing, this technology is taking some more time to get used to then some other things, but I really can t blame him. Even coming from a past where this technology didn t exist, he still knows it better than my mom.

Maybe he could teach her a thing or two about it!

Ichabod Meets Society

If all of our modern technology wasn t enough to adapt to, Ichabod was also faced with modern society and the many strange norms we employ. From yummy, tasty fried confections to taxes and water consumption (and pollution), Ichabod s reactions were priceless and a brilliant addition to the show.

Donut Holes Noms Noms Noms

I really don t have to say much with this one. Ichabod s reaction is simply enough. I don t want a donut hole. *Eats one.* Ohhh, these are good. And now you know why so many people are fat. Food is cheap (at least to us), easily and readily available and oh so good.

Hell, I m nomsing on food right now.

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Donut Taxation

We simply can t mention the donut holes without the donut hole taxation. That outrageous ten percent levy is beyond crazy when the Revolutionary War began over less than a two percent taxation! Yeah, we ve become a complacent society with high taxes, basically, nothing has changed and this is why so many people also have no money.

All Water Everywhere is Polluted And Bottled Water Is The Best

Admittedly, I side with Ichabod on this one well on most of his rants, really. Okay, so I occasionally drink bottled water for the convenience, but given the choice I drink the free tap water in my area instead and I do so without fear of … or becoming ill from it. Yes, the water is contaminated and polluted in many areas, but I doubt Ichabod (or anyone) is at any serious detriment for drinking the water here or that it s quite as bad as Abbie made it seem (that could just be my area though, what do I know) .and it was hilarious when he sucked the water out of the straw to illustrate his point.

Abbie s reaction here was also quite worth that annoyance.

A Gun Shoots More Than Once?

Here is another modern aspect that we don t always consider: Guns that shoot more than once. Ichabod comes from those crazy old days when you had to reload after every shot, so of course, once he shoots his gun one time, without having time to reload (and lacking the ammunition to do so), he drops his gun and figures out another plan. The bullet was nothing to the evil witchy-poo whom he shot at anyway, so it didn t really matter that the gun still had more, but the moment he threw his gun down after firing once was definitely amusing and Ichabod’s reaction at learning there was more than one shot in the gun was perfection!

Though I do wonder: who taught Headless about guns?

Ichabod’s New Clothes

A running joke and a fan favorite are Ichabod’s clothes. They are one of Ichabod s most defining characteristics and many a fan have secretly (or not so secretly) begged to keep Ichabod in his own, old clothes. Obviously that couldn’t last forever (especially since he apparently doesn t wash them), so the writers went and did it anyway…to disastrous results.

Granted, if they had chosen a style a bit more fitting, it may have worked out, but sticking him in skinny jeans? There was no chance that would ever work, for fans or for Ichabod. But we all know the real reasons that happened: Abbie apparently doesn’t know how to dress some men or she deliberately dressed him this way to ensure he d grab his old clothes and put them back on .or maybe Abbie just wanted a better view of Ichabod’s … and a good laugh.

Either way, the skinny jeans didn t work, so let’s not do that again.

The Regulars Are Coming

Of all the Ichabodisms on modern society, this one was by far the absolute best as he corrected all the misinformation that has been provided for so long to generations of children about Paul Revere. We learned a couple of things here: He was not a dentist and it s The Regulars are coming, not the British as they were all British so that would have been most unhelpful and also, if Ichabod survives the Apocalypse and somehow manages to settle into modern society, he could work in any museum or school of his choosing and provide students with a good laugh as well as a proper education. History with Professor Ichabod, yeah, I d take that class.

Keep an eye out for more of our favorite moments and let us know if you have any of your own to add!

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