New Bugatti Veyron 16 4 for Sale 2011 Bugatti Veyron 16 4 Car

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Bugatti Electric Cars

The Veyron s bold proportions, surfaces, and clear

line give an impression of pure, elegance.

The design of the Veyron a great heritage without

into retro style. detail of the classic two-tone scheme,

a nod to the 1920s and 1930s, has carefully thought out,

aspect of the Veyron 16.4 s focuses on essentials.

Clear dominate the design, and all controls a

meticulous attention to detail the selection and finish of the

Designers and worked closely together to every

single one of the Veyron s features – from GPS to seat

– harmoniously in the cockpit, without it to appear

excessive or too complex. The sound experience provided by

the sound system was designed by the


With its 16-cylinder drive, the Bugatti Veyron may

well be the most sophisticated vehicle of all times.

Boasting a speed of more than 400 km per the

Veyron is unmatched in the super category. It offers a total of

1,001 HP, and its ample power even at high speeds are the

of dreams for luxury-class limousines: for a speed of

250 km/h, the Veyron needs 270-280 HP.

The Electronic Program (ESP) ensures the

flexibility and manoeuvrability at any speed. The reaches

velocities that literally lift the car off the ground – if it

t for its ingenious aerodynamics, which it firmly on the


The Veyron the same launch control as Formula 1

racing cars to maximum traction from to seventh gear

and up to the 400 km/h speed.

The electronically controlled takes the car from

standstill beyond the 400 km/h threshold in than one

minute. Just launch control, engage control the

steering wheel, your left foot on the and keep your

The Veyron is the fastest production vehicle of all

For years, the Bugatti engineers diligently in order to push

the 400 boundary. No wind tunnel can this velocity,

which is why each of a long series of the

different ground clearance and the modifications of the rear

bumpers, and underbody were tested on

high-speed test ranges. ambition and persistence paid as

the official speed measurement

The Veyron s high velocity is due to the combination of

engine technology, lightweight construction, specially

tires, and the complex balance of and

downforce. Not only aerodynamic plays a crucial factor at

high speeds, but also the adjustment of the downforce that

the car to the road surface. In addition to raw speed, the

Veyron also the highest safety, reliability and

standards requires by even the discerning drivers.

To create the aerodynamics, the Bugatti engineers

three configuration modes.

mode — used for up to 220 km/h, the rear spoiler

is completely retracted. In handling used at higher

velocities, the nose is pulled down and the

rear spoiler deployed. produces an additional 350 kg of

downforce without compromising the s exceptional handling.

Top speed — for velocities beyond 375 which is activated

before the is started. In top speed mode the diffuser

flaps are shut to the underbody absolutely level, and the

is lowered and completely aligned the chassis, forming

The Bugatti s 16.4 is the first super car with

guaranteed ESP functionality at all including top velocity,

tested and by exceptional race car drivers.

The ESP tests at velocities beyond 300 were performed on

the dried lakes in the American Southwest the

low-friction ground surface is for taking a car s road grip to the

Featuring intelligent four-wheel and four electronic

controls, the is as safe as it is fast. Two steerage a

Haldex clutch, and the rear locking differential provide the

dynamics, while the brake regulation and active

torque ensure controllability.

In addition to the electronic controls, the Veyron

features high-precision engineering and a underbody based

on state-of-the-art racing technology. traverse control arms

in the and rear guarantee precise control. All elements

work together with minimal and a maximum of

stability. Suspension, and stabilizers react directly and

The steering system is equally balanced: the high connection

of all elements ensures direct The car follows

There is one thing the 16.4 does even than

Bugatti Electric Cars

accelerating: braking.

The Veyron exploits the full of available technologies

to allow for deceleration. It takes less 5 seconds to

get from 0 to 100 km and back to a standstill. In theory,

that is, for a feat would require the to react with nearly

speed. The whole braking takes no more than

meters or 2.3 seconds – that is than the car needs to get

from 0 to 100 km. And the 400-to-0-km/h deceleration is a

matter of than 10 seconds.

Made of carbon, ceramic, and titanium the

brake system guarantees high friction values and

cooling. Intelligent carbon-ceramic discs with

interior ventilation, eight-piston caliper units in the

front, and caliper units in the rear the necessary

driving agility on a par professional racecars.

The rear serves as an additional air brake at beyond

200 km/h. Activated by the pedal, the spoiler shoots up and is


A super sports car the Veyron 16.4 needs to be in order to

reach top speeds.

the initial concept to the design and the of

materials, the Bugatti engineers the full potential of their

expertise to ensure that car is, indeed, a

lightweight. Titanium, magnesium, and aluminum – each

of the Veyron 16.4 is made of the with the lowest

weight and the level of functionality — The piston

rods save 4 kg of weight, the titanium screws 3.5 kg, and

the valve caps another 2 kg.

By the wheelbase, the original weight was by

about a third, and the titanium system – another Veyron

first – with its wafer-thin of titanium aluminite saves yet

another 17 kg. These combined capped the Veyron 16.4 s

at a compact 1,888 kg. Add the car s high-powered

and unmatched speed, and you have a fast

and nimble super car.

Optimum protection is by the car s carbon monocoque

construction: only 110 kg, the survival cell

enormous crash impact This principle is comparable to

used in the Formula 1 world, drivers usually emerge

from their cars after severe accidents. The impact

force reduction is due to the frames integrated in the carbon

Bugatti Electric Cars


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