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BYD electric car caught fire incident investigation- The market value was the evaporation of 6 billion yuan

BYD electric car caught fire incident investigation: The market value was the evaporation of 6 billion yuan

May 31, BYD pure electric e6 knocked the fire accident occurred five days later and invited experts from the Ministry of Science and Technology by the Shenzhen Municipal authorities, began to conduct a thorough investigation of the cause of the fire. In a short span of five days, known overseas by virtue of the electric car BYD encountered a huge crisis of confidence in market value was evaporation of 6 billion yuan. The

26 am, a BYD e6 electric taxi behind the high speed sports car crash after the fire, car boss-by-three people were …. Electric vehicles, coupled with the responsible party set cars, drunk driving, beauty, staged and so many factors that lead to the public eye, so that this accident set off a firestorm.

cause of the accident to be investigated, the cause of the fire is not yet directly linked to the battery and electric car design. But the accident Houbiyadi sharp decline in stock prices, or revealed to the public and industry concerns.

electric car burning is not a solitary case. Last year, the Zotye electric vehicles, electric bus through spontaneous combustion, the U.S. General VOLT electric car has caught fire after the crash test.

Although conventional gasoline vehicles in extreme cases will ignite after the collision, fire, explosion, etc. but as the electric cars of the new things in order to be accepted, also need electric car companies, the supervisory authority has adequate data and convincing to prove security than traditional fuel vehicles.


BYD senior vice president Wu Jingsheng 5.26 after the accident, the other BYD electric taxi is still normal operation. The accident will not affect the BYDs confidence in the development of new energy vehicles.



24-year-old Sally and 23-year-old Xiao Tan girlfriends. two people together I usually play, eat, drink like microblogging records, and like each other @.

26 am, with her two dozen, the start of a journey of no return. This is a Shenzhen Pengcheng taxi companys BYD e6 electric taxi license plate number is Guangdong BH1Q78, the driver was a 32-year-old Hunan Youxian people.

around 3:00, the taxi onto the two-way ten-lane coastal road. According to police notification, e6 taxi traveling in the second lane from the middle buffer zone, the rear of another Nissan GTR sports car (the Guangdong BG077R plate) is flying forward. The e6 left in front of the lane closest to the green belt, driving a red petrol version of a taxi.

All three cars in a few minutes after the collision.

a Ferrari from me like the wind to the past, too fast can smell smoke,the hose connection. Sina microblogging small cool witnessed the scene of the collision, No l00 meters and hit the two taxi, the scene of the fire! I almost took one, got in the car to leave, afraid of bombing like mad. Users who can not tell the Ferrari and Nissan GTR photographed photos of the BYD e6 fire, the latter part of this e6 fire picture came to be widely spread.

According to the the BYD description of the incident is severe impact, causing the vehicle to accelerate out of control from the second lane after the rotation drift to the fifth lane, leapt to the green belt, tail lashing heavy impact on the trees, the rear to Knocked huge tree pits, and the body is severely deformed, after the fire.


Shenzhen police mimic diagram of the scene of the accident and BYD say. Accident GTR first to not less than 180 kilometers per hour from the left tail of the severe impact e6 taxi, and then knocked the left front of the petrol version of a taxi. e6 taxi was pushed to fly to the side of the road, fire, until only one car left the shelf.

Shenzhen police referred to in the May 28 press conference, government departments are organizing experts on the BYD e6 cause of the fire investigation will be announced to the public as soon as possible results. The accident in Shenzhen, the first cases of fire in the electric car after the collision happened before the mild rear-end, causing fire and personal injury. There are reports that went to the rescue of firefighters, e6, taxi or on the move to open the door to escape, the helplessness fire too fast Jiewei success.

2 car accident the whole not the deaths, the gasoline version of the taxi drivers do not hurt.

BYD, said the accident vehicles in Shenzhen traffic police department archive, BYD can not come into contact with the car accident, the cause of the fire has not been confirmed, We are waiting for further identification of the accident report, but according to the understanding of the accident vehicles battery does not explode, only part of the damage .

exploration by

5.26 accidents cause of the fire, the reporter interviewed a number of analysts believe that electric-car collision caught fire there may be three reasons: First, the battery burst into flames; impact, short circuit, leakage, resulting in the circuit fire; Third, high-speed collision, the metal friction create sparks, igniting the interior or lighter ignition sources. The third reason, the traditional cars.

BYD internal sources, according to the current understanding of the situation, the accident e6 did not show the battery to explode, but the individual battery cell damage, the vehicle battery Unlike mobile phones, notebook uses lithium batteries, even when the fire burning, it will not produce an explosion .

It is understood that currently used in BYD lithium iron phosphate batteries, the Japanese and Korean car prices the use of lithium manganese oxide battery. Both compared to the low efficiency of lithium iron phosphate, but relatively safe, low cost; Korean and Japanese companies manufacture a high level of production consistency is very good, so before using the technical route of the lithium manganese oxide.

electric car is the real danger lies hidden under the high-voltage short-circuit. Electric car, the voltage over 300 volts, in theory, if the collision, electric cars should be the first time automatically shut off to ensure that no short circuit. However, if the insurance against short circuit failure will lead to serious accidents.

This is like a traditional gasoline car, in the event of a collision should have oil automatic locking function. Otherwise, there will be a fuel leak and an explosion of extreme circumstances.

From this perspective, the same as with conventional cars, electric cars, the safety of not only the technical capabilities, but also environmental and manufacturing standards, conditions of use, the objective are closely related. Is therefore, a professor at Tsinghua University Quanshi once said that the electric car battery may become a Bomb.


the accident re-ignited a long time people in the industry for the electric vehicles concerns about. Skeptics e6 knocked in an accident soon after the fire,high power supply. and another knocked Jetta taxi do not cause illness.

BYD e6 Electric Cars

, BYD feel wronged . Privately, BYD also highlighted the different events themselves and the Thai people and other electric car caught fire, that the car is spontaneous combustion, the high-speed collision.

international and the domestic auto industry is the side crash test is about 60Km / h speed, like 5.26 an accident, the vehicle repeatedly hit rotation, the lives and safety of passengers in the car and the driver will be a great threat, even if the fuel car may also occur on fire. BYD insiders believe that the accident vehicle first hit e6, then hit another one taxi, e6, to withstand the force of impact is much greater than after a taxi.

the same time, BYD also announced that, e6, electric taxis in Shenzhen has more than 2 years of large-scale operations as of May this year, cycling running mileage exceeded 200,000 km, the cumulative run total mileage of 15 million km, have occurred during the 18 from the rear-end accident, no casualties and vehicle combustion. E6 to enter before the product announcement of the Ministry of Industry directory, after the detection of the national authority, the crash test in line with national laws and regulations, e6, equipped with the battery after the national authorities squeeze test, 50% deformation of the battery module and did not occur on fire. in line with national standards.

even if the accident BYD battery no problem, in accordance with the current battery level, after the inevitable problems. Domestic electric cars before and after 2008 the Great Leap Forward consistent and firm support for the development of electric vehicle experts also holds a sweat, worried that so many aggressive make just started electric The car industry slump.


national 863 major projects of electric vehicle battery test center, director of Prince of winter and believe that the Chinese battery companies over the years has been in the state of low-level redundant investment, the battery power system integration weak, security is difficult to protect.


General Motors battery expert Mark Wei Er Bu Lu Ge also pointed out that due to workmanship problems, two electrodes tied together, resulting in an internal short circuit will be a problem. Other electronic products on the probability of this problem is one ten-millionth of a car battery pack consists of thousands of battery, the probability of a problem will rise to a few thousandths.

Hangzhou a demonstration operations in April last year Zotye electric car spontaneous combustion. Automobile Research Institute of Tsinghua University, director of electric vehicles branch of the Society of Automotive Engineers Quanshi bluntly pointed out that neither the batteries, the key to electric vehicle technology, but also the lack of vehicle manufacturing technology for small businesses, does not have the industrial capacity of the electric car The problem is sooner or later.

electric cars dissenting experts, such as Song Jian, executive vice president of Tsinghua Automotive Engineering Development Institute, believes that, whether it is iron phosphate lithium battery or manganese lithium batteries, are not essentially solve the security problem of the battery. Principle in terms of high-voltage V is the threat to the safety performance of electric vehicles, but up to now, the world does not have any technology fundamentally on the system to solve these problems.


There is no doubt that if the accident cause of the fire eventually confirmed with the battery or design of electric cars, BYD and the whole electric car industry will suffer a major blow. The public question is: after the collision, the electric car is not fire more easily than conventional fuel vehicles less safe? Universal the VOLT fire event

of great concern in the United States, after more than six months of investigation and a series of tests, the U.S. Highway Traffic Safety Administration in January gives the conclusion: the battery is not security risks, while the electric car spontaneous combustion risk factor is not high fuel vehicles.

for the public, the conclusions of these are experimental state, compared with conventional cars a hundred years development and accumulation of security, so that test data is clearly lack of sufficient convincing.

Quanshi, the industrialization of electric vehicles can not be hurried, to have the mentality to accept the inclusion in the promotion process, but that does not mean to lower the standard for electric cars The road running to the contrary, it should be tightened standards, and must be strictly enforced.

the national 863 energy-saving and new energy vehicle major project supervision and consultation team leader Wang Binggang think, to enhance public confidence in the electric car, in addition to expanding The model range, should also improve the relevant technical standards.

It is understood that the current industry standards of the Chinese electric vehicles 46, of which 26 have been public letter to the Ministry of reference do notice management with the effectiveness of mandatory standards, but these standards face the cohabitation of the electric car industry, but it looks bloated. Crash safety are only two national standards on the EV (electric vehicle) and HEV (hybrid electric vehicles), crash safety requirements, and confined to the frontal crash requirements expressed in articles are too simple. macro, operability is poor.

BYD e6 Electric Cars
BYD e6 Electric Cars
BYD e6 Electric Cars
BYD e6 Electric Cars
BYD e6 Electric Cars
BYD e6 Electric Cars
BYD e6 Electric Cars
BYD e6 Electric Cars

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