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Cadillac Escalade Electric Cars

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About Cadillac Escalade

the Cadillac Escalade wasn’t the luxury SUV sold in the U.S. it was the first light truck in the of the Cadillac brand. Early drew plenty of criticism, but in the Escalade deserves much for being the vehicle that Cadillac’s image from and geriatric to youthful and flamboyant.

of the Cadillac Escalade’s appeal is in its over-the-top attitude. Generously inside and out, this vehicle has a bold and angular exaggerated wreath-and-crest badging and trim everywhere you look. no subtlety under the hood as the current truck’s 6.2-liter V8 an imposing exhaust rumble.

quicker than many the Escalade often falls in refinement, from its handling to its build and materials quality. has taken steps to address shortcomings on the third-generation model, but no question the Escalade is primarily for who like their SUVs brash and unapologetically American.

Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac is a full-size SUV that seats people with standard captain’s chairs and eight the optional second-row bench. The Escalade ESV, the quasi-pickup Escalade EXT and gasoline-electric Escalade are reviewed separately.

Every Escalade comes standard a 6.2-liter V8 that delivers 403 and 415 pound-feet of torque, providing brisk acceleration in virtually any A six-speed automatic transmission the gearchanges and even offers a mode for those drivers to press a pair of buttons on the old-fashioned column shifter. The routes power to the rear on two-wheel-drive models or all four on models.

Inside, the Escalade a much nicer environment its mechanical near-twins from and GMC. There is an abundance of even on the base model, items like heated and second-row seats, navigation and a surround-sound audio system as standard. The Luxury, Premium and trims pile on the niceties further, but most are styling and elements. Despite its features the aging Escalade doesn’t the same look and feel as luxury SUVs.

Construction and the used just aren’t as even if leather and wood is included.

In reviews, we’ve that the Escalade certainly the pomp and power one expects this increasingly iconic However, there are significant drawbacks. First of all, the seat is cramped and uncomfortable for the passenger and must be physically should you need extra space. The third-row seats of vehicles fold neatly the floor.

The Escalade is also unwieldy on roads, suffers from brakes and is very thirsty. also its perennial placement the list of most-stolen vehicles. In of all this, we’d consider one of the other full-size luxury as well.

Used Cadillac Models

When the latest generation of the Cadillac Escalade for the 2007 model year, it was the modern and luxurious version of full-size SUV to date. A stiff, boxed frame and a coil-spring suspension provide a smoother than in years past, and is more controlled and predictable. As the previous generation, there’s no to get four-wheel drive with gearing, as Cadillac has equipped the for duty in the urban jungle than the one with tigers.

previous generations, the third-gen no longer feels like a reupholstered Chevy Tahoe.

its introduction, changes have light and related mostly to new and optional features. The following saw the introduction of the plush Platinum while 2009 brought E85 capability and available high-tech such as a blind-spot warning LED headlights, Bluetooth and a rearview The ’10 Escalade received technology; those models earlier achieve 1 fewer

That year also saw the of new front side-impact airbags, a door design and a new USB connection for audio devices.

The second-generation was sold from 2002-’06. is the model that restored reputation with younger as it was the first application of the company’s Art and Science design language. Escalade had a 345-hp, 6.0-liter V8 made it one of the most potent vehicles on the road. It also better than one would expect of a vehicle this

The cabin had a somewhat cut-rate but between all the soft leather and appliqu s, many buyers this easy to overlook.

No was offered during the 2001 year, but the original version was on for 1999 and 2000. This was a rush job, as Cadillac something to fend off Lincoln’s while working on the 2002 Aside from its Cadillac upgraded leather and Zebrano there was nothing to distinguish the Escalade from GM’s SUVs.

Acceleration, braking and handling are sub par on model, and we’d advise you to it.

Auto blog

Facelifted ATS spied completely uncovered

27 Feb 2014 13:30:00 EST

The Cadillac ATS for a pretty svelte little and General Motors appears to it, because multiple, completely prototype sedans have spotted testing wearing look like many of the coupe’s body parts.

Not does it wear at least the of the brand’s new, broader it has the same front air dam with chrome strip found on the The only real difference is it has the somewhat taller side mirrors from the sedan, than the narrower, longer from the coupe. Around the changes are harder to spot the test car is outfitted with an lower bumper.

However, it to lack the chrome strip offsets the lower portion of the from the sedan.

Cadillac spotted with big exhaust, new

Thu, 20 Feb 2014 11:27:00 EST

If you Cadillac was content to leave its Vsport as the range-topping CTS, again. Behold, our first glimpse at the next-generation Cadillac sedan, sporting more styling (somewhere under meaty quad-exhaust pipes, and very well could be a new for the V-badged Caddies.

Creating an grille design seems an awful lot of work just for a so it’s very possible the vertical-bar treatment you see here make its way into production. Our spy have pointed out that seen this same of grille treatment on prototypes for the ATS-V sedan, and we’ve V-series models may soon greater differentiation from the vehicles that sired — that seems necessary if Cadillac insists on this whole Vsport

Regardless of how its front end looks, the ought to be a real monster. sources say we can expect to see a supercharged of General Motors’ 6.2-liter V8 the Caddy’s hood, and considering the car already makes 556 horsepower and 551 of torque, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a increase in both of those After all, one of the CTS-V’s competitors, the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, is putting out 550 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque.

this mean a 600-hp is on the horizon?

J.D. Power sees new car dependability problems for first time since

Wed, 12 Feb 2014 13:31:00 EST

For the time since 1998, Power and Associates says its shows that the average of problems per 100 cars has increased. The is the result of the firm’s much-touted Vehicle Dependability Study, charts incidents of problems in new purchases over three from 41,000 respondents.

at first-owner cars from the model year, the study an average of 133 problems per 100 cars for short), up 6 percent from 126 in last year’s study, covered 2010 model-year Disturbingly, the bulk of the increase is attributed to engine and transmission with a 6 PP100 boost.

JDP notes that the decline in is particularly acute for vehicles four-cylinder engines, where levels increase by nearly 10 Its findings also noticed large diesel engines tended to be more problematic most five- and six-cylinder

Cadillac developing stretched just for China

Sat, 25 Jan 09:04:00 EST

To luxury automakers, sedans are to China that and SUVs are to the US, so it isn’t all that any more when the latest gets an extra couple of between the wheels to improve comfort. According to Car News the next sedan to get the stretch be the Cadillac ATS, which increase the wheelbase by 10 centimeters four inches) to become the

Designed to go up against rivals the BMW 335Li and the added-length Mercedes the ATS-L will reportedly be locally in China with an list that will as well. Currently, only the turbo engine is offered in the ATS in but the ATS-L will get the full of ATS engines including the base and the peppier 3.6-liter V6. This the first time Cadillac has a China-specific stretched sedan as the SLS dates back to 2006.

Cadillac Escalade on sale in priced at $71,695*

Thu, 23 Jan 17:30:00 EST

With the fourth-generation Escalade set to go on sale in April, has released the pricing data for its luxury SUV. While no retail configurator yet, the posted on AOL Autos — and by Cadillac — shows the 2015 Escalade will a starting price of $71,695 including $995 for destination).

new starting price is about more than the outgoing but Cadillac is quick to point out the latest ‘Slade is packed more standard equipment in the new Standard trim that puts it more on par with the Premium trim on the 2014 (currently priced at $73,245). new standard features include Ride Control, LED headlights and and 20-inch wheels.

Stepping up to the 2015 Escalade the price increases to $75,695 and added equipment like wheels, head-up display, fold-and-tumble second-row seats and systems such as forward warning and lane departure The top-rung 2015 Escalade will start at $80,195 features such as a rear-seat system, illuminated exterior handles and the Driver Assist consisting of front and rear braking and adaptive cruise

Cadillac Elmiraj sedan RWD finally caught testing

Cadillac Escalade Electric Cars

22 Jan 2014 12:40:00 EST

While we have no insight as to it being Elmiraj, STS or some other of the -TS nomenclature (LTS has apparently registered by GM, as well), new spy shots us proof positive that is indeed hard at work on a flagship model. Spied for the first time in some country testing, these provide a first look at the range-topper from Cadillac.

long and large bodywork atop new General Motors’ Omega rear-drive architecture Heavy cladding over may discourage finding any details, but the sharp-edged and blocky design is reminiscent of what we’ve on the new CTS and the recently debuted ATS coupe. A wheels-at-each-corner stance helps the length of this stretched and everything about the proportions spot-on for a new fullsize flagship for the

It’s quite possible Cadillac will ultimately this large sedan detailing reminiscent of the original coupe, though thus far only seen prototypes four-doors.

Cadillac chief ATS convertible, wagon on the table

15 Jan 2014 10:29:00 EST

What we do is that the ATS will wear at one more bodystyle. That from Cadillac head Bob who answered Absolutely when News asked him about the of another variant. What we know is what that or styles will be.

We now have a and coupe ATS, there’s a V sedan coming. After a convertible is a likely option that the man who just became the product honcho at General Mark Reuss, admitted to one already designed in 2012. The on it can’t get out of the underworld and a wagon is the option, but the droptop would to make the most sense if one the competitive set: the BMW 4 Series and A5 convertibles are hot property and Mercedes is a C-Class convertible. Meanwhile are the sentimental utility vehicles refusing to die, seem destined for life support.

CTS Sport Wagon, anyone?

on Ferguson’s statements, it appears what Cadillac definitely do is play model variant with the European luxury it has spent years hunting telling Automotive News, We to keep our focus on a limited of vehicles and do them very

2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe to fight BMW 4 Series

Tue, 14 Jan 12:58:00 EST

Cadillac introduced its new ATS at the 2014 Detroit Auto today, bringing customers an to the growing range of sport coupes typified by the BMW 4 Series, A5 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe.

The ATS as a slightly more premium ditches the wheezy 2.5-liter found in the basic ATS Sedan, but the four-door’s 2.0-liter, turbocharged and 3.6-liter V6. That four-pot benefits from a fettling has increased torque from 260 to 295, although its peak is available from 3,000 rpm to rpm, unlike in the sedan, peak twist arrives at 1,700 rpm and sticks around 5,500 rpm.

Power can be to either the rear or all four by the owner’s choice of a Tremec manual or a six-speed automatic According to Cadillac, the new Coupe can get to 60 in 5.6 when fitted with the turbo.

2015 Cadillac ATS favors cleanliness over lines

Tue, 14 Jan 2014 EST

Though you might not know it looking at vehicles like the XTS and if you take a broader look at you’ll see that Cadillac have gotten a lot smaller the tail-finned highway cruisers of At least when it comes to anyway. The Eldorado, in particular, getting smaller until it its place taken in recent by decidedly more compact CTS Coupe and ELR hybrid.

What you see however, is Cadillac’s smallest yet.

Revealed today at the Detroit Show is the new 2015 Cadillac ATS the brand’s first compact coupe, and the first production car to the brand’s all-new crest. It the same platform and wheelbase as the ATS sedan, but packs a wider and unique bodywork that’s more conservative and less in its angular styling than the CTS that it’s likely to displace in the Cadillac lineup. aside, the all-American luxury has engineered the ATS Coupe with a on reducing weight to the benefit of performance and fuel economy, it near 50/50 weight front to rear with aerodynamic elements helping it the wind.

Buyers will be to choose between two engines: a turbo four and a 3.6-liter V6.

Cadillac boss Butler Ford tech job

When Don made the surprising decision to his post as Cadillac’s VP of global development, it was a surprise. Citing a to recalibrate, reassess my priorities in August announcement, it wasn’t clear where Butler a virtual General Motors after spending nearly 30 with the company — end up. Turns out he took a trip to

Butler has taken a position in the created position of Executive of Connected Vehicles and Services at where he’ll be responsible for the Oval’s global connectivity Not only does Don understand the car landscape, but probably just as he understands customer expectations, Raj Nair, who, as Group President of Global Product is Butler’s new boss. Having a with technology experience inside and outside the industry is a combination — we’re to have Don join our team.

As has received its fair share of for the sometimes recalcitrant MyFord infotainment system and its Sync it appears that Butler has his cut out for him.

Cadillac Escalade Electric Cars
Cadillac Escalade Electric Cars
Cadillac Escalade Electric Cars
Cadillac Escalade Electric Cars
Cadillac Escalade Electric Cars
Cadillac Escalade Electric Cars

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