$25 000 Chinese electric car 2011

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25k Chinese electric car for 2011

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superstar signs with

Chinese car maker Chery has signed international football Lionel Messi to bolster its image.

PT0M0S http://news.drive.com.au/action/externalEmbeddedPlayer?id=d-tp87 620 349 27, 2010

China is gearing up to the most affordable electric car to go on in Australia — and it could be in as early as next year.

The director of Ateco Automotive, largest independent vehicle says he plans to have an car on sale by 2011.

We want to an electric car in 2011, said Neville Crichton. We’re confident we will. We see there’s a in the market.

Already Ateco is Great Wall vehicles in and is just months away beginning distribution of Chery the fourth biggest automotive on sale in China.

Crichton say whether the electric car will from one of the company’s existing brands or whether he will importing a third brand the country that is now buying cars than any other.

not commenting, he said, when on what brand would the electric car. There are suppliers of electric cars.

He said it maybe could from Chery or Great although the former seems the likely.

Fast growing Chery — which produced its first car in 1999 is already well advanced in the of an electric car and plans to have a on sale overseas by the end of this

However, Crichton did not rule out another brand, and that no which brand the electric car from it will be competitively among regular, petrol-engined

I think they’ve got to be. probably in the to do volume, he said. Why would you pay 50 or 60 dollars]?

He said if the EV could be for around $25,000 it could be a competitor against other vehicles.

Mitsubishi recently selling its i-MiEV, the first produced electric car to go on sale in But with a price tag of $70,000 for is similar to a $20,000 petrol-powered car the Mitsubishi will only in very small numbers and to fleets and governments looking to a green image.

Nissan has committed to bringing an electric car to by 2012, although the Leaf is to cost upwards of $30,000.

Other brands such as and Holden are planning to sell hybrid vehicles, which run on most of the time but have a engine as a back-up to extend the range.

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There is a niche market. Most are like me. We all need an electric car hybrid) that cost than 20k to buy and 1 dollar to run daily in the of 80 to 100km per charge.

Normal at home in the nights. NO more oil oil filter. Electric cars a long time and simple to It has a bank of batteries, a motor and controller. That’s all.

is luxury. Make it simple.

Ross Location GC Date and April 27, 2010, 3:41PM

Wall cars over her a good name. I actually one ( SUV ) and see them as a very good up and brand in Australia. They ( GW) a great range of cars.

on the other hand entered the with their famous QQ of tiny low price cars look good. However, there is a saying in China. If do not know you are poor. when you buy a QQ they certainly do. To give a year warranty on Chery is to me an risk.

Then again what we see in China is never as good as is exported.


Living in

Commenter $25k Chinese car for 2011 Location China Date and time April 27, 5:05PM

I picked this a few ago when we signed the free deal. The Chinese are investing a lot than the west in electric and their govt is keen to see in it and also are not in bed with the auto and associated industries. The upshot is I that we will see a slew of Chinese electric vehicles before we see anything comparible our traditional and less agile car

China isn’t constrained in the way we are and they are willing and increasingly to fulfill a growing demand for such as these. Some say the vehicles will still electricity generated locally predominantly dirty fuels but the are going to buy these cars if the $ is under the banner of progress and from the oil companys. May the traditional makers live in interesting — they have for too forced us into relationships franchises and dealerships that are looking to upsell worthless financial products and overpriced

Commenter Stevo Date and April 27, 2010, 5:24PM

it on. But make it safe and give it a range. A long overdue

Commenter peterthepleb Date and April 27, 2010, 7:35PM

on India! Give the Chinese a run for the Knowing you guys produce of the cheapest cars in the world, expecting a show down who can produce the cheapest electric Stuff those fuel HSVs.

Someday i expect to get one for 15 K second hand and at 0 litres km (not a ridiculous 14/100 km on Unleaded), I just want one car to drop the kids at school, go to and park at train station. Of i shouldn’t be comparing it to Australia’s bogan car, but i can’t but blame it’s these which flog petrol at the

Commenter Made in India and time April 27, 2010,

A agree Ross. And make Party 25% of normal due to less of injury. Low powered cars not be penalised. This will uptake of simple motoring.

Cars are too heavy and overpowered days.

Commenter B Location Date and time April 27, 10:07PM

I drive tested a car made in China when I was the Philippines in June 2008 and I was happy with the quality.The one I was similar to a Toyota corolla and it was selling for less than the price.Bring it on to Australia and I will buy one ASAP.

Commenter jmds cairns Date and time 28, 2010, 9:06AM

I cannot but wonder if electric is the way we should go, all, what is the major to green house gas production in Electricity generation! Can you imagine the if even half the households in plugged in to recharge every — that would off peak to say the very least.

explore and refine the technology, its overdue to get rid of our dependency on fossil but we need something that is sustainable or redesign our cities and hubs so that green transport is truly an attractive

Commenter oboist2 Location Date and time April 28, 9:06AM

I can convert my chardae to a EV for around I will be watching these with interest. Would be if these cars would the market at around $15k, I buy one straight away.

Commenter Location Bathurst Date and April 28, 2010, 10:25AM

Of there could be another fly in the If one purchased an electric vehicle, installed solar panels, and batteries with which to it, would Krudd then that you were usurping the grid and levy a charge on This all acedemic of course, Krudd and Co won’t be in power the next election

Commenter Bloggs Location Castlemaine and time April 28, 2010,

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