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Malcolm Bricklin on electric plans

Reuters James B. sat down with Malcolm founder of Visionary Vehicles and a entrepreneur who wants to bring cars to the U.S. market. An of the interview follows:

REUTERS: the most interesting thing seen here today? A told me they saw you hanging GMs Chevy Volt electric

BRICKLIN: Thats the way were

REUTERS: Really?

BRICKLIN: A bit different. They have the bigger than we want.  We can a little engine, a little not a big one like that a little that runs in one constant RPM does nothing more fill up the battery full along with regenerative and you can get 100, and if you plug in, 150 miles to the

REUTERS: So thats the kind of youre talking about?

What I saw there, which is sophisticated than you need, is were planning on putting in the car

REUTERS: So whos going to it? When last we talked, at the Reuters Auto Summit, you talking to Chinas Chery But since then, theyve with DaimlerChrysle r instead.

And in fact made it impossible for to pay attention to building great and cheap cars at the same They really think you can a cheap car and get away with quality. Of course, Chryslers to teach them a whole new So we went out and spoke to 15 manufacturers to make sure going to end up with three we liked, and weve been people and sending people there. But what I also did was out Can we do this electric hybrid, faster or slower .

Well, you get rid of six-speed transmission, you get rid of my V-6 you get rid of my catalytic converter, you get rid of all my emission yeah, (and) we can do it and get it in 09. And were to build the prototype.

REUTERS: So let me my comprehension: Chery will not be the car?

BRICKLIN: No. It will be one of 15 were talking to in China now.

REUTERS: Any names you can with us?

BRICKLIN: I cant. my problem: They said, You use any of our names until you decide who we Because youll get everybody about us and if we lose, were to lose face.

When we the three, well let everybody

REUTERS: So the date I just was 2009?


And thats for?

BRICKLIN: here in the United States.

Powered by?

BRICKLIN: Powered by electric, plug-in.

REUTERS: Lets about distribution, dealerships.  when we were talking time you said youd up some number of dealers and were willing to put $2 million each.

BRICKLIN: Twenty-eight put up the money. Over 100 hundred were ready to do it in August we stopped and said, Whoa. We know where were Everything we did, we always did those 28 dealers that in.

We told them what we doing and how we were doing it. One dropped out.

REUTERS: the vision for these cars, the new powerplant, remain the same?

Its all the same. Powerplants different. And the car be modified a little because the changes the way the car is, you wind up with a floor.

REUTERS: When did you eureka moment about power?

BRICKLIN: I was talking to my son the day and I told him, Everybodys to say were making this big In 1975 or 1976, I started in technology that I thought make a big difference in the car business. I found is, you cant invest in a and try to sell it to somebody. Nobody to change anything. Why, if I was Motors, would I want to get rid of all my and engines and start all over?

I think so.

REUTERS: Talk to me about the who are onboard and their feelings the powerplant change.

BRICKLIN: love it. The guys Im talking to are my age. They made of money $2 million is not a big deal in lives. What theyre looking to do is truly get into the car and make a change.

Everybodys got it: coming. Everybody knows the next car country. No question it. But would they like to get cheap cars?

Or would like to get into cars can be proud of? If we can do what were about, its the same thing. know we can do it. I have people now scouring every single plant in China and they the battery technology that is using that doesnt the problems with that and already building electric for buses and cars and trucks and else, just not in big quantities no ones buying them yet in big

The technology is there now. The technology has made the next its not the last step its just the step that makes it to have a true plug-in that works. (Chevy pictured left)

REUTERS: One of ambitions was to be the first mover Chinese-made cars into the States. Given this new line, is that still a hope?

BRICKLIN: The only competition I we have would be Chrysler. Now do I know about Chery and do I know about Chrysler? certainly knows everything you to know about the car business.

they sure as hell about China, because were the first ones in in the 80s. So they know how to do with China a lot better I know how to do business with I also know Chery. And are very independent and very guys who are going to do what is for them. Theyre going to to try selling Chrysler a car that retail for $10,000.

That they have to sell the car for $5,000. And they have to all the airbags in there. They to have all the safety devices. And have to meet all the emissions. I for sure Chery does not the ability alone to do it.

But with they could do it. But they have to do it. And it takes two years to do If you want to breathe in the car business, it two years from the day you say, Ill to the day it comes in.

So I dont believe be in until 09. And if we come in and they in, I dont even think in the same game. You want to buy a car from Chrysler called a or whatever you want to call it?

Or do you want to buy a car that has everything for it, thats comparable to a Mercedes, its 30 percent less?

REUTERS: So kind of prices point are we about?

BRICKLIN: The first car going to do will be in the same as a Mercedes E. But itll be a $50,000 car sells for $35,000. So our cars be in the $25,000 to $35,000 bracket.

It seems to me that when we talking to you in September we were trying to get you to or deny billionaire George possible involvement in your

BRICKLIN: Soros (pictured had put up the $200 million. That was the case. But when we realized we going to do it, he took back the million.

We gave it back to him and he had his

REUTERS: So if I think about the situation right now

BRICKLIN: still going to need the half a billion. You still the same distribution system. The R D, of giving it to Chery, we have to it ourselves.

REUTERS: So how do your that?

BRICKLIN: The dealer plus my investors I already takes care of everything I to do.

REUTERS: So if were trying to the progress youre making, the next big step?

BRICKLIN: The big step will be somewhere six months from now I have to you a car that you can get in and drive that like, tastes like and is the car Im to build.

REUTERS: So does mean a proof of concept or right? Not just a picture.

Not just a picture. No. You drive it. It 100 miles to the gallon. It has great The interior is the interior that we

REUTERS: So within six months should be something that can be

BRICKLIN: Probably heres happen if Im true to form: six from now, youll me a call and Ill say, Im a month or two But itll be that close.


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