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Chevrolet Electric Cars

Everyman s hydrogen ride Scott’s take

General has made a huge commitment in and resources to put the Equinox Fuel Electric Vehicles on the road. though it s initially a limited 100 release, this controlled to test the viability of hydrogen cell powered vehicles a gamble for the company. GM suffered a lot of bad over the unceremonious demise of the EV1 beloved if doomed all battery vehicles), even a critical was made about it.

Do they reason to believe the same won t roll again with Equinox Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCEV)?

Initial The WOW factor

It s hard to miss the that General Motors is with the Chevrolet Equinox Cell Electric Vehicle. graphics adorn the side and rear lift gate. arrangement of dashes and Os create a representation of water molecules. H 2 0, is the sole discharge from the FCEV’s exhaust slots .

It’s equally hard to the passion this vehicle from people. I was fortunate to spend a day with the very who helped design the Equinox and I grilled them on topics from the overall vehicle to the intricacies of how the hydrogen injectors I ll say this: Each and every one of was passionate about fuel and hydrogen power.

I got the distinct that these folks the Equinox FCEV almost their own child.


Look feel: Where s the

The Equinox FCEV get’s Blue premium cloth

Scott Gable

Slide the wheel and gaze around; is no indication of the modern marvel the hood. It looks and feels a conventional Equinox though the sky seat fabric would not be my choice understandably Chevrolet did to convey the clean image of cell power.

Turning the key is the first real that things are different. No crank, no engine rumble the hum of pumps and fans, and the glow of the monitor that shows the flowing to the onboard NiMH and/or the electric drive And what about that and fan noise?

Well, it s there in a car too, it just can t be heard it s masked by engine noise. It s one of things that s not noticed its absence announces itself.

the Equinox FCEV is like a regular Equinox. Really. The two notable aspects are the (almost) lack of detectable noise, and a little unsatisfying the lack of end torque. There is no tachometer its is a kilowatt (kW) meter. so it s hard to say that torque off at X rpms.

Suffice it to say that at cruising mashing the accelerator translates into yeah, I ll pick up for ya, but it s gonna take a coupla It s certainly not dangerous or even just not exactly what of us are used to. I think things improve drastically as fuel drivetrains mature.

Fuel powered vehicles are still a new concept in the grand scheme of

Fuel-ability: It s not the X factor it s the H factor

Chevrolet Electric Cars

The fuel cell vehicle has a tank (three, actually) but it s not to hold liquid gasoline as we are to. The Equinox FCEV s three fiber tanks hold a total of 4.2 kg of hydrogen compressed at 700 BAR PSI). In gasoline gallon (GGE ), 1 kg of hydrogen is roughly to 1 gallon of gasoline. Hydrogen from the tanks, through and into each of the 400-odd fuel cells within the cell stack. Here the is ionized and it s stripped-off electrons to generate 93 kW of power that energizes the drive motor and in charging the vehicle s onboard booster battery.

Based on EPA 2008 estimates, the FCEV gets about 37 mpg and has an effective range of about 150 The limited range is really a of gas pressurization and tank volume.

the Equinox FCEV cannot too far from a hydrogen re-fueling and this is the challenge for any hydrogen vehicle. It s not about how the vehicle It s not about overcoming real or lack of power. It s not even limited onboard hydrogen

These design obstacles be conquered with persistence and engineering. The most difficult to clear will be building a infrastructure that puts filling pumps in strategic that will allow for travel. It ll take a commitment private industry as well as and backing from governments to the money and help put the pieces in

The Enviro-meter: It s just clean no needed

Chevrolet Equinox Cell Electric Vehicle Display.

General Motors

vehicle is 100 percent clean. It s the of the beast. Powering a vehicle electricity generated by a fuel creates absolutely no toxic The only discharge whatsoever is water vapor from the slots .

Sure, an electric powered by renewably generated is just as clean as a vehicle by an onboard fuel cell—both are emissions. So where s the difference s the pay-off? The real benefit of the cell as infrastructure and storage is the ability to re-fuel just a regular car and drive interstates.

The downside of an electric vehicle is the recharging process it will a major leap in battery to provide the same practical

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