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Chevrolet Malibu LTZ.

The of a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado is seen at Cody Chevrolet- in Montpelier, Vt.

Chevrolet vehicles are on display at a Chevrolet dealership in San Calif.,

A 1980 Isuzu-based LUV pickup.

A 1966 Chevy Super Sport convertible.

The fender badge on a 1965 Impala SS indicating the then-new-design 409 cu. in. V8 was the hood.

The Cruze undergoes a test

This old Chevy has only about 453 miles on it

The of the Chevy looks like new

GM will sell the new Colorado in the a change from plans during its bankruptcy.

Ed Kosinski next to musician Bruce first car, a 1957 Bel Air convertible, during a private viewing March 16, 2011 of items from Gotta It!’s Rock Roll Pop Online Auction, which March 25. Kosinski is holding one of guitars and wearing one of pop star Jackson’s sequinned gloves with Elvis Presley’s gi.

No one has bid on the car yet. It has a minimum bid of $390,000.

Johnson drives the No. 48 Lowe’s during qualifying for the NASCAR Cup Series Food City 500 at Motor Speedway in Bristol,

Once green-flag racing Dale Earnhardt Jr. also put his No. 88 in victory contention after with the handle for portions of the Here he moves around Kahne (9) and Travis Kvapil in a for position.

Mike Wallace the damage to his mangled Chevrolet in the area. Wallace wound up in place, 28 laps off the lead.

Johnson, driver of the No. 48 Chevrolet, the trophy after winning the Sprint Cup Series Championship. won his fourth consecutive title, in NASCAR history, after in fifth place in the Ford 400 at Speedway in Homestead, Florida.

joins Dale Earnhardt, Petty and Jeff Gordon as the drivers to win more than championships.

NASCAR driver and Cup points leader Jeff climbs from his Chevrolet qualifying fourth for Sunday’s 400 at Kansas Speedway in Kansas Jimmie Johnson earned the top spot.

Chevrolet Beat Chevrolet introduced three at the show. The Chevrolet Beat is a three-door hatchback powered by a turbocharged gas engine.

Chevrolet — The Groove concept, GM is contemporary and funky, but evokes Chevrolet heritage design Consumers can vote on which if any, Chevy should

Chevrolet Trax — The minicars were designed by Motors’ South Korean experts. They are powered by of a 1-liter, three-cylinder engine to the 1-liter, 51-horsepower engine in the Chevy Matiz and Spark sold overseas. Trax is inches long — three feet shorter the Chevy Aveo small car in the USA.

Chevy says use show reaction to help the next-generation Spark, but will a minicar for the U.S. only if strong reaction to the concept

Chevrolet is showing two Corvettes. racing star Ron Fellows is with a 2007 Corvette Z06 model. All are distinguished by Arctic paint (including the door a racing-style fender stripe and Ron autograph.

For its $80,000 price you get several Corvette firsts: The signed special edition and the Arctic White Z06 ever

A 2007 Chevrolet Corvette will serve as pace car for the 500 in May. Five hundred replicas of the official cars be offered to the public — all of convertibles. They’ll be available this spring and run you a little than $70,000.

Chevrolet its Volt concept has a battery-powered motor that can run the car for up to 40 city on a single charge.

The Camaro to be unveiled at the Detroit auto is planned for showrooms in late GM says, about a year the coupe version goes on Be sure to keep your on for the latest show and photos.

Perhaps the Detroit should be named the grille Chevrolet’s new 2008 Malibu has a grille that Chevy is characteristic of the new face of Chevrolet

Chevrolet’s no shrinking violet. the Malibu, it will debut the HHR Edition, which features 17 chrome wheels, black exterior package, a special Frost Metallic exterior and a special Ebony/Gray two-tone

The Chevrolet Sequel fuel concept can go 300 miles between and reach 60 mph in just 10 seconds.

But Jay wasn’t the only star. star Reggie Jackson this 1969 Chevy

And Chevy developed a Silverado concept designed in conjunction NASCAR star Dale Jr.

There is also a Silverado concept inspired by the styling of Orange County Choppers and the bike-building Teutul family.

At SEMA, you can also find classics. This Last Corvette will be featured in the booth.

Chevy shows its 427 concept, which has a GM Powertrain’s LS7, the same Gen IV small-block V-8 powers the Corvette Z06.

WTCC Ultra concept car has lightweight materials to keep the low and the speed high.

Chevrolet the 2009 Aveo5 delivers fuel economy of 26 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the (with the standard five-speed transmission). It goes on sale year.

Chevrolet representatives California Gov. Arnold the Chevy Camaro convertible

The 2009 Chevrolet Silverado be the first full-size, full pickup on the market when it on sale at the end of 2008.

General says its machines at SEMA are not mean but also green. One of the vehicles at the show running on fuels is E85 capable Corvette Z06 by Jay Leno. Its engine about 600 and is fueled solely by E85.

The GM Division built the GM FlexFuel Hot Rod, with bodywork by a 1934 Chevy and period touches. But it is powered by a 500-horse version of the turbocharged Ecotec It runs on E85, gasoline or any of the two.

The Chevy Cobalt SS with 260 horsepower, arrives in in the second quarter of 2008. SS sedan, with all of the same features of the coupe, follows a of months later.

Chevy is the 50th anniversary of the Impala a commemorative model.

With a horsepower V-8 and a price expected $100,000, the 2009 Corvette ZR1 to match the performance of supercars the 612-horsepower $273,845 Ferrari 599 GTB F1 coupe, which accelerates to 62 mph in 3.7

Singer Mary J. Blige in front of an original 1953 Corvette at the GM Style event on

Traverse is the Chevrolet version of full-size crossover SUV.

is launching a three-door Aveo in this summer.

2007 C16 Cabrio — Reeves veteran Corvette enhancer, the stock Chevrolet sports car to status. The basic Callaway C16 uses a supercharged version of the Chevrolet 6-liter V-8 and produces 560 The uplevel model adds camshafts and cylinder heads and is 616 hp. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, says.

Top speed is in excess of 200 Prices start at $128,765. custom-builds the cars to buyers’ at three shops — California, Germany — and the three, running flat could produce 150 cars a

We’ll build as many as will order, he says, Chevy changes the Corvette and Callaway starts over on the new Typical buyer, he says, is a old male entrepreneur who’s had his fix, had his Ferrari fix and now w

University of engineering student Dan Grice an inflatable cow, his team’s Bessie, as the Challenge X competition through Englishtown, N.J.

The Challenge X competition series teams of students from 17 top American universities to re-engineer a Chevrolet Equinox to achieve fuel economy and lower gas emissions — without its performance, utility and safety.

The from Wisconsin finished in the 2008 competition behind a from Mississippi State Both teams designed a parallel hybrid electric powered by a 1.9L GM direct turbo diesel engine by biodiesel.

Students from the Academy of Design Technology the Chicago Auto Show in and designed outfits based on vehicles the Hummer HX concept, the Malibu LTZ, the Pontiac G8 GT, the Astra 3-Door and the Saab X.

Here, model Robin wears a design inspired by the Malibu made by student Patton at the Imagine 2008 show at Chicago’s Union

CEO Rick Wagoner also this week that GM to have the all-electric Chevrolet in showrooms by 2010.

A concept is seen here at Auto 2008 in Beijing.

The Volt run 40 miles on a 400-pound lithium-ion pack that can be recharged at a electric outlet.

Chevrolet is some beauty shots of the Corvette. This is the coupe.

If you are to take part in the 8th Annual Your Corvette To Work Day on 27, be sure to send us a photo of beloved Corvette in your spot. Please include name, hometown, your year and any other information you like the world to know you and your Corvette. We’ll them in the next gallery.

Motors is considering the Chevrolet mini car for the United States as it its product lineup.

The Beat be rolled out in other markets

GM says the 2010 Camaro hit showrooms in the first quarter and will average 26 mpg on the highway.

In these days of $4 a gallon . we want to see fun and exciting vehicles good gas mileage. Have Send a photo to us. We’ll the best.

Include your hometown and info about car: what kind, year, what gas mileage and else we ought to know.

League Baseball All-Star Most Valuable Player Drew of the Boston Red Sox stands his MVP trophy and the 2008 Chevrolet Two-Mode Hybrid he was awarded the longest All-Star Game in

In these days of $4 a gallon . we want to see fun and exciting vehicles good gas mileage. Have Send a photo to us. We’ll the best Include your hometown and info about car: what kind, year, what gas mileage and else we ought to know.

also celebrated the launch of the Corvette ZR1.

The ZR1 has a top speed of 205

Several events for classic and cars took place weekend.

Driving an E85 ethanol-powered Corvette Z06, General Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner a parade.

General Motors a lifesize foam model of the Cruze, which will be at its Lordstown Complex in Warren,

The car will have 1-liter to four-cylinder gasoline engines and is to get around 45 miles per gallon on the

The Cruze will be launched in and Asia next year. It come to the U.S. in second of 2010.

The Chevrolet Orlando is making its world premiere at the Motor Show in October.

says it shows that is considering an expansion to its portfolio a seven-seat multipurpose vehicle combines aspects of an SUV, a van and a wagon.

The Orlando is based on the compact sedan.

Photos of the version Chevrolet Volt car, shown here GM’s Tony Posawatz, accidently posted online week, showing that it little like the sleek

After photos of the 2011 Volt were mistakenly last week, General officially showed off the plug-in car at a centennial celebration.

Sales of the Cruze, seen at a premiere before the show, will in Europe in March, followed by global regions including the

Chevrolet has announced pricing for the Camaro.

It starts at $22,995 MSRP for the LS model, and $30,995 for the V-8-powered SS.

Production is scheduled to begin in with dealership deliveries after.

The V-6 is estimated at 27 mpg in highway The V-8 gives an estimated 23 mpg on the highway.

division chief Ed Peper off the new Camaro, coming to showrooms in

The Camaro GS Racecar Concept is one of concepts based on the 2010 that Chevy introduced.

A new car the autograph Good Luck, GM by Russian President Dmitry sits in the first General car plant in Russia.

Chevrolet has its Equinox crossover and will it at Detroit.

The 2.4-liter, four-cylinder is expected to get 30 miles per gallon on the and 21 mpg in the city a 25% improvement over the model, Chevy says.

has redesigned its Equinox crossover and show it at Detroit.

The 2.4-liter, model is expected to get 30 miles per on the highway — a 25% improvement the previous model, Chevy

The Chevrolet Orlando, due in 2011, is a 7-seater based on the Cruze Chevy’s been showing as the for Cobalt.

Among the models at the Auto Show:

Chevrolet the Corvette Stingray concept, will play Sideswipe in the summer movie Transformers: of the Fallen .

General Motors President and Managing Director Slym, left, and Vice P. Balendran help launch the Spark Muzic car in Bangalore,

Spark Muzic is priced at the of $6,613.

Chevrolet shows off its minicar, which is to go on sale in the States in 2011.

The four-seat is even smaller than Aveo subcompact.

GM exec Ed had a post on GM’s Fastlane this week saying the 2010 Chevy Camaro is off the assembly line line.

starts at under $23,000.

one has an RS appearance package.

Mary Lou right, talks to car show who are inspecting her restored 1957 Corvette at a car show at the Sport dealership in Silver Spring, Md. on May 31,

A day later GM filed for bankruptcy

Be sure to check out some of our GM photo albums, including GM and GM’s hits and misses .

once again finds on the side of the Autobots in Transformers: of the Fallen .

The deal to provide the vehicles for the was part of the deal for the first

Here is a photo album of the movie’s car stars .

A Camaro its role as Bumblebee.

Autobot is based on Chevy s upcoming extended-range electric vehicle.

is one of a pair of Autobot twins. It is on Chevy s Trax concept.

Sideswipe takes the form of a concept, influenced by the original race car from 1959.

The twin, Skids, is based on s Beat concept. The Beat go into production as the Chevy in 2010.

Andrew Farah, Volt vehicle chief recently takes the first Volt for a spin.

While s a still a long way to go, after the Volt yesterday, I m increasingly we re on target to deliver, he wrote in Fastlane blog. The Volt is due year.

Bumblebee, an autobot the movie Transformers, made a appearance alongside a new Chevrolet at the Beijing Auto Show 26, 2009.

China recently the U.S. as the world’s largest market in the first half of

The Chevrolet Volt’s initial is set: silver with an hue, General Motors But GM asking the public to name color. Go to with color name.

You could win a in a pre-production Volt.

GM hopes it has a hit the Cruze. It is expected to deliver fuel economy with a new 1.4L I-4 turbo with valve timing — up to 40 mpg on the highway.

Cuze goes on in the U.S. in the third quarter of

A Chevrolet Volt electric car is at the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant in

GM announced that it will $336 million to build the extended range electric at the plant.

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