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Chevrolet Spark Petrol Images Reviews Mileage New Car CarTrade com

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Chevrolet Malibu Electric Cars

Chevrolet Spark New Car

General world s largest car manufacturer, forth its most popular car the Spark in April 2007 in to take on its rivals in the small car The bold look, stylish and attractive interior of Spark lots of rave reviews. regard it a much better car in to its rival because of its high steel, which makes a light weight and well car.

Spark is equipped latest technologies and has much despite it being an economy Its profile boasts of possessing beam and shock absorbers trailing arms, which better stability to the car even on roads. Spark is believed to be the of Matiz, as its appearance reminds of the Daewoo Matiz.

The Chevrolet has fetched better response in Market, albeit the angst of haunts the mind of owners.

The website of Chevrolet India the car in much better words, Spark has been specially to offer you the luxury of a stress-free with unique safety for you and your loved ones”.

Spark History

The story of of Chevrolet cars is interestingly to a well known car racer Chevrolet. William C. Durant, a buggy manufacturer from convinced Louis Chevrolet to him design a car for the mob. Both united and the company was established in

Alfred Sloan positioned to sell a lineup of mainstream to give direct and tough to Henry Ford’s (founder of Motor Company) Model T in ‘Chevrolet’ or ‘Chevy’ was once with General Motors

In 1928, Chevrolet came to and established itself in Mumbai, Bombay, with an assembly in Sewree. General Motors Chevrolet’s parent company, was the automobile company to open an plant in India. Chevrolet has the choice of many, be it Maharajas, fighters or common man. It has an integral part of India’s landscape from the early 20s today.

Even the Nawab of Hyderabad who was as the richest man in the world at that used Chevrolet Tourers as his car.

Chevrolet Spark was in April 2007. It was designed by GM in South Korea. The Daewoo (M100), which was launched in can be regarded as the great ancestor of Daewoo Matiz (M100) was by a carburetted 796cc, 52 bhp, engine.

Matiz became so popular that 40,000 were sold until the down of its founder. The wind of turned to another direction GM acquired over the Korean and introduced the Spark (M200) in Spark (M200) gave the a re-stand in the market with its increasing popularity in the Asian car market.

Taking the small seriously, General Motors to make its foray in India some of the finest small which included Spark. Spark, GM intends to give competition to other car makers in of design, novelty, technology and With its chic compact and body, even the minimal of the new Spark draws the attention of car buyer.

Chevrolet Spark possess beige interior with sharp rising and congregating lines at the front. Chevrolet Spark in India is to suit the rough Indian Moreover, Chevrolet Spark is another factor that buyers to think multiple before buying anything This car costs around Rs. lacs.

With stylish advanced technology and safety Spark is true to the Chevy‘s “Chevrolet Runs Deep”.

Spark Variants

Chevy is ready to take advantage of the demand of small cars in seriously and hence, launched the Being conscious of the challenging Chevy brought forth variants of the Spark that demands of many. Chevrolet is experienced in perceiving the behaviour of the and need of the market; hence, Spark in different price The different variants of Chevrolet are:

Chevrolet Spark 1.0E:

The new Spark 1.0E is powered by 1.0 995cc, SMART-TEC petrol with five speed gearbox that renders power with superb efficiency. It also gives a top of 151 kmph and features steel cum wheels. It has a culmination of a supple and optimised front axle make it more comfortable the other cars.

Its compact tiny turning radius as as front and rear shocks add to its and elegance. The advance rear offers much better in wheel controlling and handling. The new 1.0E provides manual seat adjustment feature, with flexibility to fold seats.

The new Chevrolet Spark costs around Rs. 3.5 lacs.

Spark 1.0PS:

Chevrolet 1.0PS is also powered by 1.0 995cc, SMART-TEC petrol with five speed gearbox, rendering excellent of 63bhp with better efficiency. It gives the economy of 13 in city and 16 kmpl on highway, with the top speed of 156 kmph. It A/C, power steering, power window, tinted folding rear seat, driver adjustment and durable with steel hubcaps. The new Spark 1.0PS has the same as the Spark 1.0E, but it possesses additional features and costs Rs.

3.85 lacs.

Chevrolet 1.0:

The Chevrolet Spark 1.0 the same features like the new Spark 1.0E. It, too, is with 1.0 litre, 995cc, petrol engine rendering power. It also possesses 5 manual gearbox and gives of 13 kmpl in city and 16 kmpl on It features only manual seat adjustment, folding seats and steel hubcaps.

The new Spark 1.0 costs around Rs. lacs.

Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LS:

Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LS too possesses 1.0 995cc, SMART-TEC petrol with five speed gearbox. It achieves a maximum of 63 bhp, with distinguished efficiency. It has fuel economy of 13 in city and 16 kmpl on highways and top speed of 156 kmph.

The new Chevrolet 1.0 LS comes with A/C, steering, central locking, power window, hubcap wheels and tinted glass.

It features manual driver (length and rake) adjustment front passenger seat 2 rear seat belts, rear seats, 1 tripmeter, mirror with internal and body coloured bumpers. can buy this Spark variant for Rs. 4.2 lacs.

Chevrolet Spark 1.0 PS

The new Spark 1.0 PS LPG is powered by 1.0 litre, SMART-TEC engine along 5 speed manual gearbox. It maximum power of 63bhp high fuel efficiency. It the economy of 10 kmpl in city and 13 on highways. The new Spark 1.0 PS LPG features power steering, central front power window, steel wheels and 1 tripmeter. it is equipped with manual seat (length and rake) system, front passenger adjustment, 2 rear seat door mirror (both and electric retract), fog lamps and coloured bumpers.

It costs Rs. 4.26 lacs.

Chevrolet 1.0 LT:

Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LT has 1.0 litre, SMART-TEC petrol with 5 manual gearbox. It gives power of 63bhp and boasts fuel efficiency, with economy of 13 kmpl in city and 16 on highways. The top speed achieved by car is 156kmph.

Like other it too has A/C, power steering, locking, front power hubcaps and tinted glass.

It features manual driver (length and rake) adjustment front passenger seat 2 rear seat belts, rear seats, 1 tripmeter, mirror with internal rear defogger and body bumpers. The price tag is Rs. 4.52

There is also an option as the Spark 1.0 LT Air Bag. It has A/C, steering, central locks, and rear power windows, wheel, tinted glass, a and passenger manual adjustment mirror. Its fuel economy is 13 in city and 16 kmpl on highways, its top speed is 156 kmph.

It has the same engine as the other variants and around Rs. 5.0 lacs.

Chevrolet 1.0 LS LPG:

Chevrolet Malibu Electric Cars

The new Spark 1.0 LS LPG comes 1.0 litre, 995cc, SMART-TEC It too has 5 speed manual gearbox, offers maximum power of 63 Its fuel economy is 10 kmpl in and 13 kmpl on the highways. It has similar like the Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LS and around Rs.

4.55 lacs.

from the current models, are other cars that the is planning to launch in India Among these, the new Chevrolet Electric and Chevrolet Spark are the two most awaited variants of the It is expected that these be launched by the end of this year.

Spark Pricing

Chevrolet is aware that its competition is low priced cars and whatever tag it decides will play a role in the sales of its models. it has tried to keep the pricing of all its within the range of Rs. 3 to 5 lacs. The of the new Chevrolet Spark varies to its variants and accessories. Chevrolet many schemes and modes of hence providing flexibility to

Many dealers are also forward with better options and gift packages for

Chevrolet Spark Review

Spark is powered by 1.0L, SMART-TEC petrol engine five speed manual that renders excellent of 63 bhp with distinguished fuel The SMART-TEC engine of this car is with many technological like Sequential MPFI Point Fuel Injection), Distributor Less Ignition System, Motorised Throttle System (MTIS) and Advanced Sensors. Consequently, the engine high performance, along comfortable and better driving

The 995cc petrol engine of Spark cars has fuel of around 13 kmpl in city and 16 on highways. The Chevrolet spark is, true to its tagline “Excellence for Indian Express, a leading Newspaper appreciated it as Chevrolet is undoubtedly one of the better looking on the road. It s neatly structured and the Wagon R and Fiat Palio, are no jagged edges. It s compact and youthful.

Furthermore, Femina says, With a four 1.0 litre engine, this little baby is quite a car to navigate through congested roads. On the whole, Chevrolet in India has got rave reviews the leading autocar experts.

Spark Used Car Market

Motors India has already its used car business in India, as ‘Chevrolet Ok’. Karl had already declared at the time of its that “It is a pilot and we plan to start with 10 Then depending upon the it will be taken to other Presently, numerous Chevrolet used car market dealers can be throughout the country.

The new Spark cars do not haunt the mind of its as one can buy and sell his used Spark car in a easier way.

Chevrolet Specifications

Presently, Chevrolet petrol version cars are in only one engine option is a 1.0 Litre, 8 V, SOHC SMART-TEC Chevrolet Spark cars are incorporated with innovative including Dual Distributor Ignition System (DDLI), MPFI, Advanced Optical and Motorised Throttle Intake (MTIS). It has fuel economy of 13 kmpl in city and 16 kmpl on with a top speed of 156 kmph.

It has the power of 63 bhp at 5400 rpm and maximum of 90.3 Nm at 4200 rpm.

It possesses a well-defined bonnet V, headlights and tiny slit for a intake which gives it a look. There is ample space and decent storage in the cabin, in comparison to the other of its like. The noise-insulating mat between the compartment and the dashboard which too the sound insulating effect is that makes it unique. the old Matiz, the new Chevrolet Spark has the base of 2345 mm and the length is mm.

All these featured give the new Spark car a totally new and stylish

The new Chevrolet Spark cars Seamless Monovolume Design. It is a hatchback model that has a and charismatic exterior and impressive Every detail of the new Spark allures attention with its and compact body.

The culmination of body overhangs, a steeply shoulder line and converging at the front, vouchsafe the new Spark a look.

The 17 inch alloy along with the body gate handles and bumpers, it attractive. With large lamps, full wheel tinted glasses, both OSRVMs, rear spoiler, silver roof rails, side moulding, front with top band, mudguards and side mouldings give it an impression.

Chevrolet Malibu Electric Cars
Chevrolet Malibu Electric Cars
Chevrolet Malibu Electric Cars
Chevrolet Malibu Electric Cars
Chevrolet Malibu Electric Cars
Chevrolet Malibu Electric Cars
Chevrolet Malibu Electric Cars

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