Chevrolet Volt electric or hybrid car? In the end we don’t care …

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Chevrolet Volt Electric Cars

Chevrolet Volt: electric or hybrid car? In the end we don’t care because it is an excellent car! All about Volt and Voltec system!

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We tried to find the answer.

At the 100 years celebrations of Chevrolet, Volt was one of the main players, along with Camaro.

U.S. officials says, with pride, that the new Chevrolet Volt is a revolutionary car, is not only the first Chevrolet electric car ready to be sold in big number, but a range-extender that proposes solution to increases autonomy. In other words, in addition to primary and secondary electric motor, Voltec propulsion system also means the presence of a gasoline engine.

So it’s a hybrid car concluded many intrigued by the fact that Chevrolet experts continued to argue that, however, is a car with electric propulsion. Because most people do not have time to split hairs in four technological try to explain briefly why the Volt is much closer than the hybrid electric cars.

At a plug-in hybrid cars, like, for example Toyota Prius Plug-in, petrol engine moves wheels and electric motor has a role to assist, so the engine is required less heat, thus consume less. Because the batteries can be charged also from a normal outlet, such a car can run strictly electric, but on a very short distance, not exceeding 20 km.

In contrast are strictly electric cars, like Nissan Leaf. which has only an electric motor powered by batteries. They can be charged from a wall outlet and maximum autonomy of the car amounts not more than 160 km. Compared to the Prius plug-in, Leaf has zero-emission, using only electricity from batteries.

But to ordinary cars, autonomy is considered too small, so potential customers are reluctant.

Chevrolet Volt — the components of the Voltec propulsion system.

Chevrolet engineers have tried to reconcile the goat (autonomy convenient) and cabbage (minimum poles) by a technique called Voltec.

It includes:

• Lithium-ion battery pack, 16 kWh

• 111 kW main electric motor (150 hp)

• a secondary electric motor, 55 kW (75 hp)

• Thermal motor gasoline 1.4-liter and 86 hp

• A gear with three clutches, controlled by the central unit, which engages those three engines depending on conditions

Voltec system has four modes:

1. Chevrolet Volt — first Voltec operating system.

Only the main electric motor (small and medium-speed) — the electric motor is powered by electricity stored in batteries and operating wheels, full autonomy in this case is 80 km (therefore better than a plug-in hybrid, but less than a purely electric car);

2. Chevrolet Volt — a second Voltec operating system.

Primary and secondary electric motor (high speed or strong acceleration) — part of the main electric engine load is taken by the generator side, to increase efficiency and avoid overloading it first, and in this case, the car operates strictly electric if the batteries are sufficiently charged;

3. Chevrolet Volt — a third Voltec system operation.

Gasoline engine and electric motor main (small and medium speeds, when the batteries have reached a minimum of download) — petrol engine takes the role of power generator for the main electric motor, so the gasoline engine does not engage the drive wheels. this task fell throughout the electric motor;

4. Chevrolet Volt — a fourth Voltec operation system

Gasoline engine and two electric motors (at higher speeds and powerful acceleration, the batteries have reached a minimum of download) — petrol engine retains the role of generator, but put into service and secondary electric motor for best possible system efficiency.

Therefore, the gasoline engine is not directly related to the wheels, but only electric motors. So Chevrolet Volt electric car is more than the hybrid car, the idea of range extender (translated, empowering) successfully resolving fears of reduced autonomy for longer road.

Chevrolet Volt has a range of 80 km maximum electric drive and a 500 km combined.

On the other hand, according to studies to date, maximum reach of 80 km in electric mode is sufficient for 80% of daily needs of the users of electric cars. And, who wants more, you can rely on the petrol engine, so that total autonomy amounts to about 500 km.

The POWER button is blue and is immediately visible on the console, and ignition results in lighting a green indicator READY on display behind the steering wheel, something specific to electrical vehicles (EV). Plus the lack of any noise, which we are accustomed to normal engines: Chevrolet Volt starts and is quiet as a normal electric car.

Starting to roll is just like any car equipped with automatic gearbox: put the lever in D and. let’s go. It’s just that: besides the usual P, R, N and D, on the Volt appears a letter L that stands for low and has the effect of prioritizing energy recovery system by braking. In practice, vehicle deceleration is greater, using this mode to slight downhill leading to autonomy in electric mode, the battery being charged more efficiency.

Passing over the shift lever very elegant image (but also over obstacle of poor visibility of the elected position), Chevrolet Volt behave as you expect from an electric car. That means it starts with great ease, and even sporty. Reason: its maximum torque of 370 Nm is available from 0 rpm.

So, although it may seem exaggerated, we immediately made comparisons with, no joke, Chevrolet Camaro. We do not mean that the Volt’s up to the Camaro in terms of performance, we exaggerate unnecessarily. But behind the wheel feels rather like a car fit with over 200 hp.

Which translates, first, to overcome very quickly, which give no emotion, then the ability to handle a fast pace, even if the driver accelerates. As long as the batteries have not reached the lower limit of the load, the only sounds are the wind and noise collected from tires. The Volt is very relaxing to drive, especially that part of any shocks from the transmission (because we not speak of a traditional automatic gearbox. ).

Chevrolet Volt aims not to be sporty, but has a very good road behavior.

In conclusion, the Volt electric is a very nice car, especially since the suspension is comfortable, and very low center of gravity gives surprisingly good car stability. Direction could be criticized for weak feedback, but to be realistic, does not make sense to put Volt in the same league with athlete Camaro.

Strictly personally speaking, we believe that the autonomy of 80 km in the Volt’s electric drive would meet the common needs of 98% drivers in city conditions, especially since the total battery charge lasts only 4 hours from normal source of 220 V. We admit, however, that there are situations in which 2% are running around town, so we would probably go to a few grams of fuel consumption.

Chevrolet Volt offers four modes: Normal, Sport, Mountain and Hold

We tried to see how the car behave in the other three modes that can be selected from the Drive Mode button above to start: Sport, Mountain and Hold (most common being, obviously, Normal). Uncomfortable about going over how to select them (preferably a rotary-dial, like that of radio), this is what we found:

1. The Sport

I have not noticed any change in vehicle behavior, although, theoretically, the throttle should be more timely. I would have expected even a stronger direction, but it was not so.

2. The Mountain

Theoretically, it should be selected by 10-15 minutes before approaching a slope, if it is running at high speed. Which would mean you know the route. what is not always true. In this way, ensure the best possible battery charging, so this involves activation of motor gasoline- the role of the generator.

Chevrolet Volt Electric Cars

In Mountain mode, Volt recharge the batteries before a serious slopes.

In practice, selecting the Mountain, you can hear how little gasoline engine work more strongly, and if you press and decided to climb and acceleration, the engine will sound strikingly thermal, propulsion system working at full capacity. Frankly, only those localities with many ups and downs might find useful this way. Otherwise, it is preferable to leave the car in Normal and not rush downhill roads.

3. The Hold

In this mode, the petrol engine is put into operation, providing maximum charging battery power. That heat engine has two functions: charging batteries and electric motor generator. In Hold, the gasoline engine sound level is very low, making it more now with increasing speed cruising.

In Hold mode, no longer consume battery power, gasoline engine is generator for the electric motor.

What’s good this way? Well, in cities like London, Milan, Florence and Stockholm has been introduced so-called congestion fee — that electric cars are exempt, because they do not emit CO2 and other noxious, like cars with gasoline and diesel. Is expected very soon that similar tax to be adopted by many other European cities.

Therefore, before getting into such a city, by selecting the Hold will ensure that the battery is fully charged. On entering the city, you can switch to Normal and the car will run on electric strict maximum of 80 km. I wonder, however, as if the authorities will catch, however, the system will Voltec engine running on gasoline, when low battery.

So, after we saw what Volt means in theory and in practice, is the case for a conclusion.

I must admit that the Chevrolet Volt has a successful appearance, futuristic car that they expect most people to consider that an electric car is no different from a normal car. Built like any compact sedan on the market (Volt is 4.5 meters long), looks more modern but manages to remain familiar and conservatives. In a word, it’s a nice car.

Chevrolet Volt has a length of 4.5 meters and futuristic look similar to the compact sedans.

Striking is the interior center console covered with a plastic white pearl, but also because of the new idea to integrate the buttons together, they are not separated, as in a normal car. However, even if it looks new, is not necessarily ergonomic, because almost every time you have to watch what you click.

Instead, the two displays, behind the wheel and the top of the center console is very readable and very clear guidance and intuitive. So it is easy to check at any time a wealth of information on central display (with touch) — from graphics to power flow and power consumption of gasoline.

The interior looks elegant, but because of the large battery, has only four seats and a luggage compartment of 310 liters.

Otherwise, the steering wheel looks like the one on the Aveo, interior design reminds Insignia and the remaining interior space and ergonomics not differ from a normal compact sedan — except the only two rear seat because the battery in the form of T not being able to adapt a bench for three persons. And the trunk looks rather small, with only 310 liters.

Until now, the Volt is a car I would say that normal, with a plus and a minus to the chapter look at chapter practicality. Bringing into the equation Voltec propulsion system, the range extender, more things are changed and Volt green car seems to us a very tempting offer.

Users of the Chevrolet Volt once they fill up can run about 1600 km, which means 2 litres/100 km.

Although technology is not strictly electric car, the Volt can be used in most of the time under Zero Emissions smoothly, with a range convenient for everyday use. According to the polls so far among U.S. Chevrolet Volt users, showed that they are driving with a full fuel tank (35 liters) about 1600 km, which would be equivalent to an average consumption of only 2 litres/100 km (to which added costs for electricity, much smaller, compared to gasoline).

According to official data, in addition to the 80 km strict electric Volt can travel 420 km with fuel still in the tank — in this case, the car could be considered a conventional car, with a consumption of 7 l/100 km. The big difference, however, is reflected in dynamic behavior because the petrol engine is only part of the propulsion, generator and electric motor propulsion, so more effective and efficient.

Chevrolet Volt is an electric car at a rate of 75-80%.

So, we might consider Chevrolet Volt an electric car at a rate of 75-80%, but with a 100% electric car behavior and having very attractive maintenance costs. About the price, we can not say the same thing: in Germany, Chevrolet Volt has a price of 41,950 euros — or about double compared with the most expensive Chevrolet Cruze. 2.0D diesel engine of 163 hp and equipped with automatic gearbox.

Strictly in terms of money, the Volt could become profitable after about 100,000 km- same like an automatic diesel Cruze- so, from this point of view, you should choose Volt, especially that pertaining to reliability concerns don’t arise and new technical solutions. Perhaps this is why the Volt’s don’t release the date to reach on European market and prices have not been established yet (although his brother, Opel Ampera, is available from this year).

However, passing the psychological barrier of the purchase price, the Volt seems to us a successful car. First, it can be called a true green machine, allowing for use in electric mode most of the time. Second, the dynamic behavior and performance are above any similar conventional cars with engine size of 150 hp.

Finally, Chevrolet Volt seemed very convincing in the short test drive and Voltec propulsion system promises to be very promising for green future of Chevrolet. But I wonder how many of those who can afford to give 40-45000 euros on a car will turn to Volt at the expense of premium garnished diesel sedan?

Because the Volt seems to us that is worth the money: adopt environmentalist trend or remain trapped cliche car represents the status?

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