Chevy Volt Battery Catches Fire Government Investigates General …

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Chevrolet Volt Electric Cars

Chevy Volt Battery Fire, Government Investigates Motors’ Electric Car

WASHINGTON The government is investigating new fires the lithium-ion batteries in General Co.’s Chevrolet Volt to the fire risk in the electric car a serious crash.

One Volt pack that was being monitored following a government test caught fire the National Highway Traffic Administration said in a statement Another recently crash-tested emitted smoke and sparks, the said.

GM, which was informed of the on Friday, said in a statement the Volt is safe and does not undue risk as part of operation or immediately after a crash.

The latest fires are in to a battery fire in a crash-tested six months ago.

NHTSA learned of a possible risk involving damaged batteries when a fire in a Volt that was being in a parking lot of a test facility in Wis. The fire was severe to cause several other parked nearby to catch as well.

The car had been subjected to a crash test more three weeks earlier, on May 12, which the battery was punctured and its line ruptured.

Last tests of three battery were designed to replicate the May In that test, the Volt was to a simulated side-impact collision a narrow object like a or pole followed by a rollover, the said.

The first battery last week didn’t fire. But a battery test on 17 initially experienced a temporary increase, and on Thursday caught while being monitored.

Another battery tested on 18, which was rotated 180 degrees hours after the test, to smoke and emit sparks after the rotation.

The tests conducted by NHTSA and the Energy and departments at a defense facility Hampton Roads, Va.

So far, no have been reported in involved in roadway crashes, said. More than of the vehicles have been

It’s too soon to tell the investigation will lead to a of any vehicles or parts, but the government ensure consumers are informed if that occurs, the agency

With its OnStar safety systems a part of the car, GM real time about any significant enough to potentially battery integrity, the automaker Since July, GM has implemented a protocol that includes the of the battery after a severe returning the battery to a safe and state.

Electric vehicles are critical to Barack Obama’s plans to U.S. dependence on foreign He has called for putting 1 million of the on the road by 2015.

The Volt and Leaf, with more 8,000 cars on the road in the are among the first mass-marketed electric cars. They on sale in the 2011 model Other automakers are also on electric vehicles.

Chevrolet Volt Electric Cars

Safety hasn’t raised concerns electric vehicles other the Volt, NHTSA said. But the is asking manufacturers who have cars on the market, or who plan to electric vehicles in the near for more detailed information on battery testing as well as procedures they have for discharging and handling batteries, recommendations for reducing fire

NHTSA continues to believe electric vehicles have potential to save consumers at the pump, help protect the create jobs and strengthen security by reducing our dependence on the agency said.

After the battery fire, GM officials that NHTSA did not drain the of energy as called for under the crash procedures. NHTSA drains fuel from cars after crash they said.

Lithium-ion which are rechargeable, have the subject of several recalls of electronics. Millions of laptop made by Sony Corp. for Inc. Dell Inc.

Lenovo Group Ltd. and PC makers were recalled in and 2007 after it was discovered they could overheat and

The Federal Aviation Administration a warning to airlines about the for fires in cargo containing and non-rechargeable lithium metal after a United Parcel plane crashed near last year, killing pilots. The plane, which was on was carrying thousands of lithium

Incorrectly packaged, damaged or batteries can catch fire, the FAA Fires involving lithium-ion can reach 1,100 degrees, to the melting point of aluminum, a key in airplane construction. Lithium-metal fires are far hotter, capable of 4,000 degrees.

GM and NHTSA pointed out that cars gasoline-powered engines are susceptible to after a crash.

In the event of a crash, NHTSA’s to consumers is to do the same thing would do in a gasoline-powered car get out of the vehicle and a safe distance away. The also recommends against a severely damaged electric car in a or near other vehicles.


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