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Chevrolet Electric Cars

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GM finally the plug-in hybrid with Volt.

Chevrolet Volt, the electric car from the GM stable is at the stage. General Motors its electric concept car Chevrolet at the Detroit Auto Show on GM, which abandoned its EV-I car project has shown to the world it is capable of doing a one-up on in the green car department with the Volt.

GM lovingly calls its car as a plug-in hybrid, meaning the power pack can be charged a wall socket. Also, the Volt sports an E-Flex engine, which can run on hydrogen, ethanol and biodiesel. The lithium ion which will go into the is still not perfect; GM says it needs more work on the Volt before it can be put out for commercial

The GM Chevrolet Volt has enough power to go 40 miles without a According to GM, the average American about 20 miles to work day. So, a 40-mile strong should make the Volt a hit the commuting masses. GM claims the Chevrolet Volt can be charged in 6.5 hours when plugged a standard household outlet.

GM says the Chevrolet Volt’s can be charged on a 110-volt standard

What’s more, the Chevrolet E-Flex engine can run up to 1000 if it makes use of its other fuel The power plant of the Chevrolet is a 53-kilowatt generator.The three-cyliner engine powers the 160 hp motor which moves the car’s wheels.

“If you lived within 30 from work (60 miles trip) and charged your every night when you home or during the day at work, you get 150 miles per gallon. “More half of all Americans live 20 miles of where they (40 miles round trip). In case, you might never a drop of gas during the life of the said GM Vice Chairman A. Lutz.

Unlike the runaway hit Prius, the Chevrolet Volt be run almost entirely on battery Toyota Prius, on the other uses an optimum mix of battery and fuel to make the best of energy sources.

The battery pack, placed in a between the passenger seats, is The Chevrolet Volt’s onboard determines when the battery shut down and switch to fuel. The Volt battery is to operate within a temperature of 30 degrees to 80 degrees.

If the temperature these limits, the computer the battery and automatically switches to fuel for optimum on-road

Along with Toyota, GM was one of the carmakers to pursue the hybrid car However, as Toyota powered with its green car Prius, GM its eco-car project in 2000, trying for four years. At time, GM claimed that was no market for such a hybrid

However, Toyota showed is a market, and a big one, and GM took The Chevrolet Volt shows the company is this time about the new market.

GM is embarking on this project at a when it is seriously pursuing a restructuring which involves down unprofitable units and workers. The funky-looking Chevrolet is four-door and sporty as you can see from the photo gallery of Chevrolet Scroll down to see the full set of

In the prototype electric car which GM had put before 2000, the battery was poor, it could not run air-conditioning, and the car had running long distances and

GM has built the Chevrolet Volt car on the modified Delta small car This car architecture is similar to the one GM uses for the Chevrolet Cobalt and

Said Larry Burns, vice president for research and and strategic planning: Instead of a big and a small engine generator in the Volt, we would use a fuel propulsion system with a battery to capture energy the vehicle brakes, he said.

than making a mark of its the Chevrolet Volt may force automakers like Honda and to pump up their own hybrid and car strategies, analysts said.

Jon Lauckner, vice president and program manager for Chevrolet said: This isn’t a PR or a science fair project, dead serious. We’re with battery-makers now on how fast the pack can be developed, but it’s not to be way out in the future. We plan a working prototype this year.

Chevrolet Electric Cars

GM has the Chevrolet Volt development as very important for the future of our

The Chevrolet Volt is built to all-electric mode from 0 to its top of 100 mph. The Volt can speed to 60 mph standstill in 8 to 8.5 seconds. The Volt tank can hold 12 gallons of

GM has also carried out substantial reduction in Chevrolet Volt by advanced plastics.

GM’s effort in building an electric car and then abandoning it in favour of conventional automobiles made it the of many environmentalists who have pushing for green cars. It led to a documentary called Who killed the Car?

The plug-in hybrid car will be from a 110 volt wall The combustion engine on board be used for charging the battery and not for the car.

Talking about Volt, an official who founded the group CalCars said: We GM for being the first out of the starting in the Great Plug-In Car Race of GM’s announcements are the biggest yet for and other PHEV Now our campaign is in third gear.

work with the auto government, fleet buyers and to get to the day — soon, not in a decade when customers can buy PHEVs as as any other car.

The Chevrolet is the first car developed by General under the E-Flex Engine According to GM, today’s cars are around a mechanical propulsion which relies on petroleum as the primary source of fuel. GM that the way ahead will be in a viable alternate architecture.

Said Anne Asensio, director, GM Design who developed the Volt: “First and foremost, is an advanced technology vehicle uses little to no fuel at But we didn’t see any reason why that compromise its design.” Designs for the have been solicited across the world.

The primary facing all electric car manufacturers is technology, which is still, to put it behind the times. Until grows up to accommodate much power in much lighter battery-powered cars will a long way to go.

Chevrolet Electric Cars
Chevrolet Electric Cars
Chevrolet Electric Cars
Chevrolet Electric Cars
Chevrolet Electric Cars

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