Review 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV (With Video) The Truth About Cars

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Chevrolet Electric Cars

Review: 2014 Chevrolet EV (With Video)

Outside America, this little pill of an A-segment car is known as the Matiz Creative. It may look an computer peripheral (or a pregnant skate), but GM claims that the Spark has more torque a Ferrari 458 Italia. As a self-described lover, and card-carrying resident of the Coast, I had to check it out.

The EV starts its life in Changwon, Korea where gasoline and sparks are built by GM Korea, was once known as Daewoo. But the of the Spark comes from GM is building the permanent magnet in Maryland, and instead of LG batteries in Korea (like the Volt) GM is American-made batteries courtesy

I m not making this up). For we don t understand, GM isn t doing a CODA and cars sans-drivetran to America for assembly. The in Maryland ships the batteries and to Korea, GM Korea inserts it in the car and the completed unit back to the

The Spark EV exists because of my state of California. The California Air Board has mandated that Honda, Nissan, Ford, GM and make a total of 7,500 emissions vehicles available for by 2014 and 25,000 by 2017. By this number is expected to tenfold.

Overall length the Chevy between the two-door 500e and the four-door Honda Fit EV but the Chevy is narrower than by a decent amount. Like the and other small cars, s something cartoonish about the that is endearing. It s all about

The headlamps, tail lamps and are all fairly standard in size, but are large in relation to the overall The Spark isn t alone in this, the thing can be said of the Mini Fiat 500 and Fiat 500L.

Because small cars to value practicality in design, the has a tall roofline and the wheels been pushed as close to the corners as possible. This necessity pays dividends in and interior space but causes the to look unusually tall viewed head-on.

As with the version, the front seats are firmly padded and offer lumbar support. The hard on the doors make for an uncomfortable to rest your elbow, but is a padded armrest in the center for the only. This isn t unusual for cars, but electrification makes for bedfellows and the Leaf, Focus EV and 500e are direct competition all offer more driver and comfort.

Because of the Spark s width, the Chevy is a strict putting it on par with the 500e but one behind the Fit, Leaf and It was surprisingly easy to put four adults in the Spark, a task is more difficult in the considerably Focus because of its sloping Still, passengers will be comfortable in the Honda Fit which a bit more room for four, for five and more headroom all the way

Despite the Leaf s rear numbers being average, of the way the seating position in the Leaf people will find the roomier.

As with most gas to EV the Spark loses a bit of cargo in the process dropping 2 cubes to 9.6 feet of cargo space. s slightly larger than the a long way from the Leaf s 24 cubic foot booty. the Fiat 500e however, GM not sacrifice passenger footwell for battery storage.

All Spark EVs get the same touchscreen unit that is optional in the car. The system s layout is attractive and intuitive. Along the of the screen sits a row of touch for power, volume and a home

After a week with s entry-level system I was left why every GM car can t have this The system isn t the height of modernity to uConnect or SYNC. It does not integrated voice commands, navigation software or snazzy

This system s claim to is in its simplicity and its integration with smartphone.

Once you have an or iPhone paired with you can voice command your your tunes, and anything on device with the voice button on the steering wheel. means the mobile services my MyLink are limited to the app selection on device. GM has taken another that other manufacturers do well to copy: integrated navigation.

For $5 you can download the BringGo app to your smartphone and the MyLink will use the app as the processing engine and the car s as the user interface. This you a large, bright map with that look like a integrated navigation system with the ability to pre-program using the app before you get into the

In the Spark EV the MyLink system handles vehicle charging You can choose to charge immediately, at a time, or you can program your rates into the system and the car charge when it is most We of course get the typical power meter which is getting a silly in the 21st century and a that shows what of your battery was used for cabin heating/cooling and battery

Driving your Spark, or any EV, in a vortex will reduce life due to both cabin and battery heating.

As with EVs on the road power is delivered by a AC motor connected to a fixed-speed gear. EV s don t have a transmission in the sense in order to reduce If you want to go in reverse you spin the backwards and if you need neutral you disconnect the motor from the path. Power output is at 140 horsepower and torque comes in at a 400 lb-ft. (Most EV makers to electronically limit torque to torque steer and improve life.)

Power is supplied by a 21.3 kWh lithium battery located where the gas tank is in the Spark. As with the Chevy GM is taking the cautious path to preservation equipping the pack an active heating and cooling That s a stark contrast to the Leaf which uses a cooling system.

Thanks to the curb weight in the group the Spark scores 82 miles of EPA and the highest efficiency rating of any EV to Depending on the weight of my right my real world range from 70-100 miles.

For any heat is the enemy. Especially charging or discharging rapidly or charging in hot desert climates. As a I would anticipate that all being equal, the Spark, and Focus should suffer capacity loss and battery over time than the cooled Nissan Leaf.

The big news for 2014 is the world s implementation of the new SAE DC fast charging I m a bit torn on this twist in EV While I agree that the DC connector is more logical and than the competing CHAdeMO found on the Nissan Leaf and EVs in Japan, there are already hundred CHAdeMO stations in the USA and now there is one SAE station.

I m told is unlikely to be an adapter so this three charging standards on in the USA. One for Nissan and Mitsubishi, one for and one for GM and BMW (the i3 will use it as well.)

Chevrolet Electric Cars

The thing people forget an EV isn t charging related, it s heat When you want to heat the in a gasoline car you are using waste to do it. If you didn t have the heater on, heat would just end up via the engine s radiator. Electric produce little heat running and rely on resistive elements to heat the cabin and an air conditioning to cool the cabin. pumps would be more because they move rather than creating but so far the Nissan Leaf (SV and higher) are the production cars to adopt tech.

In 50 degree weather on a 60 journey nearly 15% of the energy went into heating the s cabin, while on my way home it was 80 degrees only 8% of the energy was to cool the cabin.

Thanks to a better weight vs the gasoline model and staggered 185/55 front 195/55 the Spark handles surprisingly Many have posited this is simply a band-aid due to the weight shift in the car but all sources to the Spark EV still being in the front. This means the selection was likely done for reasons, which makes because the Spark beats the in fun-to-corner metrics. The extra has also improved the ride in the hatchback which, although choppy on the freeway like small hatches, it much in EV trim.

Steering is numb but a common complaint with

With 140 horsepower and 400lb0ft of routed through the front the Spark is probably the 2014 steer king. Is that Not in my book.

I found the effect and perhaps even a challenge to on winding mountain roads. The limits their torque to reduce torque steer but in so they reduce the fun-factor as as performance, something that shows in the Spark s 7.08 run to 60, notably faster than the

When it is time to stop the comes up short. Stopping and fade aren t the issue, it s The brake pedal is softer average and the transition between and friction braking is probably the excluding the current generation Civic Hybrid.

When the is entirely in friction braking (if the battery is full and you are going hill) the brakes get even vague, requiring more than when the system is to get the same effect.

At $26,685, the expensive EV on the market excluding the i-MiEV. For $27,010 the 2LT trim cloth seats for leatherette and a leather wrapped steering That s about the fastest and model walk in the industry. GM us that the DC quick charge is an independent $750 option and it be retrofitted to a Spark shipped it. The Spark undercuts Nissan s by nearly $2,000 and the Fiat by than $5,000.

While I might argue the Nissan Leaf is more than the Spark, GM s aggressive screams value at every especially if you lease. At the time of our GM was offering a $199 lease on the Spark with $1,000 plus the usual miscellaneous

The Spark s main sales for many is as a commuter car. you factor in everything the Spark is the way to drive in California s carpool (you know, other actually carpooling.) Despite not less attractive than a 500e, less practical a Nissan Leaf and less than a Focus EV, I d probably the Spark.

GM provided the vehicle, and one tank of gas for this review

as tested

0-30: 2.72

Chevrolet Electric Cars

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