Citroen DS5 Customer Review What Car? How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

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CITROEN DS5 Electric Cars

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derbigpr500: I can only imagine how well the interior is made. DS4 has the build quality and luxury inside that can be compared to the biggest 4 door saloons, this is probably even more ahead.

Mitsos Da Best: 3 new DS in 2 years.

MikeAnglichanen: If you look at reliability of Land Rover you can not say Tata have done a great job. They are the worst built trendy fashion accesory going! Old Land Rovers were reliable, not anymore

Jeff Kodiac: Cela serait quand bien de revoir des modГЁles de PSA aux States .

plasticeddie1: @chanticleerHegemony indeed. In fact I think v8 petrol engines should be compulsory, think of all the fuel duty the revenue would earn, it would pay our national debt in a week.

huvander: Absolutley beautiful. What citroen is about head turning design.

ipodgrey2: so different, and beautiful! it’s a gorgeous machine, I really like what citroen is doing with her ds sub-brand!

MrMK94: That is the most interesting car interior I’ve seen a looooong time.

goodalwaysworks: @Bravo21 This is what the Juke should’ve been.

MrMagnificentMedia: that is …. passion in design

WaynesWorldAutoBlog: There are flaws in the suspension set up which offers a harsh and skittish ride that is particularly unnerving in the wet. comfortable chairs can hide only so much. As always a great creative effort from Citroen but technically average.

derbigpr500: @seomoz This is not a car to compete with a/b class or 1 series. Even DS4 is far ahead of 1 series in terms of luxury, quality and overall feel of the car. DS5 is made to compare with something bigger, like the new BMW 3 GT thats coming next year, or even the 5 series GT.

dunti21: Yea like the british economy and jobless rate is doing so much better than the germans. Cummon man, it’s time to get off the high horse now, you sound like a bloody frenchman. UK doesn’t even own any of it’s car brands anymore.

Rage4Liberty: Agreed.

jo05dk: First time in a very long time i’ve fallen completely in love with a car. By far the best looking car in its clas. So gorgeous to look at.

I don’t know what got into Citroen when they started making their DS branded cars, but i sure hope they’ll stick with it.

amapolishplummer: Great car, I love the feeling of being cocooned in a car but at the end of the day it’s a 25+ grand C4.

rainprancer2403: My question is, Why havent Citroen came to the U.S. market yet? I truely believe they could give alot of other companies a major run for there money here.

RunescapeGuidesTeam: went down the local citroen garage today, and wow this car is amaingly stunning, and it is one of the best cars iv seen

derbigpr500: @seomoz What do you mean has proven nothing?

TheEGGtech: I’m pretty sure aston martin, morgan and noble are still left. But yes tata has taken LR and Jaguar.

JET997u: What a fantastic looking car. Wish it were sold in the USA.

derbigpr500: @seomoz During late 90’s and early 2000’s, citroen (as all french car makers) started making crappy and unreliable cars. But lately. they’re back, especially Citroen and Peugeot. Look at RCZ, 508, 3008, 5008, and then C3, DS3, C4, DS4, C5, and now DS5.

They’re all excellent complete cars better than rivals, with very strong personalities, high quality, great technology and mechanical parts (ZF gearboxes, engines developed with BMW. ). And Renault is above everyone in making hot hatchbacks.

Union Française: Well, I like unique cars (unlike common and very austere German cars) but the Vel Satis is too angular. Btw, if you like it, what do you think about Avantime ?

Ahmed Salem: I am in so lust with french cars designs nowadays.

nazhif1: This is definitely a head turning car

SuperPogo69: The only bad comments come from the Dumb Ass 4×4 driver, so it must be a great car.

Bumper3D: It really does look great inside and out. Actually, the only thing I’m a bit disappointed with is the fact that it most likely won’t be available with the hydropneumatic suspension. Such a pity, but maybe they’ll come up with an even larger DS model that has it..

jag3rnaut: I’m in love with that car but it’s toooooo expensive for its category .

junkman19571: after the way the french car companies(and german ones)have treated the british worker. we should put a whopping great import tax on french and german cars. and who gives a crap what the EU think. we want out of the neo nazi german led french poodle club anyhow.

Ahmed Salem: @bloub0 If this is true, so please accept my respect :)

trespire: I’ve been driving a first series 2004 C5 2liter Auto for work for 4 years, fully loaded with tools equipment. Done 200,000Km in it. Only problems were some minor electrical niggles,easily sorted. Twice the cars Velcro handling has saved me from a head on collision at late at night.

Since 1955,no other car comes close to big Citroens (ID,DS,SM,CX etc)combined passive safety+road grip+steering geometry+breaking response.Superbly engineered chassis+suspension design.

dlhsax: Liked it as well. The only problem being the concept of a 3-door luxury coupe MPV was a bit mistimed. Styling was cool though.

duke6991: Merger c’est une fusion, les deux entreprises ne vont pas fusionner (et ne le feront jamais, la famille Peugeot ne laissera pas GM faire Г§a et ils n’ont pas les moyens de toute faГ§on). GM n’a que 7% du capital de PSA et ils ont annoncГ© vouloir faire des projets communs mais c’est trГЁs rГ©cent et rien ne dit que des produits vont vraiment sortir de ce rapprochement.

Rihards Mors: The Touran owner LOL

Alijan Ismayilov: why the freak people think that Germany cars are better? Because they cost more or what? Top of the range DSPORT is costing about 33000 GBP and you getting everything for that money.

Germany cars for that price hardly will have damn USB/AUX (no Bluetooth at all) connector or even rear parking sensors. most of Germany cars do not have cruise control even in middle range cars when in Citroen it is almost a standard feature.

CITROEN DS5 Electric Cars

Ash Faq: Saw one for the first time the other day and my head almost did a 180 degree turn staring at it

TheLOL4DUDE: Finally a god damn review in a knew language. freak!

XXXEliteRedwoodXXX: I have a citoren ds5

derbigpr500: @seomoz Well, i wouldnt agree really. Safety? All of them have 5 euro ncap stars and score as high or higher than other cars. Luxury? Ever sat in a well equipped C5.

P It makes the Passat or Mondeo feel cheap. Same for DS3 and DS4, and even regular C4, all other cars in classes feel cheap compared, in interior that is. Materials used, fit and finish and build quality in those cars is comparable to Audi, without exaggerating.

Also, how about their comfort? C5 is as comfortable as E class.

meso06: Best looking car i have seen in my 22yrs on this here earth.

duke6991: Citroen and others French brands was literally kicked out the US market during the 70s because of protectionist laws in the US, after the oil crisis. And about a hypothetical return. it is very hard for a foreign manufacturer (of cars or anything else) to break into the US market.

dlhsax: Renault tried a similar thing ten years ago with the Vel Satis and it bombed. I hope this doesn’t go the same way. What the freak was up with the criticism on the rear seats I wouldn’t like to share the back with two other fully grown men.

No crap, you could say that about anything smaller than a Phantom.

Bond James: perfect design

derbigpr500: @seomoz Citroens have a reputation, and always have had. They have a reputation of a car brand that is always trying to do something different. Their designs are always radical. Their cars are the most comfortable in segments. Nothing in C5’s segment (even in segment above in fact) comes even close to its smoothness and comfort, and yet, it drives and goes around corners better than Insignia or Passat for example.

They have great engines and gearboxes, have become very reliable lately.

Union Française: The DS5 is really stylish and well finished, unlike the VelSatis which is the symbol of the weird Renault style back in 2000 and its ugly dashboards.

TheLOL4DUDE: 1:12 epic face

Matt Griff: The DS5 is hotter than Jessica Ennis in a thong. total gorgosity.

Jeff Kodiac: Perhaps in the not too distant future there will Citroens in the United States with the merger between General Motors and PSA.

Manojlo: Should be a bit taller that roof it’s just too low and he panoramic should be like the one in Opel Astra GTC

lffit: Damn beautiful, Citroen have really picked up their styling and quality, all said from a Ford focus fan, the new one does nothing for me, (what a styling mess; compared to the first one) Ford take note!


Citroen DS5 customer review — What Car? 4.7 out of 5

CITROEN DS5 Electric Cars
CITROEN DS5 Electric Cars
CITROEN DS5 Electric Cars
CITROEN DS5 Electric Cars
CITROEN DS5 Electric Cars

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