Citroën DS5 DSport Hybrid4 First Drive Driving Torque

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CITROEN DS5 Electric Cars

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DS5 DSport Hybrid4 First

Citroen DS5 DSport Hybrid4

the Citroën DS5. you can pretty much everything you know about French In fact, with the release of Citroën  DS5 Hybrid4, you d probably do to forget quite a few things cars and driving them in Automobiles from our Gallic always attract a myriad of old clichés such as quirky interior and French flair but this DS5 is

Still very, very but, well, different.

to Citroën  themselves, they the DS5 creating a little niche for somewhere between D segment cars as VW s Passat and Vauxhall s and more premium models as VW s CC and Audi s A4. Even Mercedes be proud to create this new but the overall perception of quality emanates from the DS5 makes Citroën s aim a target.

When assessing the aesthetics of the I think it s only fair to it on its own merits. It s too easy to fall the trap of comparing this to its little sister the DS3 and to consequently the DS5 wanting due to its sheer size and dimensions. on its own, the 5 is a pleasurable car to behold every last line and trying it s best to impress.

There are so many visual on the DS5 that to gain a true I don t think a picture can really do it In the metal, and given plenty of one seems to find a new highlight every glance. Take, for example, the A that starts in its at the base of the windscreen but then the length of the car and tapers to a point the top of the boot.

Or the upturned metal which forms the top of each follows the waistline and finishes way up the front quarter-light windows in a s-fin style.

DS5 Interior more design features

the driver s door, however, the attention grabbing nature of the somehow pales into Just when one thought everything which could be done the conventional layout of a car s cabin, had been, the the goalposts. Citroën apparently drew from a fighter-jet s cockpit for the DS5 s that s not original I hear you cry BMW and did that years ago .

Well, yes, Citroën obviously t pioneers in this approach whichever plane they as a template, it s not been used There are buttons, dials and aplenty, all beautifully designed and but not necessarily by the same person at the time.

In my head, I imagine artists up ideas at Citroën  for many coming up with innovative for everything from door to window switches. These s ideas are consistently met with of approval and appreciation but then re invariably shelved due to financial and a lack of nerve, the disappointed packing with promises their work will be again in the future.

Back to and this car s interior is a new home of those previously mothballed all of them innovative and striking but head-ache inducing when together in such a relatively space. It s certainly not unattractive, it might take a little used to.

From the driver s

One decidedly un-French aspect of the interior is the position and the use of space. Once in the s seat, the steering wheel to stand remarkably proud of Both then combine to give the of piloting the DS5 from somewhere the rear seats, not unlike where are positioned to achieve optimum distribution. Between the front is an oversized transmission tunnel, not housing all manner of switch also lending much to a secure, cosseted environment.

A very feeling but quite the opposite of of old with their voluminous quantities of

One aspect of our test car that be paid special attention is it s 4wd drivetrain and once on the road, it can all-encompassing. A PSA development, it differs from other hybrids as, not is its conventional engine a common-rail but its electrical motor  is completely and the two never meet.

This that the platform lends to far greater adaptability than hybrids and also aids even weight distribution.

CITROEN DS5 Electric Cars

In Layman s terms, the Hybrid4 system a conventional engine to drive the wheels and an electric motor to the rear. Both can work independently of each other which is where the 4wd capabilities There is a certain amount of input to govern how the car is powered and is controlled by a rotating knob four available modes; ZEV electric motor only up to 37mph, assuming there is life left. 4wd — to extra traction on rough or in low grip conditions. Sport also utilises all four but allows for a more driving style.

Auto is the default setting and, I imagine, the one used 99% of the time as it when to use Diesel, electric or batteries for the electric motor recharged purely by harvesting from the rest of the vehicle, not by plugged in as you would with an car.

On the digital dashboard of the there is a diagram of the vehicle which wheels are being at any particular moment and this is the fun really starts. Not only it show how much power is used, it also displays power returned back into your — a highly satisfying It s very easy to quickly enthralled by this demonstration of and it starts to feel like a

I must have slightly lead as I struggled to keep it in electric mode for any length of time if ZEV mode is selected, it will to Auto mode if it feels the driver is demanding performance the batteries alone can t provide.

mode, it is possible to achieve spirited performance in the DS5 Hybrid4 but I felt it was slightly unnatural. At high the common-rail Diesel engine quite an intrusive noise in the and this detracts from is usually a serene driving me, the DS5 is about gracefully wafting with the minimum of fuss, not to break speed records in what is, due to its motor, quite a heavy

Still very obviously a

Citroën s DS5 is a huge forwards for the marque in terms of and design and I hope certain are filtered down to the rest of the DS now account for a quarter of all of Citroën and surely propel them to the top of the Trio tree. The extraordinary levels of that have gone the DS5, coupled with the of the Hybrid4 system make this model a force to be reckoned At £32,000 before options, I sincerely hope it avoids most French of pitfalls too expensive for the brand. I feel this car can carry it off given the and could provide some competition for its German cousins.

I hope so too.

By Ben Harrington

Citroën DS5 DSport Hybrid4, £32,200, 2.0l HDi + 163bhp + 37bhp, 0-60 131mph max, 68.9mpg combined, CO2

CITROEN DS5 Electric Cars
CITROEN DS5 Electric Cars

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