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My Czero Nissan Leaf Car(s)

Geneva Motor Electric cars no longer the

March 10th, 2014 Comments Off § permalink

The Panamera S is quite a car. powerful and aerodynamic, it s capable of

But that s not all. The version on here in Geneva is also to travel for about 20 miles on but battery power.

It is, of course, a It has an electric motor sitting a 3-litre petrol engine. It is powerful and remarkably economical.

claims it can drive for 91 miles on a gallon of petrol.

Yet if you can afford a you can probably also afford a steep fuel bill so why has the taken the time, trouble and to develop it?

We know our duty and we big concerns about the environment, Wolfgang Hatz, Porsche s director and a senior member of the board.

“Start Quote

If you back over the past years, the electric car market has by a factor of 25”

Ian RobertsonBMW s global chief

This technology us to fulfil our responsibilities, and it will us to meet future requirements regulators, for at least the next 10 to 15

What is happening at Porsche is much a sign of the times. A ago, hybrids were a fairly unusual sight at the big motor shows.

Now, pressure from regulators the world, carmakers have working hard to reduce and fuel consumption. So hybrids become decidedly mainstream.

motors not only reduce they allow energy would normally be lost braking, for example to be recovered, efficiency. Read the rest of entry

UK EV Sales: Electric create buzz

February 2014 § Comments Off permalink

It has been a quiet on our roads over the last years as rapidly growing of drivers plug into the and tax benefits of running alternatively-fuelled

Sales of AFVs – petrol/electric, pure electric cars and in hybrids – rocketed last easily out-accelerating the rest of the with impressive growth of 25 per cent against the industry of around 7.5.

They now for approaching two per cent – or one in every 50 new – leaving the showrooms.

Nick leads charge in support of cars

February 21st, § Comments Off §

Nick Clegg visited a couple to make a point the future of cars.

He called to see and Mel Kingsley who are taking advantage of a new that offers electric car ports in homes for free.

The who live in Chorley Avenue, are to swap their two traditional for a plug-in hybrid car that be charged from the 16 solar on their roof.

UK: Campaign myths about electric

February 20th, 2014 Comments Off § permalink

The Go Low campaign promotes cars produce 75g or less of C02 per kilometre the tailpipe, and attempts to match a needs to the appropriate car.

are currently more than 20 of ultra-low emission vehicle on the UK and the government wants to use them to transport more environmentally

So far, all cars with low emissions are electric or hybrid But these have attracted often focused on their or viability for distribution into the market. Just last Jaguar Land Rover Ralf Speth said the for such vehicles were too and that the government was making a in subsidising electric cars and points across the UK.

But now, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and have teamed up with the to back Go Ultra Low.

deputy prime minister Clegg has announced around in funding to create hundreds of new points across the UK.

Announcing the he said: “Electric cars are one of the promising of our green industries and we to secure the UK’s position as a leader in both the production and of these vehicles.

“This means we can lower UK and create high-tech engineering and jobs to boost our economy.”

Hawkes, chief executive of the of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, an body, said the campaign boost public awareness electric and hybrid cars. the importance of running costs and performance to new car buyers, we hope the will encourage more to consider going ultra he said.

Kia launches hybrid and cars

February 7th, § Comments Off §

It was a monumental day for Kia at the Chicago Auto as it unveiled its first ever production electric car and a new hybrid

The Kia Soul EV (pictured) is the company s all-electric model and will be in the USA in the third quarter of the year: arriving in the UK and Europe shortly that.

RT: £9m to be invested in electric car points

February 4th, § Comments Off §

The government has announced that £9 will be invested in electric car points in the UK, as part of a wider towards sustainable transport.

will go towards the creation of 140 new charge points, which can an electric car in less than an hour, helping to cement the UK s as one of the best nations in Europe for charging networks. Read the of this entry

Well N. Ireland: 100 new electric car charging in Northern Ireland

February 2014 § Comments Off permalink

Motorists who drive cars in Northern Ireland are to from a £9m UK-wide scheme at encouraging more people to the switch.

£600,000 will be here to install charge for e-cars in public places.

One extra charge points be put in place at hospitals, health libraries and local council It brings the total of charge across Northern Ireland to

Regional Development Minister Kennedy said: With cars costing from 2p a mile to run, drivers an ever increasing range of in the type of car they choose.

Sub £7,000 electric car leads to an economical future in Derby

December 18th, 2013 Comments Off § permalink

who want to help the environment can buy an car in Derby for just £6,999. Severn tests what it like to go green on the road.

FOR electric cars were slow and often looked the back end of a bus.

This is no the case.

For £6,999, you can walk Motorpoint, off Pentagon Island, and away with a four-door that looks like any car. It will ferry you and others in comfort to your and in plenty of time, thanks to the sat-nav system.

And that according to Renault, can be anything up to 115 from your front

So could this be the turning for electric cars in Derby?

To that question let us look at In September, the top selling car across the of the country was the electric Tesla S.

The following month, the Nissan another electric car, top. This is no fluke.

In there has been a sustained to make electric cars appealing to consumers. If you buy an electric car you get: Zero VAT and sales free access to toll use of bus lanes, free parking, charging and a low annual road

Car charging is also less of a with a good network electric vehicle car parks in the of Oslo.

There has also a cultural shift with being far more likely to be to name and recognise electric on the market.

Contrast that the UK and it makes bleak reading. In 403,136 new cars were In the first nine months of year, just 2,681 vehicles were registered.

is not just one type of electric That is every single

So what is the problem?

On a test drive in the new Renault with Steve Wright, Motorpoint Derby, it is difficult to see why is so low. It is not a pokey city car zero boot space and that make you think 20 are going to suddenly jump

Rather it is a premium four-door which slips nicely in the company s venerable Laguna

Everything appears normal. But the key and nothing happens. Is it on? I ask with than a hint of disbelief in my

There is no noise. Not a whisper. A scenario for a driver used to an 2000 Citroen Saxo.

No, it s on. is all the noise. When you put your down there is a bit of a whine but is it, Steve says.

A glance at the pedals reveals there are two where the normal three be; this is an automatic.

Pulling out of the lack of noise is disconcerting to with but a pleasant side is that it allows for a conversation to place at a normal volume.

And as I the car on a spin around Derby, explained how that price is so He said: Most people won t buy a electric car over fears the battery life. The battery are generally worth more the actual car, which means the car becomes almost once the cells are exhausted.

Renault s ingenious battery policy means that who buy the Fluence are insuring the battery of the vehicle, as Renault will replace or repair the battery the rental policy remains in

Unfortunately, most people are of this policy thus far as a consequence, sales have low and prices from suppliers been impacted.

This has allowed Motorpoint to step-in and buy the in bulk and pass on savings to the

Steve said: We ve sold a number of Fluences, mostly at our branch, because of demand the London market.

We ve got a reasonable still in stock with an to buy more based on demand.

The other major difficulty people have with vehicles is the range. But again is something that Steve not think is as much of an issue as it has previously.

He said: The range of car is around 60 miles under driving conditions which, you think of what people on a commute to work, is far less most people will

If you live just outside and drive in every day it really isn t far. Most of the time is just sitting in traffic.

So you are at a lot less than a 60-mile trip.

How I see it though is that families have two cars. If you at the kind of people that are to buy this type of car it makes

You can have a normal petrol car if you to make long drives and the Fluence for the school run.

As we with the test drive, I in the interior. It is well appointed, one of the cars I have had the chance to sit in.

The is smooth, the cabin airy and is never the feeling that you are to race to keep up with

Steve said: The car pulls like a petrol. You are always up the speed of the rest of the traffic.

As we get on to the ring road and I put my foot there is the unmistakable whine as the spins up and the car s speedometer pushes

But the most over-riding feeling you step out of the car? That it isn t any than driving any other and that this is the key.

are creatures of habit, we hate People kicked against phones for an age. Then, everyone had a Nokia 3310 you needed to charge once a the idea you would have to it in every night seemed madness.

Now a good proportion of go home, stick their on charge and set their alarm to them up in the morning.

And that is exactly what happen with electric

Each Fluence comes a charger which plugs the mains of the house.

Steve You go home and plug it in. From to full it takes about hours. People are used to to the petrol station and filling up.

But cannot continue. By some we have gone past the of peak oil and if you think the price of is bad now, just wait barrels of crude go through the as Brazil, India and China pushing through with own industrialisation.

The more electric there are, the less is being pumped into the Steve said: People buy cars for all kinds of reasons and one of is the fact that they are than the petrol equivalents.

So you are looking at in the Renault Fluence is the today – and at a price that is so low you be mad not to take it for a test drive and see if you can the difference.

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CITROEN C-Zero Electric Cars


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