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Our Citroen C1 (29 June 2007)

Our C1 1.0i Vibe E4 5 door

looking at a number of small cars including the Nissan and the Peugot 107 we were offered a at the Citroen dealer on the C1 which was the so far. A problem was the need for a 5 hatchback, there were of 3 doors on offer but the C1 was the best 5

We picked the car up on Friday 29 June and I was impressed with the general experience. The car was lively and responded even with 4 adults in it. The valve technology of the 3 cylinder making it quick and it pulled up the local hills with a on board.

It came with a tank of petrol and this until Saturday 14 July I put Ј10.00 worth of petrol in, was a problem with the paying at the filling station and I only had cash on me. The mileage reading was 221

Clare has been using the car to go to every day for the past three and she has been very pleased it. The only problem was the size of the which meant that of her boxes she takes to and from had to go on the back seat, but that became less of a problem has she got to it.

When I have been it the C1 has been really fun and easy to as compared to the Landy but then you would expect that. I feel safe in the Citroen, so than I did in the Rover 100 after the Landrover.

I filled up with petrol on Saturday 21 July, it took over 31 litres for Ј30.69 a mileage reading of 287. I to keep a spreadsheet of these

The petrol seemed to be lasting it was Sunday 5 August when I filled up. 30 litres for Ј28.19 a mileage reading of 613 (327).

On 9 September we took our son to Manchester the longest journey in the Citroen for the few weeks so it returned a good consumption figure when I it up on Monday 10 September.

In January we went to Wales twice for long runs in excess of 200 so these figures should be good. The rest of the time its town driving.

On 2 February I filled the car up with premium this may have been by

Anyway we’ll see what the consumption works out at this

Filled up again on 12 February. We had on a run to the Memorial Arboretum near so the MPG of about 46 does not seem much better if at all than using normal petrol.

was a couple of runs to Shrewsbury and up to the 18th February, and I was particularly with my right foot. seems to have paid off the MPG of over 57.

Back to just short runs for the last two weeks so the consumption up to 3 March 2008 was not as good.

We had a trip to Snowdon on 6th 2008 so this run helped the consumption to reach 53.67

After owning this car for a we are still very impressed it. For such a small car the space has been more than even with four in it. Obviously for long journeys more comfortable with two but we have made a number of with 3 in and included picnics day-trips.

I went to Manchester on Friday 20 June to pick up from California so the Citroen tank was filled a bit early time.

We went for a run into on Sunday 20 July, then to the again on 27 July and 1st August so I these runs account for the mpg of 58.9 miles per gallon.

On September 2008 the garage had a so I had to pay cash and I only had Ј10.00 on me, so the for that fill are combined the 21 September 2008 to give the consumption figures.

Went a to the Lake District on 28th 2008 with three in the car and averaging just under 70 mph on the M6 this trip and a trip to airport only resulted in a consumption of 49 mpg which was a bit disappointing. We have to repeat the same or motorway run with two people and a average speed and see what then.

The fuel consumption on January 22 was a bit then I noticed it was much the last year at this and it’s colder this so I suppose it’s not too bad. A lot of journeys this last or so wouldn’t help either.

The consumption is still not very but I suppose the short journeys and the cold weather and snow helped that much.

20 2009 and the weather seems to be up a little, I have also to lighten up on the accelerator pedal, seems to have helped the consumption some what.

May 20 I received a confirmation text from Evans Halshaw the service which is booked for 9 June at 9:00 am, that like a good idea.

1st 2009, we went on a trip to Valley Railway at Bridgenorth the fuel level indicator 3 bars and it made it there and without needing to put fuel in. I filled it at the local BP station.

Two on and the second service was due on 9 June (click for the details page)

Citroen Electric Cars

3 2009, I rang the Citroen and ordered roof bars for the C1 at a of Ј56.00 plus VAT. seems a bit better than the version which worked out at Ј120.00.

We went to Kent for a holiday 25 July to 1 August 2009

our week in Kent the Citroen C1 was daily for some fairly excursions and returned better consumption than I expected.


Although the Citroen C1 have been few, a with the key which is used to the doors as well as for the ignition, gradually over the last few It got so bad that it wouldn’t open the door, it was difficult to open the but seemed ok on the passenger door and in the The spare key worked fine so we been using that.

I the car into the dealers to see what be done.

The mechanic came to me and he had come across some that referred to corrosion in the locks which also affected the key. So the C1 will go this week to have new fitted.

The new locks were fitted and the keys replaced, all warranty.

March 2011 problem

This month over 27 thousand miles we the clutch slipping occasionally. you were going up a hill and the accelerator pedal there was an in engine revs but the car didn’t to move as quick as it had before. gradually got worse over a of weeks. I decided to have a on the Internet for any information.

Not suprisingly there was a lot of reports Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 and the Toyota having clutch problems at from 16,000 miles to 30,000 miles and seeing as how the on most cars can last over 100,000 miles the was a bit worrying.

After reading all and the fact that our C1 was now well out of I had a go at adjusting the screww on the cable to the gearbox. This was barely but I did manage to move it after a pair of small Mole to start it off. This did some difference but we decided to a new replacement fitted to avoid the of it failing on longer journeys.

I use a local garage for MOT’s on my Rover so I asked them to do the They replaced it with the one and at the same time put new front pads in, which I have meaning to do since before the whole job took just one day and Ј322.80 which I thought was reasonable.

The next day I tried the bonnet to have a look but the was loose and didn’t work, so I the garage who without hesitation bring it in and they fixed it minutes. What had happened was the plastic clip had partially where it clipped into the on the bonnet catch at the front of the so the cable was just hanging not doing much. It looked as this plastic thing was of the cable kit and wouldn’t be available so we clipped it back in place and I put a cable tie round it for the time so we’ll see how that goes.

We still like this it is fun to drive and has been extremely for almost 4 years now so we do not intend to with it just yet. The problems have to be seen in the of the production of 300,000 cars a the millionth car was a petrol-powered, red, Citroen C1 presented to Kolin Jiri Buric on December 2008. Since this problem hasn’t made the as widely as Toyota’s sticking pedal on some of its other I believe that this is an acceptable situation or not very and so not something which will my generally good opinion of the

Citroen Electric Cars
Citroen Electric Cars
Citroen Electric Cars

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