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Where is the fuel pump on a Daewoo nubira?

How do you open the of a 2002 Daewoo nubira?

the driver side door and the seat there’s 2 levers. One for the cap release and one for the boot.

Where is the hose for 2001 daewoo

Why does Daewoo Nubira trouble driving right in cold high RPM no speed for 10 minutes sometimes once at stop sign car will not go

There could be several for this problem. There are things that can cause but I can give you a list you can at least them off one buy one.

1. A faulty plug, only firing now

2. A small short in one or more of spark plug leads

A failing Fuel pump

4. The sensor that sits on the box. This will the idle if faulty.

5. A faulty or weak battery

6. The body sticking

7. A damaged manifold gasket caused by a manifold stud or something

8. Timing gear adjuster be faulty. DAYCO sell the timing gear kit. are the only company that do.

9. fuel or fuel filter. I run my on E10 fuel only. It keeps the system injectors clean. I this is not recommended but my engine E10 to any other fuel.

Most cleaners have ethanol in anyway. I see it as a fuel system each time I fill up. I never had any problems with or damaged injectors I have had Daewoo for over two years We always used E10 in the other 2 Nubiras that we owned.

Never had a problem.

10. O2 sensor up but not enough to light up the check light

If you are getting a check light, have your scanned. That’s the quickest way to a fault because each the check engine light on, depending on the problem, the computer log a specific code for that I have had all of these problems one caused the problem that you are so it could be one or several things but I when my fuel pump 3 days before Christmas year it behaved as if it had dirty now then but not all of the time. It had moments of now then.

The pump will fail, without warning. A sign is if your Nubira is using a little more than it normally would, when driving around the Every now then, the engine splutter but it did start using fuel than normal. road driving was pretty although it was still using a more than usual, but it was the town driving where it guzzled the fuel. After my changed the fuel pump, it was

Then I noticed that it using enough fuel. It was running on the smell of an oily I knew it was dangerous to allow the to run so lean so I went back to my mechanic he did a pressure test via the reservoir.

When it came fine, he did another test. was a piece of very clever that looked like a baster. Inside it was some liquid. This liquid up exhaust fumes in the water.

He sat it the water reservoir pumped at the hand piece. Sure the green liquid turned showing that I had exhaust flowing into the water. In words, my head gasket had but in the form of allowing the exhaust to into the water not the water into the oil. I have told that it is similar to a injection engine but I do not know how that is. So, I bought a complete VRS kit had it

My water reservoir had also at the lower hose connection so I that as well. The new bottles a copper sleeve that in the hose connections in turn, more strength to the connection. my mechanic did the head gasket kit reservoir, I also bought a set of water hoses head If you are going to something that so you are better off to change all the extra to prevent any further problems. I go to the fuel pump first.

I my Daewoo wasn’t happy it failed but we couldn’t identify the until it did. I have had of work done to my Daewoo but I never sell it. If I bought car, I would probably go it all again. At least I know my Nubira is running at it best peak I always change the oil at 5,000 kms. Each I use an emgine flush too.

This keeps the engine as as possible. The oil usually stays clean throughout the 5,000 kms it is reasonably clean when my changes it. I can do it myself but a past bad with an insurance company has me to have my oil changes documented by my

If you live in NSW, I have a brilliant parts supplier who have whatever you need for Daewoo. They can’t get of the parts because they are a genuine part only hand brake cables although apparently they can be up for the car. They just an off the shelf after market The staff at Bursons Auto can usually get the parts you need. I found the staff at Bursons to be the

They can tell me on inquiry if the I’m looking for is a genuine or if I can get it after market. they do look after you your Well, Good Luck! I that this has helped you to the problem.

As I said, I would go to the pump first.


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