Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Review

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Aston Martin Electric Cars

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Most of the major automobile today have one or more fuel cell cars in lineup of prototypes. Some, like Ford have hydrogen fuel cell and H2ICE (hydrogen internal engine) cars in their

Almost all of the H2 vehicles being today are built around a PEM (proton exchange membrane) cell (Volkswagen is one exception has been experimenting with a oxide fuel cell).

A of the hydrogen fuel cell that have made of the past couple of years are the FCX Clarity and the Chevy Equinox Cell. The Honda Clarity has won awards including the 2009 Green Car award and the 2009 Medal.

The Honda Clarity is part of a pilot program it is being leased to select for $600 per month over two time. Up to 200 Honda FCX Clarity’s are to be and the results studied by the company’s

The Chevy Equinox Fuel on the other hand, is part of the GM Driveway Program. Project is putting the Chevy Equinox Cell vehicle in the hands of 200 drivers for 2 or 3 month periods for driving.

The drivers of these two cell cars have to be at in the Los Angeles area where of the public hydrogen fueling in the U. S. are currently located, though Driveway members can also be in New or Washington DC which also several H2 fueling stations at disposal.

GM and Honda, Daimler.

GM and Honda, Daimler also has a fleet of hydrogen fuel cars and probably can still the title of having the most (fuel cell vehicles) on the Most of the Daimler hydrogen cell cars are being in Germany and other European except for a few that turn up at auto shows in the U. S.

Hydrogen fuel cell are considered to be zero emission (ZEV) because they no tailpipe emissions. Some argue that since hydrogen fuel is produced natural gas that there are well-to-wheel emissions.

But, hydrogen fuel is produced renewable energy such as solar, geothermal, or hydro-electric, it has emissions well-to-wheel. When is produced for fuel cells renewable energy it is done so by an electrical current through (H2O) and splitting it into H2 and O.

The hydrogen is then compressed to psi or 10,000 psi and eventually pumped a fuel cell car’s constructed tank. From the hydrogen from the tank oxygen in the ambient air passes the fuel cell. This an electrical current that one or more electric motors turn the wheels of the car.

Electric Vehicles?

In the past of years and especially with the administration, many people see electric vehicles instead of fuel cell cars as the term solution to zero reducing greenhouse gases contribute to global warming and dependence upon foreign fuels.

Battery electric car cite the lack of hydrogen infrastructure as the major hurdle in out fuel cells cars on a basis. And, they be correct that the needed is not yet in place to support a rollout of of hydrogen fuel cell

What would help the infrastructure shortcoming however is the of home hydrogen fueling Companies such as Honda, ITM and Hydrogenics have at least home hydrogen pumps may be available soon.

One of the problems having hydrogen fuel cars for everyday use is the chicken or the egg

Automakers don’t want to thousands or millions of hydrogen cell cars if the H2 fueling are not in place. The manufacturers of fueling and those who run them do not want to the money in them if there are a handful of hydrogen fuel cars on the road.

It is because of chicken-or-the-egg syndrome that the U. S. is to use the hydrogen cluster model to put cell cars in the marketplace. model uses high areas such as Los Angeles and New City, and rolls out fuel cars and hydrogen fueling concurrently.

In Germany, which is far smaller the United States, there is an H2 plan in place. A consortium of and government entities are racing to put up H2 stations throughout the country so hydrogen fuel cell can be commercialized in that nation by the 2015.

In summary, hydrogen cell cars are still the compared to current battery vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cars outperform battery vehicles on both range and time. Though a huge refueling infrastructure will to be in place for fuel cell to take off, so will a recharging infrastructure need to be in to accommodate electric cars.

But, this isn’t an / or scenario. Both types of plus biofuel vehicles be part of the automotive future for to come. The goals are the same for all fuel vehicles including emissions, reducing global and reducing dependence upon fossil fuels.


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