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Ferrari Electric Cars

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari

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The business Ferrari has always just one of those who had an automobile created the focus of both rate and style fans. The that is in the model of the company is also significant Enzo model is created as a tribute to its Enzo Ferrari.

This is still worshiped a lot of vehicle Ferrari vehicle s exclusivity is not as the years passed. In the past, showed up reports that is working on the successor to the fabulous, yet the never ever wanted to also the supervisors of the company that the company does not to make a version that be the Enzo II or something comparable due to the that Enzo is an one-of-a-kind which was included honor of a man.

However, the brand-new LaFerrari which was revealed at the Motor Show, which was known under the names F7 and is a version that receives the as the richest and most highly design of the Italian business as as a car that will for years to be besides its beauty, energy and and as a result of the fact that design will certainly be as a restricted edition.

Chassis of the Formula 1 product

With the of keeping the targets of LaFerrari, the not only took the F1 experience in choice, design and design however additionally used the and Rory Byrne, the legendary F1 that in charged of no less 11 Ferrari s vehicles used to the F1 champion. Operating teams F1 and GT made the chassis that give maximum rigidity and weight, regardless of the restrictions of the of the hybrid device. During the stage of a variety of functions are with the framework design to certain weight decrease.

One is the property of the seats that to the body which lessens and supplies a small design and center of gravity.

This brick-wall solutions are a considerable renovation in performance about the structure model Enzo with torsional raised by 27 % and the gross car weight was 20 % The chassis is created totally by the at their head office in in addition to the models offered in the F1 champion. Equally as with F1 made use of are composite materials are stemmed from the style of 4 different sorts of carbon were the choice of developers that every component of the body especially was under in order to be ensured enjoyable needs.

Building solutions

design design stands for the of advancement, also when it to Ferrari criteria. The goal of the was to enhance wind resistant supply perfect weight reduced center of gravity as as feasible and most notably to the new hybrid system. All this and a lot is obtained without adverse on the interior room, convenience and

Compared to the go on unique restricted Ferrari automobile, the body of the is reduced and narrower in order to maximum aerodynamic effectiveness. of mass is reduced by 35mm the format and combination of all major and man-machine interface, which to premium control and responsiveness. changed weight distribution that the mass inside the which ensures that has a low polar moment of inertia, securityin all driving conditions 59% of the weight on the rear of the vehicle.

One of the challenges in designing a model was the incorporation of the hybrid system. the fact that this has the same wheelbase and overall of the maximum and Enzo, LaFerrari and a hybrid system, as well as the F1 gearbox plus cooling In other words, because of the precise and ingenious engineering all that is needed to pack the was successfully completed in the same as that of the model Enzo, but was only one unit.

Based on the position ergonomically driving F1 car in which the driver is in the vehicle and more tilted the cockpit model LaFerrari by greater inclination of the upper of the driver s legs and arms. becomes a model that is the to meet the characteristics of a sports car and F1 This is achieved by integrating the tailor-made seat lower in the to improve the sensitivity of the driver the dynamic behavior of the vehicle.

of the pedals can be adjusted to ensure the driver s legs under the angle and allow for absolutely control of brake and accelerator. the new smaller steering wheel is for height and proximity. The design of the and opening doors, the driver is to enter in and out of the vehicle without to reduce the cockpit.

Excellent efficiency

Aerodynamics play an role in the outstanding performance of the is an additional example of uncompromising technology in the F1 Ferrari production The aim of engineers is to provide the highest of aerodynamic efficiency ever some passenger car with a of nearly 3 thanks to the technical that are tested and fine-tuned in the F1 tunnel. Working closely the Department of aerodynamic engineers center for the advancement of style the promotion of these advanced in the design of the vehicle and result in the balance of form and function was one of the most efficient use of the air flow and through the body of the vehicle.

makes this design so is the use of active aerodynamics, which is as a seamless integration with dynamic control systems, and all again with the aim of providing a breakthrough in terms of overall Integration with control and dynamic parameters ensures the active aerodynamics adapt so that the downforce and balance are the vehicles possible. In this Ferrari combines maximum and minimum air resistance coefficient at any and any conditions.

Thanks to the low altitude and reduced width, LaFerrari has an extremely frontal section for low air resistance and aerodynamic shape that the suction of air through the ventilation on the rear of the vehicle.

The front of the car is designed specifically to increase by eliminating the negative effects by exaggerated splitters. The wide air intake on the front cover hot air away from the radiator. The spoiler directs the flow of outputs to the front in order to their efficiency, creating a in the front section of the hood creates downforce.

Central helps to maintain the flow of air the hole as possible to the body to drag while this reduces the rear brake.

behind the front wheel enhance the removal of air from the around the wheels and improve the of the front diffuser and simultaneously downforce. The front fenders air flow down, which is channeled along the grooves on the door to the rear cooler.

one-piece rear spoiler and is designed to maximize SIGNATURE Precision design work was improvement of airflow under the with a number of advanced adopted directly from the F1 This includes front generators that enhance and efficiency. Central rung of the improves the efficiency spoiler and section of the segment below the floor.

The area in front of the incorporate diffusers characterized by features and extensions to the front of the of the tire, while the vertical maximize the capacity of the ejection.

aerodynamics package under the car an essential role as completely the configuration under the vehicle it is the active rear spoiler

• diffuser fins on the rear of that you maximize the spread of air and ejection • the front diffuser are raised to increase the spread and the downforce required to make the end was balanced.

Driving dynamics

LaFerrari the ever Ferrari to integrate control systems with aerodynamics and the hybrid system. algorithms covering all the systems so the vehicle can reach the most limits of performance, aerodynamic and management without any form of to any field.

With innovations the design and construction of this LaFerrari provides absolutely performance, with the word and the Ferrari ever built model. LaFerrari for more 5 seconds broke the lap record on the Fiorano set by his predecessor Enzo. remarkable progress has been thanks to hybrid technology and in areas such as traction and suspension, brakes and tires. development of complete vehicles, tires and suspension settings that peak torque of can be transmitted through the substrate the wheels.

Ferrari Electric Cars

These levels of combined action are developed V12 and an electric motor that instantaneous response at all times.

driving into corners system keeps speed V12 in to provide rapid response of the accelerator pedal pressure, as accelerating when leaving the traction control system controls and distributes torque to the thanks to the persecuted electronic that maximizes traction and control system that response vehicles. When is too much torque HY-KERS uses the torque to supplement the and provides additional torque to the as needed consistent performance.

The of this model have equipped with soft and are specifically designed to improve and there are new discs. This improves the friction brake surface and improving the consistency and with the end result in 15% improved where the deceleration in the event of / h at 0km / h braking distance 30m shorter. system is fully integrated all other dynamic systems by system enters the regenerative mode, which ensures the batteries are charging even the most aggressive braking the ABS active technology.

The level of performance is such Ferrari had to opt for a very specific and 265/30 R 19 Pirelli P-Zero and 345/20 R20 at the rear. Thanks to the of dynamic control systems, aerodynamics and mechanical solutions, the time in turn is 30% faster the lateral acceleration in curves by 20%.

LaFerrari perfectly formal aesthetic and aerodynamic where the end result is perfection in Ferrari s Styling center, operates under the leadership of Flavio Manzoni, and their to the give and engineering and development

The overall silhouette LaFerrari and its proportions are very natural architecture and its hybrid nature. The is specific and innovative, and his tanušan has remained faithful to the classic arehetipovima drive vehicles have rear V12 engine. Cab and compartment are located and the wheelbase to the best possible balance of

It is impressive that the inclusion of the system did not result in increased dimensions for a better balance the front and rear overhang Vehicle when it sideways looks sharp and very low is influenced by his muscular wheel

Visual identity

In terms of and looks LaFerrari reminiscent of sports prototypes from the sixties as 330 P4 and 312P. Aspect wings, front and rear is in with Ferrari tradition. The of the LaFerrari is provided special that significantly affect the of vehicles. Elegantly integrated give a sense of tremendous that is transferred wheels. bodywork provides required of drag coefficient and downforce for vehicle aerodynamics, but also very effectively channel air to the that need cooling.

The section of the vehicle incorporates the front wing which is in a single central pylon the nose of vehicles, which is inspired by the F1 cars.

Nowhere is extreme sporting of the car more prominent and evident in the last section, where his strength uncompromising displayed. The here has two deep channels through the fender. They channel the hot air from the engine and contribute to improving downforce of the vehicle.

Engine compartment in full width and below it is the aerodynamic elements. It is located at the saw, with style of the one on the front and also serves to the HY-KERS system. Word of large adjustable spoiler automatically develops, but does not affect the design of the rear

The lower section of the rear end is by pure carbon fiber as the and is dominated by deep reveals and which is equipped with PERCOM which adjusts when it developed an active

Alonso and Massa directly in the development of

Position the driver LaFerrari is a brand new concept relies significantly on F1. Fernando and Felipe Massa were involved in its development with the of functional cockpit inspired by the track and that perfectly the traditional and the modern. Ergonomics driving position has a design is normally only be seen in cars.

The seat is fixed, but the wheel and pedals are highly so you can adjust the position corresponding to the

Ferrari Electric Cars
Ferrari Electric Cars
Ferrari Electric Cars
Ferrari Electric Cars

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