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Welcome to Gadgets Arcade

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Whether for a child or an … the Latest Cool Gadgets and Radio Controlled Toys / Gadgets we offer are absolutely intoxicating. Once you’ve had your first taste of the thrill experienced in controlling an RC Gadget . your interest is bound to evolve into a full-fledged addiction.

To the experienced flier, we offer a dizzying range of the Latest Cool RC Jets capable of zooming at unbelievable speeds. Controlling these RC Jet Airplanes is the next best thing to flying real fighter jets. Feel your adrenaline surge as the jet rips through the air.

Don’t miss the RC Skywave Rider 3 Channel Convertible Chopper the versatile three channel Skywave Rider will taxi on a smooth surface, and steer left and right. Switch to helicopter mode by pressing the set top button to take off,

spin in either direction, hover and descend with three modes of forward movement.

Beginners however should consider Radio Controlled Airplanes . some of which even come modeled after real airliners because they are easier to control than their speedier Jet cousins. Try the Silverlit Picco Z that is one of the easiest to fly and comes fitted with electric motors apart from this Gadgets Arcade also stocks some of the Latest RC Airplanes available across the world today.

Radio Controlled Helicopters are the grand dames of the RC flying world and owning at least one is the dream of every longtime action hobby enthusiast. Gadgets Arcade offers a large selection of the Latest Coolest indoor and outdoor RC Helicopters that provide hours of entertainment for the entire family. Check out the Night Hawk, a great indoor helicopter with a striking red fuselage and white LED searchlight.

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Radio Controlled Toys

Fun with Radio Controlled Toys

Radio controlled toys are a popular gift for children and adults alike. Some of the biggest rc toy enthusiasts are over 30 years old. Their rc toys tend to be a bit more complicated and ornate. The simpler rc toys are better suited for younger children as they are easier to manipulate.

There are even radio controlled toys available for the pre-school crowd.

How They Work

Each radio controlled toy is made up of 4 distinct mechanisms. The transmitter that the operator holds sends radio signals to the receiver set inside the rc toy. The receiver is made up of an antenna and some type of circuit that accepts the signal from the transmitter.

Each radio controlled toy also has different types of motor. This motor will turn wheels, spin propellers or control the direction of the toy. Finally rc toys all have some type of power source such as a battery.

The Radio Controlled Toy Varieties

The most popular rc toys are cars and trucks. Children especially prefer these rc toys. Many have a simple transmitter that is easy to operate.

In addition they can be operated in any area with a hard floor so they are easy to play with at home. Adults seem to prefer radio controlled aircraft including jets, planes and helicopters. These control transmitters can be a bit more complicated and many have engines that are gas powered. The radio control motor simply moves the flaps for steering. Another popular radio controlled toy is the boat.

Enthusiasts can purchase a radio controlled toy speedboat or a sailboat. The wind provides the momentum for the sailboat and the motor controls the rudder.

There are many other different radio controlled toys. Blimps and submarines are newer rc toys now available for purchase. The blimp is especially ingenious.

With this rc toy, helium actually causes the blimp to rise into the air. The motor works the propellers that steer this vessel. Another up and coming radio controlled toy is the robot.

This rc toy while popular with children, in growing in size and complexity and beginning to develop a following amongst adults.

Radio controlled toys have steadily been growing in popularity. Each different type of rc toy has its enthusiasts and devoted followers. Whether it is in the air, on the ground or travelling over or under the water, there is a radio controlled toy to suite everyone.

Become a Fighter Pilot in your Own Backyard

There are several different types of radio controlled aircraft. There are the simple beginner aircraft called park flyers. For the more expert hobbyists, glow plug engines and electric powered or sailplane aircraft are available.

Expert flyers can enjoy helicopters, auto gyros and amazing radio controlled jets.

Beginner Radio Controlled Jets

RC jets come as either gas powered or electric powered. They are for the more experienced flyers although some cheaper, simpler models may work for the beginner. The novice should wet their feet by flying a rc jet with an electric ducted fan or EDF. This powerful little unit contains a propeller with multi blades called an impeller. The impeller spins so quickly that air forced through the unit produces quite a bit of thrust and faster flying speeds.

There is also the 2 … glow plug or brushless electric motor radio controlled jets. These are also perfect for the beginner or for someone who wants additional experience in flying rc jets.

Gas Turbine RC Jets

The gas turbine rc jet is perfect for the experienced flyer. These rc jets are powered by an actual gas turbine engine. Hobbyists seeking to purchase one of these gas turbine radio controlled jets should have plenty of flying experience. In addition these rc jets can be quite expensive.

Nevertheless this type of rc jets can travel at incredible speeds and engage in tight manoeuvres and acrobatics.

Advantages/Disadvantages of the RC Jet

The major advantage of the rc jet is flyers do not have to wait for calm weather. These aircrafts can fly even on windy days. This is the result of their faster speed and better aerodynamics.

Unfortunately, due to their high speeds, rc jets require a lot of airspace. This is especially true for turns and aerobatics. As a result the jet can be invisible to the flyer at times as it is so far away.

Types of Radio Controlled Jets

The best rc jet for beginners is the Palm Z Micro Jet. As it is so small, it can be flown indoors and is perfect for younger rc jet enthusiasts. Intermediate radio controlled jets require a bit more experience due to their high speeds and more intricate controls. The RC Microfighter, while small, can get up to speeds of 25 km/hour and is quite easy to maneuver through stunts and tight turns. The expert flyer might wish to invest in the rc jet F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Jet.

The foam structure keeps the plane light yet sturdy. It can reach top speeds and perform incredible stunts using a 70 mm ducted fan. Its brushless motor provides for top performance even on windy days.

There are many types of radio controlled jets. Beginners would be wise to start with a cheaper simpler model and slowly work their way up to a more sophisticated rc jet. Expert flyers have incredibly authentic rc jets available from the stealth … to the jet flown in Top Gun.

Radio Controlled Airplanes for the Beginner

Radio control airplanes are a growing hobby across the world. As a result there are many new newcomers to this activity. It is important for the beginner to understand how best to approach this hobby.

The Beginner RC Plane

There are several different factors to consider when purchasing rc planes for beginners. It is best to look for rc airplanes that are simple to operate, sturdy and stable and fly at lower speeds. A ready to fly plane is best as there is no assembly required.

Another aspect to consider is the power source. Most beginner remote controlled planes are powered by electricity versus glow plug (gas powered).

Purchasing a Beginner RC Plane

There are a few points to remember when selecting an electric radio controlled airplane. Try to remember to purchase a plane that has higher wings as this makes the electric rc planes more stable during flight. Ready to fly airplanes are the best rc planes for beginners as there is a minimal amount of work to get them airborne. Try to select a plane with a wingspan from 76 to 127 centimetres as it is easiest to manoeuvre.

Spare parts for the airplane should be easily available and the frame should be made of foam as it is more durable than balsa wood. For a longer flight time, select a plane with a li-po battery and brushless motor.

Gas Powered RC Planes

When referring to a gas powered plane, this is a generic term for any plane powered by an internal combustion engine. The most common type is the glow plug or nitro airplane. These gas planes can be purchased in ready to fly trainers for the novice but are better suited to more experienced flyers.

They can assembled in very little time but it is advisable to have expert help with the first assembly as there are small complexities that can prove frustrating to the newcomer.

There is a growing sector of the rc flying scene that is looking to smaller radio controlled airplanes that can be operated indoors. Flying clubs have taken to using large gymnasiums and auditoriums to fly their planes in areas where the weather is poor or quite cold during the winter months. These indoor rc planes have tiny motors, battery packs and servos. The wing span is smaller than the average radio controlled plane. These planes come as ready to fly or model kits requiring full assembly.

The indoor rc plane also flies slower than micro airplanes rc built for the outdoors.

Radio Controlled Model Airplanes

There are several different levels of assembly for model radio controlled planes. Almost- Ready-To-Fly or ARF rc model airplanes are almost finished. Usually only decals need to be added to finish the plane.

The majority of the work is in the radio control and motor. These are purchased separately from the rc model airplane and must be installed. ARF airplanes may also need landing gear to be fitted and the tailplane and fin assembled. PNP or Plug-N-Play rc model planes have the motor and some radio components already installed. It does still need the battery pack, receiver and transmitter.

The final type of radio controlled model planes are the build it yourself variety. These planes come in pieces with nothing assembled. They are best left to the expert modeler. However, there are some simpler trainers that beginners can try.

It is best when building these rc model airplanes to get some help from an experienced model plane builder.

For those wishing to try out this popular hobby, focus on purchasing one of the cheap rc planes made for beginners. Many of them can be purchased for under £50.00. Experienced rc plane hobbyists are only limited by their pocketbook as they can spend up to several thousand pounds designing and assembling these planes.

Radio Controlled Helicopters

Radio controlled helicopters are a form of rc aircraft that differ in their design from standard rc airplanes. These helicopters also differ within their genre. Some are designed to be more manoeuvrable for complex stunts while others are simpler and easy to use by the beginner.

RC helicopters come with controls that pilots manipulate to change the pitch, roll and yaw. Working all three factors in unison allows the helicopter to hover, fly backwards and complete intricate manoeuvres. The controls are linked to servo motors in the copter. A gyroscope sits on the tail and helps to controls that propeller.

There are four basic controls and include the roll, elevator, rudder or yaw and throttle. The basic flight of the radio controlled helicopter involves a basic roll or pitch of from 1 degree to 10 degrees and a 0 to 100% throttle to set the speed. The throttle must be moved along with the pitch to maintain a set speed and keep the flight nice and stable.

The engine of the radio controlled helicopter used to be mostly a methanol two … version. Today however, electric rc helicopters are more popular. The electric versions have brushless motors and lithium polymer battery packs.

This has made rc helicopters more efficient, durable, and cheaper to purchase. Other engines that are also used in radio controlled helicopters are the jet turbine and gasoline powered engines.

Types of Helicopters RC

In general, the rc helicopter can be made of plastic, aluminum, or carbon. The blades are usually made of carbon, fiberglass or wood. Helicopter fans have a myriad of styles and models to select from. The micro rc helicopter is perfect for small spaces or those that fancy the miniature aircraft. The micro version can be used as an indoor rc helicopter because it is so small.

Experienced helicopter radio controlled pilots can also purchase aircraft that require assembly. The model kits can take from 5 to 20 hours to put together. Radio controlled model helicopters come as partially assembled or do it yourself.

These versions of the rc helicopter do require a bit more experience and are not recommended for the beginner. Construction must be more exact than rc airplanes as even the smallest abnormal vibration can cause major problems while flying the helicopter.

As the controls of the helicopter are more complex than their airplane counterparts, more experience is needed to successfully fly these radio controlled toys. Beginners are advised to seek out experienced pilots for assistance in learning how to fly.

Ferrari Electric Cars

Selecting The Perfect Radio Controlled Model for You.

There are so many radio controlled options available to anyone wishing to take part in this exciting hobby. The difficult step is to decide what radio controlled model will work best for you.

What’s Your Preference

The first step to finding the best radio controlled models is to decide in what category to begin the search. There are rc vehicles that run on land including cars, trucks and motorcycles. On the water, transmitters can run leisure boats, speedboats, sailboats and even submarines. In the air, the options range from airplanes and helicopters to jets and blimps.

Keep in mind that it is easier to retrieve a car or truck if it breaks down or runs out of energy than it is to get a boat off a lake or an airplane stuck in a tree. For a beginner, selecting a radio controlled car or truck may be the best option.

To Build or Not To Build

Radio controlled models come in several different forms. Hobbyists can purchase a vehicle or craft already made and complete with hand held controller. These are called Ready to Run kits and are perfect for the novice. This is the quickest way to start using the radio controlled model. There are also radio controlled kits that come nearly assembled.

In this situation, usually all that is missing are the decals and other decorations on the vehicle. There are also kits where you just need to add the motor and the controller. Finally, there is the “do-it-yourself” method where hobbyists build their favorite radio controlled model from scratch.

Of course these “do-it-yourself” radio controlled models are meant for the experienced radio controlled hobbyist.

The next decision to make is how to power the radio controlled craft you have selected. The most common and easiest option is the electric powered radio controlled models. All you have to do, if the power runs out, is recharge or replace the batteries. The other option is fuel where you actually have to fill the tank when it is empty. This can be quite messy and stinky.

However, a radio controlled craft that runs on liquid fuel does go a bit faster and will have a better chance to win a race.

Is the Price Right?

Finally, it is important to purchase a kit that is within budget. On the lower end, prices usually begin at 20 to 50 pounds for the most basic beginner radio controlled models. These are usually electrically powered and require no assembly. Some radio controlled models are so complex they run into the thousands of pounds. The price of radio controlled models is mostly dependent on the type of craft, its power unit and the size of the model.

For the beginner it is smart to start with a cheaper radio controlled craft. Keep in mind however, that these cheaper radio controlled models may break down faster than the more expensive ones.

Let’s Roll with a Beginners Radio Controlled Car

Perhaps the most popular radio controlled toy is the rc car. Most children have their first experience operating a monster truck or other auto around the kitchen floor. However there are many different sizes and types of rc cars to suit enthusiasts of all ages.

Car rc power can come from several different sources. The majority of electric cars run on rechargeable electric motors. Brushed and brushless motors are also available for rc cars.

Although they are not that common, a car rc can run on a liquid fuel engine. These are usually glow plug engines that run on mixture of methanol, nitromethane and oil. These rc cars are called Nitro cars. A new super large car rc has been recently developed.

Each rc car runs on a gasoline engine with a gas oil mix as fuel. The electric cars rc are recommended for the novice, as they are easier to control.

Advantages of the Electric Car

Of course, in today’s environmentally conscious world, the electric rc car is more Eco-friendly. In addition, the basic beginner cars rc are fairly inexpensive ranging from £20.00 to £45.00. Models in this genre include fantasy cars or models of real vehicles such as Chevy and Ford Trucks. They usually come fully assembled and can be used right out of the box. In addition these, rc cars are very easy to control and will really not hurt anyone as they rarely exceed a speed of 32 km/h and most run at top speeds of only 16 km/h.

Some even come with sound systems and are very realistic with doors and hoods that open and windows that go down. Along with trucks, these toy cars rc styles include tanks, standard cars, racing cars, bulldozer and even motorcycles.

Disadvantages of Toy Cars RC.

Toy radio controlled cars are usually too elementary for the car hobbyist. They are considered one whole unit unlike a hobby rc car that has interchangeable parts that can be replaced or upgraded. Therefore, toy cars rc that break down usually need to be thrown away and replaced with a whole new unit. In addition, these toy rc cars are not very powerful and tend to run at slower speeds.

There is usually no suspension and steering is very basic consisting of left, right and forward. However, these characteristics of the toy electric rc car are perfect for the novice. If the newbie falls in love with this hobby, he or she can look to getting one of the more powerful and complex hobby cars rc.

One of the many types of radio controlled toys is the boat. Boats radio controlled come in many different styles including cigar speedboats, pleasure crafts, submarines and sailboats. There are also many different options to consider.

There are three primary power sources for rc boats. First, there is the basic electric motor boat. These boats are the easiest to refuel, as it is simply a question of recharging the batteries. There are also liquid fuel boats including nitro and gas radio controlled boats. The beginner would be wise to start with one of the many electric rc boats.

Boats radio controlled with an electric motor are the cheapest available with prices starting as low as £45.00. In addition they come fully assembled and can be used right out of the box. The more experienced hobbyist will probably prefer rc model boats that can be self-built and use liquid fuel.

RC model boats are designed with various hulls. For beginners, the most popular boats radio controlled are the one with the Deep V hulls. Intermediate boating enthusiasts prefer the Catamaran rc boats while advanced hobbyists enjoy the hydroplane radio controlled boats. The Deep V hull is very easy to operate especially in choppy waters. These rc boats do go a bit slower as there is more drag.

Catamarans boats radio controlled produce less drag and will go faster than the deep V hull. However, these radio controlled boats are harder to control and require more experience to operate. Hydroplane rc model boats have almost no drag and are built for speed.

These rc model boats are very difficult to control and require a boat operator with quite a bit of experience.

Keep in mind that radio controlled boats can break down occasionally. It is difficult to retrieve your boat if it breaks down in the middle of the lake. Therefore it is always advisable to run through a few check points before launching rc boats. First, boats radio controlled should have fully charged batteries or sufficient fuel in the tank. Check the steering to make sure it is working properly.

If you plan on playing with a sailboat, make sure the sails are intact as the motor only controls the direction while the sails control the movement when they tack into the wind. Even after making sure your rc model boats are fully operational, it is best to test them near the shore. This way, if these radio controlled boats break down, they are easy to retrieve.

This is especially true if you plan on operating a rc submarine.

Radio controlled aircraft are becoming quite popular in England. As a matter of fact, flying clubs have sprung up all over the country where enthusiasts get together to compare each rc model aircraft and test their skills against other pilots. The British Model Flying Association of BMFA is the primary group that oversees these flying clubs.

The BMFA recommends selecting a basic radio controlled aircraft called the trainer. These beginner rc model aircraft have high wings for stability and a slower speed so the new pilot can take the time to think about what needs to be done. RC model aircraft trainers are also very simple in design and easy to build or repair.

Radio controlled aircraft trainers have three basic controls; throttle, rudder and riser. The engine on these radio controlled aircraft should be easy to get at and are best mounted sideways or upright. Consider purchasing a rc model aircraft that is fully assembled as you can quickly begin learning to fly.

Of course radio controlled aircraft can be built from scratch or purchased in various pre-assembled kits.

Learning To Fly

The best way to learn to fly one of these radio controlled aircraft is to join one of the local flight clubs. This is the easiest way to meet up with a pilot who is experienced with rc model aircraft controls and can help you out. A teacher is highly recommended for individuals who wish to build their own plane from scratch.

Ferrari Electric Cars
Ferrari Electric Cars
Ferrari Electric Cars
Ferrari Electric Cars
Ferrari Electric Cars

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