2013 FIAT 500e Test Drive & Electric Car Video Review How …

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Fiat 500e Electric Cars

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mark thompson: have you looked on alibaba at electric vehicles. they got tons of choice on there. you can have it customs speced. i’d reccomend importing electric vehicles from china as they have so many models over there. they really have some good stuff over in china that you might not find in the western factories and shopsп»ї

Matthew Sherman: The electric Fiat is faster than the old school fossil fuel crappy version! Something Autobytel missed to highlight in this videoп»ї

Matthew Sherman: and fracking and dirty water in your backyard. …

Matthew Sherman: I love my all electric nissan leaf, I think I want one of these too!

im1greatman: I love electric cars especially the Tesla’s. This one however is a different story. Those small cars look like a … trap to me and I personally don’t care what anyone says.

I would never drive in one let alone buy it.

CarCharging: Check out the #fiat500e #electricvehicles #EV #ElectricCar п»ї

Autobytel: California gets all the cool toys!п»ї

Suzanne Tamargo: Check out the #fiat500e #ElectricVehicle #EV #ElectricCar п»ї

Tesla Fan: you are dumb and know nothing about it, stop talking u lame

Sherman Lee: Look at that hood gap

Saturnfiverocket: what batteries is it fitted with ?

prototypeglory: 1rd

Lukieo20: It depends on the states’ subsidies

NSW120: I believe there is a formula for converting electrical energy into gallons or litres. Eg: 10 MPG may be equal in fuel efficiency to maybe 20kW/h per 100 km (I’m not sure of the correct term for measuring electric fuel economy) They work out how much you can get from a set amount of fuel and then apply how many KW the car would need to reach that if it was a petrol powered car. (They then use that figure and represent it as MPG, which people know) Although I’m not terribly sure myself.

BillLykken: Is that in the USA right now?

Tony Montana: nothing like burning petrol on a sport car

Truman1201: ‘smart’ car = not so smart coffin

Tesla Fan: that tom tom thing is stupid

yen yi: ns leah and hd fir ev would be a better choice

Livelifechill: Or I could buy over 1000 cases over Stella Artois.

Jake Ryans: more EVs on the road, yesh!

Truman1201: for $32k you can buy a used 07 Range Rover HSE + 3 years worth of premium gas, and feel safe driving in it.

Alpino21NRW: nice

armondm: Seems awfully heavy for Li-Ion battery packs. I just can’t understand why it’s so freaking difficult to make these types of cars. At this point I truly believe there isn’t a true concerted effort to make EV’s that are truly desirable and affordable.

Fiat 500e Electric Cars

The oil companies and automakers are far more interested in making maximum profits. at any cost to the environment. than offering us the next generation of technology. IC engines are truly ancient.

MrRussian2023: Our company got the Mitsubishi electric cars and got rid of them a week later. They said over 100 miles per charge we got about 30 and lights went out than ac than it shut down hahaha so not ready for these cars

Lukieo20: 32 grand is the base price, but in some states you can get it for only 20 grands

phillip harden: In the video price was statedas $32,000.00 and at the end in print price was stated as $20,000.00 so what the f is up with that?

Tesla Fan: lol feel safe your a kitty i drive a smart car and have never felt not safe

shoryukenpower: what was the part where you said it gets like 1 mile per gallon? how does that work for electrics? cuz that would sound horrible haha

Autobytel: 24 kWh liquid-cooled/heated li-ion battery

weMonitor: $32K list — ($7.5K federal tax credit + $2.5K California EV rebate + $2K FIAT incentive) = $20K.

pedrof830: Hello, you said $32k and your graphic shows $20k so which is it?

1dashEVdotCOM: you cannot lease it (Range Rover) for under $100.

Saturnfiverocket: ty

andrenj1970: 300 mile range would be practical

Rafael: 9 seconds to 60mph That’s standard for an EV Wrong: EVs have 100% torque @ 0rpm. Acceleration doesn’t get any faster than that. In the case of the Fiat, its acceleration is either electronically limited or the power to weigh ratio is poor. It has nothing to do with it being an EV.

It was an choice in the implementation of the technology, not the technology itself.

Abdul Jabbar: Fiat not feat u …. Dumb … Americans

Fiat 500e Electric Cars
Fiat 500e Electric Cars
Fiat 500e Electric Cars
Fiat 500e Electric Cars

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