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Fiat 500e Electric Cars

Fiat 500e

Designing environmentally responsible and fun-to-drive cars is what the FIAT and its Simply More belief for. The all-new 2014 500e electrifies the next of the brand’s legacy by embodying the brand’s simple, purposeful and values — through style, engaging dynamics and an responsible zero-emissions design.

The 500e changes the paradigm in an vehicle market that’s becoming crowded, said Tim Head of FIAT Brand America. The Fiat 500e iconic Italian design and a combination of performance and range, battery technology that consistent performance across all conditions.

Designed to be a no-compromise vehicle (EV), the 2014 500e builds on the Cinquecento’s small-car formula, while an all-new battery-electric powertrain produces 111 horsepower (83 kW), in less than 4 hours its Level 2 (240 volt) charging module (OBCM) and more than 80 miles of range, with city range typically exceeding 100 without any tailpipe emissions.

sure the all-new 2014 500e delivers world-class EV and braking performance, engineers a new chassis and suspension for the new EV powertrain, further solidifying the engaging driving dynamics the FIAT and Cinquecento are known for.

The Fiat 500e pushes its Italian design forward its wind-tunnel-sculpted shape and retro-futuristic styled cues for a cutting-edge To achieve a 13 percent improvement in (0.311 coefficient of drag compared to the 2013 Fiat 500 0.359 Cd), the Fiat features eight exterior and more than 140 hours of tunnel testing and refinement. The is a purposeful design that this Cinquecento to achieve an five miles of range.

Fiat 500e

Inside, Fiat 500e fuses design with unique EV elements for an environment comprised of with innovation. An all-new thin-film transistor (TFT) cluster displays full-color graphics to illustrate vehicle charge levels and trip In addition, a new TomTom Navigation enables the driver to view the charge schedule, range, and gauges, and can even request charging stations with availability.

Below its instrument bezel, the 2014 Fiat also includes an all-new shifter with easy-to-use transmission mode selection. For style, the interior environment is in Nero (black) or exclusive (white), highlighted by Electric to bring even more character to this Cinquecento.

passengers of the Fiat 500e to vehicle information is an all-new 500e Smartphone App (compatible iPhone and Android) that real-time vehicle status, charging, tracks the driver’s use, locates the vehicle and charging stations, plans and routes to the vehicle and provides alerts.

The all-new 2014 500e arrives at FIAT in California during the second of 2013.

With its iconic wind-tunnel-sculpted Italian curves and enhanced design elements, the 2014 Fiat 500e electric vehicle (EV) while adding to the Cinquecento’s reputation of automotive efficiency for than 55 years. And with the e-Sport Package, the Fiat adds a more aggressive appearance that hints at its character.

Designers are always what the future could like, and for the all-new Fiat we went back and looked at design themes that around the time of the historic said Roberto Giolito, of FIAT Style. With its gradient patterns, Electrico accents and aerodynamically enhanced silhouette, the all-new Fiat takes a retro-futuristic approach to its advanced propulsion and zero-emission

Improved aerodynamics via retro-futuristic cues harking back to design

The all-new 2014 500e takes the city-friendly and iconic Cinquecento cues of the 500 hatchback model further purposeful aerodynamic treatment and styled design cues to its environmentally friendly battery-electric

For designers and engineers of the Fiat minimizing drag while the iconic styling of the Cinquecento was of the importance. The recognizable Fiat 500 — its whiskers and logo with bi-halogen headlamps and park and fog lamps — the FIAT brand’s familiar Below, a two-piece front features a uniquely sculpted for minimal drag, while the necessary airflow inlets to the 500e’s electrical components.

its lower dot-matrix patterned the all-new Fiat 500e a futuristic theme that was during the popularity of the original birth. For added detail, the insert features projector-beam fog and the 500e logo.

Unique to the 500e, designers developed front and rear fascias, mirror caps, side and introduced a liftgate mounted spoiler extending the vehicle’s All of these elements work to the Fiat 500e’s drag and improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic The vertically enhancing side also tie in the gradient pattern and logo from the front

Below, the two-piece rear echos the dot-matrix styled and 500e logo featured on the of this electrified Cinquecento.

A 500e exclusive wheel features a premium painted (silver) face with (black) finished aero Unique 15 x 5.5-inch (front) and 15 x (rear) wheel fitments a flush design for optimal

More than 140 hours of sculpting for a 13 percent aero

For the all-new Fiat 500e to a 0.311 coefficient of drag (compared to the 2013 Fiat 500 model’s 0.359 Cd), exterior refinements were in the wind tunnel to enable the 48 drag reduction. The result of of wind-tunnel testing is a design enables this battery-electric to achieve an additional five of range.

The 2014 Fiat eight functional exterior improvements include:

Front sealing

Aerodynamically optimized fascia design

Flush 15-inch aluminum wheels

exterior mirror caps

vehicle bellypans

Wind-tunnel-sculpted sills

Drag reducing fascia design

Liftgate-mounted spoiler

Three head-turning appearances, including the high styled e-Sport Package

with the FIAT brand’s of personalization, the all-new 2014 500e offers three exterior appearances:

Included the Fiat 500e’s Nero environment, this Cinquecento front and rear lower patterned fascia accents in Nero, along with spoiler and mirror caps

in Argento, Grigio (gray), Perla (pearl white) and exterior paint

With the 500e’s optional Steam interior environment, this features front and rear dot-matrix patterned fascia spoiler and mirror caps in tri-coat Bianco Perla

Available in Argento, Grigio, Perla, Nero and exclusive Arancione Perla (Electric Tri-coat paint)


Offering customers an EV with an exterior attitude, the 2014 500e with e-Sport features the first blacked-out EV in the segment. Paired with the interior environment, this includes front and rear dot-matrix patterned fascia painted in Nero, headlamp, lamp and tail lamp in Nero, uniquely finished wheels painted Nero Electrico Arancione Perla inserts, Electrico Arancione mirror caps and gradient-style bodyside graphic for a high-voltage

Available in Argento, Grigio, Perla and Nero exterior

Interior environment styled simplicity and innovation

Expanding on the design and high attention to found on the Fiat 500, the 2014 Fiat 500e a retro-futuristic interior environment in or Nero with Electric accents and unique EV technology for an environment that ties in to its propulsion system.

Communicating this battery-electric Cinquecento is a Steam or Nero thick-rim wheel features a unique Orange leather inner For easier operation, and to keep the eyes on the road ahead, the wheel includes cruise, and BLUEME Handsfree Communication controls.

Behind the steering an all-new 7-inch thin-film (TFT) display provides functionality with more and intuitively delivered information of the gauge, driving range and of charge. In addition, the new Electronic Information Center (EVIC) its full-color capabilities with the use of graphics to illustrate vehicle including a trip computer, monitoring and vehicle status system.

Integrating a convenient and vehicle navigation solution, the TomTom navigation pairs the Fiat 500e’s standard Handsfree Communication technology and a 4.3-inch touchscreen display on top of the instrument panel. Below its panel bezel, the 2014 500e includes an all-new shifter with easy-to-use, transmission mode selection.

The Fiat 500e also leatherette seating in corresponding or Nero that ties in the pattern through a two-layer design with accented or Bianco showing through the For added style, both and Nero-colored seats feature an Orange accent on the seat and are stitched together in the high-voltage color. Unique to the Steam are head restraints and door arm in Electric Orange, while a Bianco/Nero door design even more design to the Fiat 500e.

Thanks to analysis of the interior space, of the Fiat 500e made an roomy and capable cabin its city-friendly size. With storage spaces, including two in the panel, map pockets in the door and another below the center shifter bezel, this Cinquecento can quickly and conveniently mobile devices and travel

With its iconic style, dynamics and environmentally responsible design, the all-new 2014 500e builds on the Cinquecento while offering customers a electric vehicle (EV) embodies the FIAT brand’s purposeful and fun-to-drive values.

The Fiat 500e expands our lineup with its electrified and simplified approach to electric illustrating yet again how our Italian is, and always will be, the right car at the time, said Matt Head of FIAT Brand marketing, Chrysler Group And with its battery-electric powertrain, technology features and zero the new Fiat 500e exemplifies the brand’s commitment to environmentally design.

Keeping EV ownership

During the development of the all-new 500e, designers and engineers that the electrified Cinquecento not compromise on the brand’s core simple, purposeful and fun. The the best of the Fiat 500’s no-nonsense design and engaging — plus an intelligently approach to electric propulsion and connectivity features.

Loaded with standard and convenience features

The 2014 500e takes an all-in to technology, convenience features and styling appointments. Standard on the Fiat 500e includes:


More than 80 of estimated range, with driving range typically than 100 miles

111 horsepower (83 kW) motor

Less than 4 charge time with 2 (240 volt) on-board module (OBCM)

24 kWh hour lithium-ion battery

Power module (PIM) for DC-to-AC and

Push-button e-shift transmission

brake system

15-inch Firehawk GT low-rolling-resistance tires

state-of-charge indicator visible windshield

7-inch thin-film (TFT) instrument cluster Electronic Vehicle Information (EVIC)

Power gauge real-time feedback

Primary and trip computer


Fiat 500e Smartphone App with iPhone or Android)


Manage charging and (remote start and charge

Driver’s energy consumption

GPS enabled route planning, of nearby charging stations and to send destination to car


Includes 3 years of connected

TomTom Navigation with activated commands, EV friendly planning, power meters and driving-range indicators

Comfort and

Premium heated (front) seats

BLUEME Handsfree technology with USB and iPod

SiriusXM Radio (with subscription)

Alpine premium system with six speakers and amplifier

Automatic climate

Leather-wrapped steering wheel audio and cruise controls

windows, door locks, and locking charge port

Auto-dimming rear-view mirror

compartment organizer with load floor to accommodate cord and tire-inflator kit

Safety and

Seven airbags

Advanced driver and front-passenger

Front and side-curtain

Driver inflatable air bag

Driver and front-passenger seat-mounted air bags (pelvic-thorax)


Daytime running lamps

Audible pedestrian warning

Active head restraints

rear park assist

stability control (ESC)

Package: an EV with athletic

Adding a menacing look to the Fiat 500e, the segment’s e-Sport Package rewrites the EV book, offering the most EV with an athletic and aggressive

We started with a no-compromise designing the Fiat 500e to to customers looking for a gasoline- and alternative, while embracing the Cinquecento qualities our driving enjoy, added Matt Like the dual personalities we with our Fiat 500 and Fiat 500 model range, the all-new 500e with e-Sport illustrates our brand’s athletic paired with highly handling to deliver a bold and entry into the EV segment.

The Package includes blacked-out park lamp and tail surrounds in Nero (black), 15-inch aluminum wheels in with Electrico Arancione (Electric Orange Tri-coat accents and bodyside graphic and mirror caps.

Rather compromising the essence of a fun-to-drive the all-new 2014 Fiat was engineered to deliver world-class vehicle (EV) handling and performance, while further the engaging European driving the FIAT brand and Cinquecento are for.

Upgraded chassis an emphasis on handling

The all-new Fiat 500e features a engineered suspension tailored for its EV and capable of highly engaging in an electric vehicle.

The suspension of the 500e is re-engineered with new spring rates and unique and rear-shock tuning, for optimum comfort and body control, retaining the fun-to-drive character the Fiat 500 is already known In addition, Fiat 500e’s 15 x (front) and 15 x 6.5-inch (rear) wheels add stability at high

The 2014 Fiat 500e a 16.3:1 steering-gear ratio to responsiveness, maneuverability and performance In addition, this electrified features a uniquely tuned power steering (EPS) for increased steering response and In addition, the Fiat 500e’s EPS is designed to compensate for temporary crown and crosswind situations there is a constant push of the car to one or another, assisting the driver to not to drive against such a

Energy-regenerating disc brakes

The Fiat 500e features (54 mm) diameter single-piston front-brake with larger 11.1-inch mm) (up from 10.1-inch; 257 mm) diameter rotors for additional braking and heat dissipation. The 9.4-inch mm) rear disc-brake system features single-piston brake

Taking advantage whenever the slows, the Fiat 500e’s braking system converts energy to electricity, while to provide additional range by the lithium-ion battery. In addition, the 500e provides the driver the traditional connected feel of an combustion vehicle when Tying it altogether is the Fiat regenerative braking controller that receives the driver’s input and determines the total of brake power requested.

on input levels, the RBC is able to the level of friction and regenerative instantly.

The Fiat 500e features a electronic stability control system that monitors the of each wheel individually. The system allows individual braking for superior control and backup braking in the unlikely that one of the two braking circuits fail. The anti-lock brake software uses a steering angle sensor that the system to differentiate between braking and braking in a turn, in better straight-line braking minimal yaw.

ESC helps driver control in all conditions by both engine torque and control to regulate wheel at all driving speeds. When the senses impending wheel during acceleration, it signals the control to reduce drive torque. Under extreme such as going from to ice during acceleration, the system selectively apply the brakes to control.

An ESC button on the center allows the driver to partially off the system.

Other features in the 500e’s ESC system include:

brake-force distribution (EBD)

rollover mitigation (ERM)

Assist (HSA)


Fiat 500e provides a interior

With 2014 500e’s electric powertrain, and body structure, engineers the opportunity to develop an all-new vibration and harshness (NVH) to improve interior quietness.

In to the reduction in wind noise through the Fiat 500e’s exterior aero dynamic this electrified Cinquecento 12 product-specific improvements aiding in the reduction in interior cabin while driving. These NVH include:

Additional mastic on floor

Additional sound-deadening in rear quarter body

Additional acoustic pads to liners

New gasket between the flag and door

New mirror and B-pillar applique foam

Additional 8 mm acoustic pad to rear behind rear seats

New with strakes

New carpet layer

New noise absorption in front doors

New isolated torque mount

Improved glass belt and channel

New acoustic windshield glass

body structure adds and improved weight distribution

A new structure design provides and protection for the 2014 Fiat battery, while delivering a 10 improvement in bending stiffness.

extensive use of advanced steels, and advanced computer-impact simulations, the 500e’s redesigned architecture world-class torsional stiffness for control of body geometry, accommodating its powerful 97-cell ion battery. Engineers ensured the revised underbody’s design was intrusive to interior space, providing a tighter and stiffer with an added sense of and control during higher maneuvers.

In addition, the design from internal combustion to enabled the Fiat 500e to its weight for a 57/43 (compared to 500’s 64/36) front-to-rear distribution to improve handling

Unshackled by a performance-draining eco-button, the of which found on competitive the stylish all-new, all-electric delivers an estimated 116 miles per equivalent (MPGe) city and 100 highway (186 and 160 km) of worry-free

As Chrysler Group LLC’s road-going retail electric the Fiat 500e forgoes the of an Eco button. Eco-buttons deaden in exchange for marginal range

In deference to the driver, the Fiat holds nothing back

Our was to make the full potential and of the e-powertrain immediately available and to 500e customers, says Bob Vice President and Head of and Electrified Propulsion Engineering Group LLC.

FIAT buyers, empowerment starts a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery that a 111 horsepower (83 kW), permanent-magnet, synchronous drive-motor. Dubbed and showcased by a studded, logo-adorned cover, it generates 147 lb.-ft. N•m) of peak torque all of which is available at tip-in. by a four-year warranty, its behavior relative to conventional powertrains is pleasingly familiar.

Other EVs are and lifeless until the accelerator is In keeping with its sporty, character, the Fiat 500e a creep feature, which the car smoothly and assuredly as soon as its pedal is released, just a vehicle powered by an idling

The Fiat 500e also fingertip-control of its emissions-free driveline. A array of center-stack-mounted push replaces the conventional shifter and the driver with the car’s single-speed gearbox.

Park is by a unique parking mechanism. by an electric motor attached to the gearbox, the Fiat 500e’s prawl is activated when the pushes the park button. locks the gearbox in park preventing movement.

The Fiat gearbox shines brightest the car is taken out of park. Its robust enables increased torque while allowing for lower input speeds, an attribute conserves battery energy and range.

Further benefiting the the single-speed gearbox helps the correct installed axle-shaft of the driveline.

Other enablers of the 500e’s top-flight performance are the battery pack and power module (PIM).

The high-voltage is housed in the floor of the 500e. It both the eDrive motor and systems, such as HVAC and electrical accessories tied to the battery. Comprising 97 individual the battery features a power-management designed to monitor and adjust cell voltage and operating — conditions that are to safety and life expectancy.

A stout capacity to handle cycles is backed by an eight-year which covers the entire

The battery’s thermal-management system optimal operating temperatures, maximizes driving range and recharging times — than 4 hours with its 2 (240-volt) on-board charging (OBCM) and 24 hours via Level 1 when fully depleted.

The supplements passive cooling by through the high-voltage battery a of ethylene glycol and corrosion This ensures consistent temperature and boosts battery

Fiat 500e Electric Cars

Passive cooling occurs via the aluminum radiator, which heat from the coolant as air the front of the vehicle. The radiator provides cooling benefits for the motor and the all-important PIM.

to accelerator-pedal inputs, the PIM regulates the of voltage sent to the eDrive. It so by converting the battery’s direct (DC) to alternating current which powers the drive-motor.

In it features an auxiliary power which reduces the battery’s output to 12 volts to support the vehicle electrical system.

the familiar feel of the Fiat creep feature, the PIM controls the and delivers the kind of accelerator-pedal drivers experience with tuned conventional powertrains. the accelerator and the car surges; release it and a corresponding deceleration. Apply the and the PIM also plays a role.

to the Fiat 500e’s mission, the PIM efficiency by using the eDrive to with braking. It’s a that neatly accommodates braking, simultaneously boosting the while reducing brake

The all-new 2014 Fiat does more than It engages.

The Fiat 500e’s technologies allow customers to with the vehicle, the outside and themselves.

The Fiat 500e’s 7-inch thin-film transistor instrument cluster display the one thing we crave most in chaotic, mind-cluttering culture. advancement accommodates crisper which are critical to the kind of recognition drivers need to proper focus on the task at

On entry, the driver is greeted by a screen that features an of a Fiat 500e. The integrated Vehicle Information Center also displays data as estimated time to fully If an attempt is made to start the while it is plugged in, the cluster alert the driver accordingly.

digital readouts indicating and range are ringed by dynamic that give real-time on state-of-charge and driving style. time, date, gear-selection and mode also are showcased.

in and around the display are familiar indicators critical to safe operation, from restraint-system and warning lights, to status of the 500e’s electronic stability (ESC) system.

Easy-to-reach on the instrument panel and turn-signal provide convenient access to information, such as average average energy consumption and distance.

Go with the flow

The 500e’s TomTom Navigation is explicitly designed to highlight the unique features.

The removable, display shares the chic of the TomTom Navigation systems in Fiat models. It has a touchscreen, but responds to voice commands. It up-to-the-minute access to traffic and information and its maps are dotted more than 7 million of interest.

A free PIN-protected app from the FIAT owner’s makes trip-planning more Users can send destinations their mobile devices to the Fiat 500e’s TomTom system. The system will calculate routes and visually whether the destinations are in range. station locations and their availability also are displayed.

The further distinguishes itself its capacity to deliver vehicle-status

Energy management is made with digital flow that track demands on the battery. Monitored systems from the drive motor to while low-charge and destination-out-of-range further contribute to effective The system also can be used to set schedules.

Connected and in control

The 500e’s advanced connectivity invite convenience — and sensibly.

A free exclusive 500e Smartphone App (compatible iPhone and Android) delivers access to the car’s sophisticated enabling customers to get the most their ownership experience. from the FIAT owner’s the Fiat 500e smartphone app has strategically designed to mirror the 500e’s instrument cluster. state-of-charge is displayed, along vehicle range and estimated to full recharge. Other deliver charge-status updates, if the is plugged in, and the ability to schedule when rates are lowest. the TomTom Navigation system, the app can display charge-station locations and availability — in real

Comfort is another key benefit. An app can pre-condition the Fiat 500e’s with remote access to the climate-control system. And peace of can be assured via access to tire-pressure and the ability to lock and unlock the doors.

Forget where you your Fiat 500e? Use the app to its distinctive horn.

FIAT’s BLUEME Handsfree technology system expands a universe beyond the Fiat Activated by buttons on the car’s wheel, BLUEME accommodates dialing — via dictation or contact list — for mobile-phone calls.


Fiat 500e customers can get in with their favorite commentators and newscasters through an Alpine Premium audio with subwoofer. The system seven-channel custom equalization and a digital amplifier.

The AM/FM and single-CD player also access to SiriusXM’s coast-to-coast radio programming. For even personalized listening, there is connectivity via USB or audio auxiliary

Easy-to-use, no-look fingertip for volume and station selection are on back of the Fiat 500e’s wheel, while a mute is conveniently located on the front.

At brand, safety is a priority, and objective has enabled the all-new Fiat 500e to fuse and passive safety technologies providing piece of mind and confidence for today’s conscientious

Seven standard air bags and head restraints

The all-new Fiat 500e features protection for its passengers. It’s standard air bags include: and front-passenger advanced multistage air driver’s knee air bag, side-curtain air bags and standard side pelvic-thorax air bags, all to enhanced occupant protection to all in the event of a collision.

Reactive restraints, which activate a rear impact, are another designed to minimize injuries by the gap between the head restraint and the head.

Electronic stability (ESC)

The Fiat 500e standard electronic stability (ESC) for improved handling as well as improved braking in weather or panic conditions.

the scenes, the ESC system is ready to by integrating key chassis control including electronic brake-force (EBD), anti-lock brake (ABS) and traction control (TCS) to control all four in response to yaw and steering input.

In ESC determines the driver’s intentions and the vehicle’s dynamic forces to the driver’s intended course. the driver exceed the performance of the road surface such the vehicle starts to oversteer or ESC instantly analyzes input the wheel sensors and corrects the loss of control by applying any several or all of the system’s brakes.

than 35 available safety and features

The following is a list of the Fiat 500e’s more 35 available safety and security which include:

Active signals: Turn signal three times when is depressed for 1 second to indicate a change (standard)

Advanced air bags: Inflates with a appropriate to the severity of the impact. In Fiat 500e’s unique air bag design includes tethers to the air bag. The passenger airbag has a air bag venting system, allowing one of the air bag to remain open while the air bag is inflating. A secondary vent is as the passenger contacts the air bag at the end of a crash offering protection of passengers of all

All-speed traction control: to keep driving wheels spinning during acceleration a stop or during all speeds by individual brakes alone or in with engine torque to prevent wheel slip

brake system (ABS): and prevents wheel lockup, improved steering control extreme braking and/or conditions (standard)

Auto-dimming mirror: Detects and reduces from rearward headlamps driver intervention (standard)

Activates a chime and/or an icon in the instrument cluster to the driver and front passenger to up if the Fiat 500e is driven belted front-seat occupants

Bi-halogen projector headlamps: wider, more focused spread and improves forward at night (standard)

BLUEME Communication technology: Provides an voice-activated communication system allows the driver to operate a compatible phone while his or her hands on the wheel and eyes on the Using a series of voice the driver can place phone access the phone’s address or listen to MP3s (standard)

Assist: In an emergency brake the system applies maximum power, minimizing the stopping (standard)

Brake Override: a disagreement exists between the and the brake, the brake signal the engine controller to reduce power, allowing the operator to the Fiat 500e (standard)

interlock: Prevents a Fiat from being shifted out of unless the brake pedal is (standard)

Brake-traction control (BTCS): Helps to keep wheels from spinning acceleration from a stop or slow speeds by applying brakes to the slipping wheel(s)

Child seat anchor LATCH (Lower Anchors and for CHildren) is designed to ease of compatible aftermarket child (standard)

Constant-force Retractors Regulates the force exerted on the by the seat belt and then releases seat-belt webbing in a manner. The system features a load limiter for the driver and load limiter for the front-passenger

Crumple zones: Designed to during an accident in order to energy from an impact decreases transfer of that to occupants (standard)

Daytime running lamps Provides additional forward for improved vehicle awareness

Electronic stability control Enhances driver control and maintain directional stability all conditions. Provides the benefit in driving situations, such as and is valuable when driving on conditions, including snow, ice or If there is a discernible difference driver input through the wheel and the Fiat 500e’s ESC applies selective braking and input to guide the vehicle on to the driver’s intended path

Energy management system: front load paths from high-strength steel vehicle crush and minimize intrusion (standard)

Express windows: One-touch powered down window button on the center console (standard)

side-curtain air bags: Extends to all outboard front- and rear-seat Each side air bag has its own impact that autonomously trigger the air bag on the where an impact occurs. type of air bag is housed in the headliner above the side windows

Head restraints: Includes all positions (standard)

Hill-start (HSA): Assists drivers starting a vehicle from a on a hill by maintaining the level of pressure applied for a short of time after a driver’s is removed from the brake If throttle is not applied within a period of time after the foot is removed from the pedal, brake pressure be released (standard)

Knee air bag side): Located below the panel, air bag deploys when the air bag deploys and is designed to properly the occupant during impact and additional lower leg protection

Occupant restraint controller Detects an impact and determines a crash is severe enough to air bag deployment and whether the primary or stage inflation is sufficient. In the controller detects side and determines whether the rail-curtain and seat-mounted (pelvic-thorax protection) should deploy. Engagement of seat belt pretensioners are managed through the controller

ParkSense rear park system: Assists at low speeds in to detect stationary objects. of audible warnings for the driver

Reactive head restraints: in the event of a rear collision. are designed to reduce injuries by the gap between the driver and front-passenger restraint and the passenger’s head

Remote keyless entry: and unlocks doors and turns on lamps. If the vehicle is equipped the optional security alarm, the also arms and disarms system (standard)

Safety body structure: Protects by managing and controlling energy in the of an impact (standard)

Seat pretensioners: During a collision, sensors initiate front belt pretensioners to remove in the seat belt system, reducing the forward movement of the head and torso (standard)

Key engine immobilizer: Uses a key fob has an embedded transponder with a security code to shut off the after a few seconds and discourage theft (standard)

Seat-mounted pelvic-thorax air bags: Provide protection to the driver and front passenger in certain impacts. side air bag has its own impact sensors autonomously trigger the air bag on the side an impact occurs. Standard air bags are housed within the side of each front (standard)

Side-curtain air bags: enhanced protection to all outboard (standard)

Side-guard door Provide occupant protection a side impact (standard)

turn signals: Located on the fenders, the turn signals better notification to other that the driver is about to a turn or lane change

Three-point seat belts: seating positions and all rear positions have lap and shoulder (standard)

Tilt steering Allows steering column to a safe and comfortable driving (standard)

Tire-pressure monitoring Informs driver when pressure is too low. Pressure-sensor within the valve stems of all road wheels send radio-frequency signals to a receiver and the Individual tire pressure can be in the EVIC (standard)

TomTom This innovative navigation features real-time traffic, weather updates and more 7 million points of interests

Vehicle theft security Deters vandalism and theft, lowering insurance premiums. protects the vehicle from by monitoring door-ajar switches and the circuit for unauthorized entry

Fiat 500e Electric Cars
Fiat 500e Electric Cars
Fiat 500e Electric Cars
Fiat 500e Electric Cars
Fiat 500e Electric Cars

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