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2013FordCMax Energi Review By Aaron D Bragman

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Ford C-Max Energi

2013 Ford C-Max

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By D. Bragman

Cars.com National

14, 2013

Ford’s hybrid is evolving, with the company to offering consumers a variety of for some of its mainstream models. For Ford has added a new trim to the new C-Max hybrid lineup: a hybrid option, or Energi in Ford-speak.

Like the regular Ford C-Max, the Energi is a hybrid that delivers style and efficiency, but it compromises capacity and has an electric range too limited for the plug-in’s additional

The Energi can be driven roughly 21 on electric power alone. the battery reaches a certain of depletion, the gasoline engine in to keep the car going, up to 620 miles Recharging the Energi takes 2½ hours on a 240-volt 2 EV charger or up to seven hours on a 120-volt household power

If that kind of operation familiar, it’s because two vehicles on the market work in ways: the Toyota Prius and the Chevrolet Volt. (It’s the regular Prius that as a plug-in; the larger Prius v not.) In our week with the Energi, we found it to be the best-driving car of the but we question whether the plug-in additional cost is worth the To see the C-Max Energi compared with its competitors, click .

Which Kind of C-Max Am I At?

Outwardly, the Energi is much the as the basic C-Max. Only the port on the left front and the reduced cargo room to this being anything but a C-Max. The C-Max Energi the normal hybrid’s 1.4-kilowatt-hour battery pack with a larger, 7.6-kwh battery in the area, which does cut into the rear storage

It also eliminates the regular flat floor when the seats are folded. The additional 250 that came with the conversion to a plug-in don’t, affect the car’s excellent dynamics too much, aside some rather clunky A four-element LED light ring the charge port, lighting up in as a visual cue to let the driver know the charge status upon the vehicle and plugging it in. It’s a element, but a more useful one have been a warning the car that the charging-port door is before driving off.

it open is fairly easy to do unplugging the car.

We’ve covered the regular C-Max the review ), and pretty much all the on that model hold for the Energi model. Driving any is a pleasure. Its fit and finish, refinement and material quality put it considerably hybrid models from and Honda. Using the C-Max, is less pleasant, due to design for interior controls that must be addressed.

For instance, when placed in the shifter completely obscures the car’s buttons, including the release switch. The climate-control are bizarre little nubs are difficult to grip with fingers and impossible with MyFord Touch and the latest system operate without maybe two requests out of three.

The looks good inside; it doesn’t work as well as it

Does It Do What It Claims?

An variety of weather conditions us to see how temperature and use of the climate system the car’s electric range. in conditions ranging from 20 in the snow to 60 degrees in the rain, we some eye-opening conclusions. As all vehicles, mileage may vary, but it comes to EV range on the C-Max it’s less theory and reality. The EV range estimator was during our week of testing, from 17 miles of predicted EV at full charge down to 10 miles.

Deciding factors to be twofold: ambient temperature and use. Just turning on the climate control system with the car already warmed up drops estimated EV range by 4 As expected, colder mornings saw EV range estimates than mornings.

But whatever the weather, once did we see an estimated EV range the EPA-rated 21 miles, demonstrating how easily ambient temperatures the C-Max Energi and its air-cooled pack.

Birds of a Feather

Given the C-Max Energi’s EV comparisons are natural between the Energi and the Chevrolet Volt, also uses a range-extending engine once its onboard battery has been depleted. the Volt which provides electric acceleration, never its gas engine until the battery is depleted the C-Max Energi can use its four-cylinder engine in conjunction the electric motor for the majority of its To make the most of that the Energi has a selector button lets the driver choose three operating modes: EV and Battery Saving. Auto the car to determine when to use the engine for extra oomph, like merging onto a highway, or electrical needs get too great, blasting the air conditioning on a hot day.

EV keeps the car in electric mode of the time. The engine is not truly so it will still switch on if it thinks it needs to. In Battery mode, the engine will be the power source for propulsion and needs, saving the battery for later use.

As an EV, the Energi quite well. It’s quiet and quick about In some ways, though, also limited as an actual EV.

the Volt can go through a typical use before needing a charge, the Energi’s much smaller (it’s less than the size of the Volt’s) lasts as long. While the range varies widely depending on and use, it is fairly accurate. If it 14 miles, so long as you drive and slowly, the car will achieve 14

Ford C-Max Energi

What the C-Max Energi did not do was anywhere near the 47 mpg average the basic C-Max is rated: very careful driving and use of EV mode, the on-board computer registered trips at 37-38 occasionally rising to 41 mpg in milder when the climate control was off.


The C-Max has not yet crash-tested. Standard safety include seven airbags, the required antilock brakes and stability system. Ford’s MyKey system allows to limit vehicle speed, volume and other features their teens drive.

here for a full list of features or here for our evaluation of seat accommodations.

Is It Worth the

The marginal benefit of 10-20 miles off electricity makes us that the Energi model is its $7,750 premium over the C-Max. The Energi starts at and our fully loaded tester to $36,635, including a $795 charge. It comes in just one level: SEL, which a power driver’s seat, leather upholstery, MyFord and keyless access with start. A power liftgate a foot-activated sensor, a backup front and rear parking an automated parking feature, audio and a navigation system are in an optional popular equipment

A moonroof is a stand-alone option on the

What’s This Car’s

Even maxed out, the is still $3,300 less an entry-level Chevrolet Volt, but those two cars is, frankly, to do. The Volt qualifies for a federal tax of up to $7,500, while the Energi’s tax tops out at $3,750. This the Volt’s price down to which is still more the Energi’s credit-adjusted price of but there are caveats to these They’re not rebates, but they are tax deductions, so how much you get depends on income level. (If you lease of buy, the leasing company this benefit, which to lower monthly payments.)

From a feature standpoint, car has its own benefits. The C-Max seats to the Volt’s four, has far better visibility and greater overall and is less expensive with standard equipment. It’s more sprightly and entertaining to and runs on regular gasoline. The requires premium, but has a big edge it comes to electric operating and cargo room, and it frankly feels like it was designed to be an car from the start.

The C-Max electric drive feels sorted out.

While has consistently made its pitch for the against the similarly sized Prius v wagon (see the ), the Energi’s function more puts it up against the Prius hatchback (see the review ). The Plug-in and the Energi function but the Prius has a few disadvantages: Its battery is than the Energi’s at only 4.4 and its electric range is just 15 according to Toyota (11 miles to the EPA). The Prius’ overall output is just 134 horsepower, with the C-Max Energi’s 195 hp, the C-Max a considerable edge in drivability and speed. Realistically, the can go farther on electric power using its gas engine, but once models are on gasoline power, the is more fuel-efficient: It gets an 51/49/50 mpg city/highway/combined versus the 44/41/43 mpg.

The Ford drives better any car in the Prius lineup; the Prius is pokey in EV mode, whereas the Energi is sprightly and quick. In about every measurable the C-Max is a better vehicle the exception of price: The Prius starts at $32,795, including That’s nearly $1,000 than the C-Max Energi tax credits) and includes features a standard navigation system. tax credits are considered, the Prius $2,500 credit drops it to $30,295, giving the C-Max a few hundred dollars’ edge its credit is factored in.

The Toyota can be up rather heavily, however, $40,000 with items not available on the C-Max, like a display, radar-based cruise and adaptive headlamps.

A basic provides a realistic, well-executed to Toyota’s Prius models, but the variant just doesn’t worth the price.

Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi


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