Car Review 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid 4WD

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Ford Escape Electric Cars

Car Review. 2005 Ford Hybrid 4WD



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The new Escape Hybrid goes a way towards making a hybrid another vehicle, not a technophile

It’s supposed to be «The of the Car» at Ford, and the Blue folks have plenty of new products to support that But that may be by was of compensation, for in the recent «Ford» has been nearly with «SUV.» Its Explorer defined the mid-sized civilized SUV from the day of its introduction. When larger was needed, the Expedition

And to fill out the line in a more size, the Escape was created. was and is something everyone in the way of an SUV at Ford.

But has also been an anti-SUV According to some, SUVs are too and consume more than fair share of non-renewable They can be seen as poster for wretched excess.

So what be a better way to fight those and move gasoline-electric hybrids toward the automotive mainstream to make an ultra-efficient hybrid

This is just what has done with its new Escape The Escape Hybrid is a full capable of running under power, electric power, or a of both. It breaks new ground for vehicles. Not only is it the first SUV, it’s the first of any sort with four-wheel if the optional «Intelligent 4WD System»(tm) is

And it’s the first hybrid by its manufacturer for towing, with a of 1,000 lbs, the same as the four-cylinder Escape without the package.

At heart, the Hybrid is a Escape. Its engine is basically the but modified for increased efficiency. It a maximum of 133 horsepower, compared to the four-cylinder Escape’s 153. the electric motor adds 94 to that, although the two don’t peak power at the same So acceleration is close to that of the V6, and than the regular four-cylinder

Power from each is fed into an electronically-controlled continuously-variable (CVT), and from there to the As with other full the electric motor powers the at low speeds, such as the stop-and-go creep, and the gasoline engine is the power source at highway At other times, they together, in dynamically-changing proportion.

To save fuel, the gasoline shuts off when coming to a and restarts automatically when the is pressed.

What Ford has done in the Escape Hybrid is to make a vehicle with the performance of a V6, and fuel economy than a four or a six. The Escape takes the internal combustion-electric to the heart of the American vehicular Driving an Escape Hybrid no sacrifice of interior space, utility, or performance.

The batteries as it is driven, and it runs on regular

I’ve been driving an Hybrid for the past very week. As with most current hybrids, it is most for being unremarkable — that in driving, it is little from an equivalent gasoline-powered I’ve spent time a V6 Escape XLT recently, and it is still in mind. The differences between the two in the driving experience are minimal. The ride is a little — word «little» — and less nimble, likely of its 300-lb. greater weight and tires.

It costs about more, but goes significantly on a gallon of gasoline, with a average versus the V6’s 18. The new Escape Hybrid goes a way towards making a hybrid another vehicle, not a technophile

Exterior And Interior: Because the differences between the Hybrid and Escapes are minor, I’ll on the driving experience. For the most the Hybrid has the same exterior and upgrades as all Escapes this How can you tell the Hybrid from Escapes outside? It has special with a road-and-leaf «HYBRID» And, if you look very the driver’s-side rear quarter is shorter than normal, to room for the battery compartment

That’s it. Inside, it’s the same. The Hybrid does a unique instrument cluster, a special gauge that whether the batteries are charging or And the tachometer has a «green zone» zero rpm.

The needle there during electric If specified, a small LCD screen is top and center in the dash. It does duty as the navigation system and can also display fuel and power mode. Other that, it’s the same usefully-sized Escape as any other, room for five and lots of

The hybrid system causes no of interior space.

Safety: the Hybrid is an Escape, and has the same and safety systems. Brakes are antilock discs.

Ford Escape Electric Cars

On The Road: up to the Escape Hybrid and press on the remote entry fob. The unlock, as in any Escape, and a small somewhere under the hood That’s the first clue something is different. Get in, turn the and the engine starts and settles to Backing out of the driveway, the engine may off, depending on battery

Running electrically, an Escape is very quiet. When from a stop, the engine full assist from the motor. An electric motor maximum torque as soon as it to rotate, making it the perfect for low-speed acceleration.

I didn’t do any acceleration runs, but the Hybrid stronger than the V6 up to about 35 Above that speed, the does most of the work, assistance from the motor. both feed power the CVT, which uses a gearset and electronic controls to the most efficient mix of power and ratio to use at any given time.

it has no discrete gear ratios, it shifts in the manner of a conventional and so is extremely smooth.

My test had the optional «Intelligent 4WD» four-wheel drive system. It is the same as that found in Escapes. The vehicle operates in drive mode until the wheels lose traction, at time the computer-controlled center sends power to the rear

It is completely transparent in operation.

are bought for their improved economy, and the Escape Hybrid, not as economical as smaller, lighter cars, does go considerably on a gallon of unleaded regular its gas-only relatives. I averaged 30 mpg for a week with more the usual amount of highway and highway fuel economy is not a strongest point. Watching the fuel-economy display, I saw 32 on the highway at a 70 mph (that’s in the slow lane here!), 35 in town at slower, (electric mode) speeds, and 27 in cutthroat traffic with acceleration and deceleration.

The 18 mpg I got with the V6 was the product of a lot of spirited back-road Figure around 20 for the same of driving as I did in the Hybrid. Hey, the has a 50 percent improvement!

Fuel is not the only benefit of the hybrid You get better brakes as well. other hybrids, the Escape regenerative braking to charge the pack. What this is that when decelerating, the motor becomes a generator, and the generated is fed to the batteries.

The magnetic created when the motor as a generator helps slow the car very noticeably. The result is shorter stopping distances and brake life. And the brakes are discs, with standard

Ride and handling differences? At nearly 3,800 lbs, the weighs about 320 lbs. than the Escape V6. While is no word as to suspension calibration the Hybrid felt like it had springs and shocks, and it had stiffer-riding

Not surprisingly, it didn’t feel as as its lighter cousin, but it still and handles like a car, not a It’s like a gas-only with a couple of passengers.

specifications on the 2005 Ford Hybrid 4WD and other vehicles are at the New Car Buyers Guide !

Ford Escape Electric Cars
Ford Escape Electric Cars
Ford Escape Electric Cars
Ford Escape Electric Cars
Ford Escape Electric Cars
Ford Escape Electric Cars


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