Ford Escape (2013)

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Ford Escape Electric Cars

Ford Escape

The all-new Escape delivers the versatility and capacity SUV customers expect a sports-inspired design they

Escape’s athletic good are no accident, says Martin Design executive director of Asia Pacific and Africa. We to create the impression of an athlete a runner or swimmer in the new body right down to the defined that convey movement and

The new SUV will be sold as the Ford in North America and will be later wearing a Kuga in many markets around the

Function follows form as the design allows for cargo that surpasses the outgoing Escape — with cubic feet of space the first row and 34.3 cubic behind the second row. The new will be slightly longer the current model, adding space.

Escape’s seats, latest, lose weight adding customer convenience. The structure has shed nearly 3 while the seats themselves added more functionality two-way power recline and power lumbar support. are in addition to the familiar six-way

A sport seat, with bolsters and a distinct sew style, is available.

The front head offers four-way adjustability for the time. Both the head and rear seats have upgraded to allow for easier and are made from soy-based

2013 Ford Escape

levels of craftsmanship

The closer get to the all-new Ford Escape, the they will love it, Peter Bejin, manager of Craftsmanship.

Improved materials and highlight the interior, including:

A instrument panel

Wrapped, and stitched door armrests

padding on console armrests

The upper roll on doors

of exposed fasteners in glove box and sun pivots

Available leather-trimmed seats with piping on area and contrast stitching

Our created a well-proportioned vehicle stunning from 20 feet said Bejin. We want to on that design promise on the side so that when walk up and open the door, sit and start interacting with the new it provokes that same from 2 feet away, 1 away or 1 millimeter away.

the new exterior color choices in America is Ginger Ale, an metallic tone slightly than ginger ale looks in a glass.

Ginger Ale leads an palette of new exterior choices includes Ruby Red, Platinum Tricoat, Frosted Metallic, Deep Impact and Kodiak Brown, along Tuxedo Black, Sterling Metallic, Ingot Silver and Oxford White.


The muscular, defined exterior is complemented by a dynamic, well-appointed featuring new levels of craftsmanship and

The interior design of the all-new is modern and sophisticated, said Pauli, chief designer, and Materials. It captures the expressive and enhanced functionality of the vehicle.

The design team especially the wealth of exclusive features no can match when creating the Ford Escape, led by available with upgraded MyFord driver connect technology.

environment choices include Black on Charcoal Black or Black on Medium Light or Medium Dark Stone.

EcoBoost Engines

For the first the new Ford Escape will two different EcoBoost® engines. award-winning Ford engine which produces outstanding performance and expected fuel better than any competitor, is in a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and for the first in the U.S. a 1.6-liter four-cylinder.

Each new engine uses the EcoBoost technologies of direct injection and turbocharging and adds independent variable camshaft (Ti-VCT). With these the 2.0-liter EcoBoost is projected to more torque than the V6 engine in Toyota’s RAV4, and the is projected to produce segment-leading economy among compact and up to 5 mpg better than the outgoing

EcoBoost has been a popular among customers since the V6 was introduced in 2009 in the Ford SHO and Lincoln MKS.

EcoBoost are fundamental to the Ford strategy of technologically advanced, high-output, powertrains that deliver fuel economy and uncompromised for millions of drivers around the By 2013, more than 90 of Ford’s North American will be available with technology. Ford holds than 125 patents on its EcoBoost technology.

Giving customers two engine choices perfectly the array of smart, high-tech available in the new Ford Escape, Roger Maynard, Powertrain Both the 2.0-liter and 1.6-liter engines will deliver driving performance while fuel economy.

The 2.0-liter four-cylinder is projected to deliver 250 of torque and 237 horsepower. The 1.6-liter four-cylinder is projected to deliver 177 of torque and 173 horsepower.

Each new engine is mated to a specially six-speed SelectShift Automatic™ which is standard and allows to manually control gear from a switch on the left-hand of the shifter.

The gearbox features a new converter for improved driving silky smooth shifts and fuel economy. Engineers installed revised gear for a balanced driving feel in all The new ratios complement the revised converter.

The 2.0-liter EcoBoost, all EcoBoost engines, will peak torque across a band, said Maynard. means drivers will get response when they put the power — without fuel economy.

1.6-liter comes to North America

available for the first time in America is Ford’s 1.6-liter engine. Like its 2.0-liter mate, the 1.6-liter EcoBoost is to deliver better torque current Toyota and Honda and expected better fuel than both.

The 1.6-liter will be the fuel economy for the new Ford Escape and will outstanding fuel economy a highly responsive engine, Maynard.

Efforts to improve noise on the 2.0-liter EcoBoost carried over to the 1.6-liter which adds an electronically bypass valve.

This helps mitigate turbocharger and tip-out noises, resulting in a sound out of the engine when the tips off the throttle. The valve out the sound by balancing the air pressure in the

Lighter, more efficient

The base engine for the all-new Escape is an updated version of the four-cylinder, which shares components with the 2.0-liter engine to save weight, quality and increase fuel

Highlighting the improvements is the new lower-tension front-end accessory drive With the belt at a lower friction in the entire system is Less friction reduces consumption.

That improvement, with engine control and other advancements, contributes up to a 2 mpg in fuel economy as well as low-end torque for enhanced feel.

Also improving economy is the Active Grille System, which helps air resistance and is on all models with the EcoBoost engine and the 2.5-liter

The Active Grille Shutter will open grille when extra engine air is required, such as low-speed driving. When cruising on the at steady speeds, the grille automatically close to improve and fuel efficiency.

Active Grille Shutters are used on the Ford Focus . Taurus and Ford Edge in America and will be added to more vehicles.


In markets outside of North where the newest SUV from will wear a Kuga a number of additional powertrains, a new diesel engine, will be More details will be when the new Kuga launches at the Motor Show in March

Recycled plastic bottles, cotton find fresh

A wide suite of environmentally or recycled materials — plastic bottles and cotton, to a few — are found within the of the all-new Ford Escape.

The Ford Escape has a strong responsibility story to tell, Sue Cischke, group vice Sustainability, Environment and Safety With two all-new EcoBoost each delivering fewer CO2 compared with similar engines, and the extensive use of recycled or materials, the all-new Ford is more environmentally friendly.

The Ford Escape contains more sustainable materials its predecessor . Materials that are renewable and reduce impact on the include:

Carpeting made either post-consumer or post-industrial An example of a post-consumer material is that’s been recycled, from beverage bottles. The for polyester carpeting is about post-consumer and two-thirds post-industrial

25 20-ounce plastic bottles are in the carpeting

Soy foam in the seats and restraints

Powertrain undershields from 100 percent recycled

More than 10 pounds of cotton recycled from sweaters, T-shirts and other otherwise sent to a landfill is in sound-absorption material

Climate gaskets made from tires

Industry-first use of microcellular technology in the injection molding of the instrument panel, reducing by 1 pound and contributing to improved economy. This technology microscopic cells to reduce without sacrificing dimensional

Tailpipe trims are made polished stainless steel of more common and less friendly chromium-plated trims

use of more environmentally friendly, and recyclable materials complements the best-in-class fuel economy of the Ford Escape, further the vehicle’s environmentally responsible The all-new Ford Escape the USCAR Vehicle Recycling goal that 85 percent of the is recyclable.

Soy-based foam to head restraints

The expansion of soy-based foam continues in the Escape. In addition to bio-foam in the seat cushions and backs, new for is head restraint foam is 5 percent soy-based.

The carpet is made from either (plastic that’s been for example, from beverage or post-industrial (scraps from that make clothing, for sources. In the new Ford Escape, the for the polyester carpeting is about post-consumer and two-thirds post-industrial.

engineers calculate that 25 20-ounce plastic bottles be used in the production of the carpet of new Escape in North America. At sales levels, that is than 4 million recycled bottles each year.

We are that the all-new Ford will deliver outstanding economy and make smart use of that otherwise would up in a said Cischke. Savvy will appreciate how we have Escape both greener and

The all-new Ford Escape the safety features and technologies really want, including a steel body and an even new airbag system that no automaker offers.

Safety is of prime importance to of small sport utility and the new Ford Escape delivers, Jason Sprawka, Escape manager. The new Escape has been 5,000 times in real and tests to help improve

The new Ford Escape adds four times as much high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength as the outgoing vehicle. Nearly of the steel in the all-new unibody is composed of advanced high-strength and steel, helping better occupants in the event of a crash.

The new also features an enhanced Safety System™ with new belt technologies and seven

The Personal Safety System is a of components that work to tailor the activation of the front during frontal collisions. The control module (RCM) information collected by the front sensors, front outboard belt buckle switch, track position and passenger-seat sensor and judges how fast the is decelerating, and if the driver and/or are buckled.

With this the RCM activates the safety belt and determines how the dual-stage front will deploy.

New for the next Escape are pretensioners at the front anchor points and crash-locking These technologies help the belt tight over the in a fraction of a second during severe crashes.

The new side deploy lower in the pelvis in addition to the chest and incorporate new technology, which Escape exclusively to the small SUV segment.

The airbag’s venting technology into account the size of the varying the pressure so smaller withstand a lower pressure.

In a impact, what’s preferred is a side airbag for a larger and a lower pressure for a smaller said Sean Ryan, supervisor. That wasn’t with previous systems. On the new Escape, the adaptive vent us to optimize the pressure in the side

The tunnel vent is lined up the shoulder area of the occupant. On passengers, the shoulder engages the and keeps it from venting so the gas inside the airbag. On smaller the effect is just the opposite: the occupant’s shoulder is below the the gas vents out of the airbag.

The driver’s uses a reconfigured curve-shaped system that pulls in the section to create a pocket to lessen the impact of the airbag on the chest and ribs in frontal Deploying at the same time is a knee airbag — on Ford Escape for the first

The new Ford Escape also the familiar Safety Canopy® which combines side airbags and a rollover sensor to provide protection for outboard during side impacts.

for the airbags are located near the rail between the side while side-impact sensors are on each side of the vehicle. The sensor detects a potential and triggers the Safety Canopy The airbags stay inflated for up to six to help reduce injuries multiple impacts or rollovers.

The Ford Escape might be the helpful vehicle ever by Ford. Using the most technology ever offered in a the new Escape helps customers or unload gear through the hatch without fumbling for a stay connected, parallel and avoid a collision in a parking

Plus, on the road, the all-new Intelligent 4WD System helps outstanding handling and excellent off-road when drivers to leave the pavement.

Additionally, exclusive technologies no competitor can match to automatically the vehicle when cornering too (Curve Control) or help through a turn (Torque Control) are joined together for the time in an SUV in the new Ford Escape.

want technology that their lives easier, Jason Sprawka, Escape manager. The new Escape has a wealth of intuitive technology as well as that are completely seamless.

a kick out of new smart technology

the clever, segment-first customer-focused for the all-new Ford Escape is the hands-free power liftgate. A kicking motion under the of the rear bumper activates the then unlocks and raises the

This allows quick, and convenient access to the cargo without setting down or digging out keys to open the hatch. The same process the hatch as well.

The hands-free builds off Ford’s Intelligent with push-button start, allows customers to unlock and their vehicles without having to take out the key. the key fob is in their possession — in a pocket, coat, purse or — a simple pull on the handle unlocks the vehicle. inside, the driver simply down the brake pedal and the power button to start the

For the hands-free power liftgate, two integrated into the Intelligent system are located in the rear One detects the driver’s shin, and the detects the kicking motion to the hands-free power liftgate.

The of the system detecting the key fob and the shin and leg is necessary to unlock and open the safeguarding against any accidental

Ford Escape Electric Cars

Animals running under the hitting bumps in the road or leaves swirl below the on the road won’t trip the said Michael Becker, engineer. We’ve designed the so the liftgate opens when you it to.

Additionally, the liftgate height can be or adjusted manually to meet customer needs. The liftgate from about 4 feet to a of about 7 feet above the

New version of SYNC with Touch

The latest version of with MyFord Touch® connect technology for new Escape it easier to manage information, features and adjust settings.

listened to our customers and have what they love MyFord Touch, said Williams, systems integration In this upgrade, the screens a cleaner, clearer display. The on the screens are larger and easier to the pressable areas on the screen more like buttons, and we made the functions clearer for navigation.

What separates Touch is that there are ways for customers to manage and what they want voice commands, menus through the steering wheel touch screen, buttons or whatever they prefer.

the key corner screens — Navigation, Entertainment and Climate are labeled as such in addition to color codes. Icons a new look that better the functionality or feature.

MyFord includes a standard 4-inch in the instrument cluster on all Ford series models. An 8-inch in the center stack is standard on SEL and models. All-new Escape features the latest version of which includes:

Hands-free, calling via a Bluetooth®-connected mobile

Hands-free, voice-activated control of a digital music player

911 the automated emergency calling that is free for the life of the

Vehicle Health Report, the diagnostic and maintenance information

Standard with MyFord is a SYNC Services subscription, expands voice-controlled features to a cloud-based network of services. include turn-by-turn directions, reports and business search with available live assistance, if needed.

MyFord is available with navigation and with Sony-branded audio 10 speakers and a Sony-designed electronic panel.

New parking technology

Available for the first time for Escape is a parking technology that can help take the out of parallel parking and help accidents. Included in the package

Active park assist

Spot Information System with cross-traffic alert


Front park

Rear park assist

view camera

Ford’s park assist system make parallel parking With the simple press of a and enabled by the EPAS (electric steering) system, active assist will detect an parallel parking space 10 sensors and automatically steer the into the space, without the having to touch the steering The driver controls the accelerator, and brakes.

The sensor-based technology of park assist parks on in tighter spaces, closer to the and is faster and more accurate competitors’ camera-based systems. The new can parallel park into a of less than 18 feet — the vehicle’s length (a less than 15 feet) 3 feet.

BLIS with alert helps drivers lanes or back out of a parking with more confidence. alerts when a vehicle is entering a blind spot, and alert warns of traffic approaching from the sides, as backing out of a parking space.

driving experience dramatically

Advanced Ford-developed software the new Ford Escape’s Intelligent 4WD pre-emptively reassesses conditions 20 times faster than it to blink an eye, readjusting the split to give the driver the blend of handling and traction at all

Using advanced software and the system gathers data 25 external signals, including speed, accelerator pedal and steering wheel angle, to outstanding driving performance in wet and dry conditions as well as excellent traction.

Greater confidence entering and driving through is enabled by the technologies Torque Control and Curve Control, are available together for the first in an SUV in the all-new Ford Escape.

The always pre-emptively splits the produced by the powertrain between the and rear axles. Splitting the offers several benefits to the First, it transfers the power, means that when a corners hard, the vehicle better follow the intended path.

For example, if the vehicle is — the tendency to go straight cornering — the system automatically split more to the rear wheels to help that effect and provide neutral steering.

Second, and new to all-new SUV, are feedback and software that calculate, on the driver’s steering angle, the driver wants to go versus the vehicle is heading, and make the split.

A sort of mini-supercomputer all the inputs from an array of and data — such as acceleration, driver demand and angle — and processes information to get the vehicle to turn in the the driver wants it to go. The Ford builds on the pre-emptive actions by and subtracting torque as needed an electromagnetic clutch.

If, for example, the of the vehicle is on ice and the rear is on pavement, the system can send all the torque the can produce to the rear, putting where the driver needs it.

All of these adjustments, corrections and are made every 16 milliseconds, is about 20 times faster the blink of an eye.

Both the (the control software) and the (the rear axle) developed in-house by Ford.

braking system, new technologies add level of confidence

Working in with Ford’s new Intelligent 4WD is an enhanced version of Torque Control, deployed for the first with an all-wheel-drive vehicle.

on the new global Ford Focus but retuned and recalibrated for the new Escape, Vectoring Control adds level of confidence for the driver. In a when wheel slip is — losing grip on the wheel, for example — Vectoring Control transfers across the axle to the outside

Torque Vectoring Control is when the driver is on the accelerator, and sensors and software to calculate the yaw motion, or its tendency to move or right.

More typically on high-performance cars, Torque Control uses the vehicle’s to imitate the effect of a limited-slip constantly balancing the distribution of torque between the front during cornering, resulting in grip and steering and a reduced of understeer.

The system operates the vehicle’s stability control and monitors the situation 100 times per As the vehicle accelerates through a the system detects when the front wheel is starting to and applies an imperceptible amount of to the wheel. This prevents spin and has the effect of transferring torque to the outside wheel, has more grip, thus traction and steering control.

a traction control system reduces engine power, Vectoring Control’s intervention is subtle and may not even be noticeable to the

Other helpful technologies to the new Ford Escape include park assist, hill assist and emergency brake complementing such core and Escape technologies as Roll Control™ and trailer sway

Brakes offer better when cornering

The new braking also helps keep the in control when cornering. to the Curve Control feature on the new Explorer, the new braking system in the can apply automatic four-wheel to help the driver when too quickly on a curve, and is always

The system will aid in cutting by reducing the engine torque and braking, helping avoid Freeway off-ramps and on-ramps are situations where vehicles may be too fast for the curve. The system is automatic and capable of slowing the more quickly than drivers can react — can be reduced about 10 mph in about one allowing the vehicle to maintain its

Ford Escape Electric Cars
Ford Escape Electric Cars
Ford Escape Electric Cars
Ford Escape Electric Cars
Ford Escape Electric Cars
Ford Escape Electric Cars

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