Review 2013 Ford CMAX Energi PlugIn Hybrid (Video) The Truth About Cars

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Ford C-Max Energi

Review: 2013 Ford Energi Plug-In Hybrid

In 2005, ABC News Polls the average daily commute in was 16 miles, a number borne out in our own poll. If you have a commute that and want an EV for commuting and a for road tripping, you re the target for a plug-in hybrid. Since I m not a fund baby, and neither are of TTAC s readers, I m going to about the Karma while we deep into Ford s (and interestingly spelled)

C-MAX and C-MAX Energi

is Ford-speak for plug-in hybrid. On our the C-MAX competes with the V and to some extent the Prius, the Energi targets the Prius and Volt. Let s cover the basics Our C-MAX is an Americanized version of the C-MAX. Aside from the requisite changes for American legislation and some bumper tweaks, the difference boils to one major change: the American is hybrid only while its twin get a traditional gasoline/diesel

The C-MAX strikes an interesting on American roads looking the product of crossbreeding a Focus and a The hatchback s tall greenhouse, roof-line and crossover styling were no doubt penned to entice the suburban set. I the design as a whole more than the Prius, but less than the Volt.

At 173 inches the C-MAX is 2 inches longer a Focus hatchback, but 3 inches than the Prius and 3.5 inches than the Volt. Exterior are a tough comparison however the Prius and Volt have a sedan-like profile.

The Energi most of its dashboard with the new The only major change is a instrument cluster with LCDs like the Fusion Since this cabin t designed with weight in mind, it has a more premium than the Prius or Volt to Ford s dedication to squishy bits and color matching

Perhaps due to the non-hybrid roots, you won t anything futuristic or weird in cabin. There are no centrally gauges, no acres of touch-buttons and no instrument cluster. That s not to say the has a sumptuous cabin per se, but it is the only in this trio that pass muster in a normal vehicle.

Barely. (Our tester in at $37,435.) The Prius on the other is full of plastics and fabrics at home in a $16,000 econo-box.

offers two interior colors on the black-on-black-on-black, or a greyish tan and your of fabric or leather. (I recommend the shade as it makes the cabin less claustrophobic.) Front comfort is good thanks to an crossover-like seating position, seats and a decent range of The tilt/telescopic steering wheel further than I had expected and finding a comfortable driving easy for a variety of driver The tall cabin and upright didn t fool me into the Energi was a crossover, but my back and appreciated the seating position and it the Energi offers considerably headroom than the Prius or

The rear seats are a bit close to the for adults but are the right height for children. Despite looking the Energi is more than 3 wider than the Prius and 1.5 than the Volt which into a wider cabin. three abreast is more in the Energi than the Prius and legal than the Volt only has belts for four.

If you carry adults in the rear, the provides 4 inches more and a 2 inches more legroom the Volt.

When cargo the C-MAX s non-hybrid roots are because of where the battery is As you can see in the photo above, the battery takes up the entire spare well and about 7 inches of the floor as well (4 more the C-MAX without the plug). The hold is a few cubes smaller the Prius Plug-in (19.2 vs but about twice the size of the s 10.6. Keep in mind 19.2 cu-ft is larger most sedans, but because didn t adjust the roller-cargo-cover you can only put three carrry-on bags under the cover.

Without the cover it was possible to fit such bags (rotated and still see out the rear window.

All models come with s MyFord Touch system SYNC voice commands. The combines climate, entertainment, and navigation chores into one system that looks and responds to your every via voice commands. When it in 2010 the press (and soon discovered the system had bugs than a bag of 5-year-old thankfully Ford has corrected the of the flaws although the system sluggish at times.

Ford s used to be unique in its ability to command your tunes and control but Toyota s Entune and s MyLink systems now offer similar features without the or laggy graphics.

Ford s to make the C-MAX look and like a normal car has a downside. the normal displays will hybrid virgins feel at they do little to tell you s going on under the hood. of a tachometer you ll find a configurable kW showing how much power the and motor are providing.

You ll also see a battery icon that your state of charge and EV range. The system provides a coach display that you on your ability to recover but it does so after the fact than helping you adjust foot while braking.

The of the C-MAX and the C-MAX Energi is a 2.0L Atkinson cycle engine producing 141HP and of twist and a Ford designed transaxle that combines a traction motor and a smaller When working together, the delivers 188 system horsepower and a estimated 200-220lb0ft of torque.This is more than the Prius 134 HP and the Volt s 149HP. Like the the Ford sips regular while the Volt demands

The Energi model uses a battery pack (7.2 which slots between the Plug-in s 4.4 (4.2 usable) kWh and the s 16.5kWh (10.8 usable) If you look at those numbers you ll something, the Volt has a bigger but uses less of it. There s a Battery life is reduced by a of factors but one of the big ones is being at a high or low state of charge. By a larger battery and never it beyond 85% or discharging it below 20% GM is their cells with kid

Because of this I believe the s battery is likely to last than the competition. Ford the Energi is good for 21 miles of EV while the Volt claims 38 and the Prius lasts only 11. In my the real world numbers to 16 for the Energi, 29 for the Volt and 9 for the Prius.

times for the Energi vary 7 hours when plugged a regular 120V outlet to 2.5 if you have access to a 240V 2 charging station. This again) slots between the Plug-in s 2.5/1.5 hours and the Volts 16/4 hours As with the Prius and the Volt, you don t to charge the car if you don t want to. (Although why you spend $8,500 for the bigger and never use it is beyond me.)

the Prius Plug-in, what the Energi to operate as an EV has nothing to do what s under the hood. The s discharge rate is what EV travel. The C-MAX s battery out at 46HP while the Energi the discharge rate to 91HP. As the rest of the drivetrain metrics, the s output slots between the Plug-in s 51HP and the Volt s

Think of the Volt vs Energi in way: In normal EV driving operate very similarly, but the Volt delivers 149HP or without the engine running, the offers 91 or 188 ponies depending on how far you the go pedal.

As a result, the Energi isn t a Ford but it is more EV than the Prius Unlike the Volt, the Energi also use its engine to augment heating rather than solely on its electric heater in weather. While this an MPG toll, defrosting is considerably than in the Volt. However, the Prius plug-in, the Energi t need to run the engine to accelerate to speed or climb a mountain

The Energi is part of a new breed of car locomotion blends fuel allowing you to trade a portion of the you pay $4.35 a gallon for in California for at $0.10-$0.15 per kWh.

The C-MAX heavy at 3,600lbs. Add 6.2kW battery and the Energi s 3,860lb weight is a cheeseburger shy of a Jaguar XJ. In the Prius Plug-in weighs a 3,165lbs and even the porky Volt is lighter.

The C-MAX s cub and 225/50R17 tires define aspect of on road performance how it handles to how it sips fuel.

to its Focus roots, the C-MAX a competent handler with a composed ride when we had it for a in November. Thankfully the Energi t depart much from formula, simply feeling a C-MAX that has an extra in the trunk. While the extra weight no doubt improved the balance, no vehicle equipped low rolling resistance rubber is to be a corner carver.

That said, it is more engaging the Prius or the Volt. On the bright the Energi rides like a vehicle displaying none of the tendencies the Prius is known While the electric power robs the hatch of 99% of its road it manages to be more engaging a Prius admittedly not high bar to

Stomp on the Energi s go-pedal and arrives 0.86 seconds than the C-MAX Hybrid. If you your foot on the gas, the recovers some composure the 1/4 mile 0.6 slower. Any way you slice it, s considerably faster than any of Prius.

Ford C-Max Energi

While we haven t had a Volt in our to test, most publications to place it around 8.5 seconds to 60.

systems, batteries and plugs can t the fact that weight and economy are mortal enemies. the C-MAX wears a decidedly 47/47/47 MPG (city/highway/combined) badge, the model drops that down to a more believable MPG. On my commute the C-MAX 41.5 MPG and the Energi averaged MPG without charging the battery.

On the commute, a regular Prius 50 and the Prius Plug-in scored a higher 52 (thanks to its ability to more energy on my mountain Meanwhile the Volt delivered a unimpressive 34 MPG in the same test.

a full battery on either end of my one-way commute, the numbers to 72 MPG for the Prius, 60 for the Energi and 45 for the Volt. The will note that a Prius delivered 50 MPG. If money on gasoline is your consider the payback time vs a Prius is going to be decades.

to my calculations, if your commute is 25 miles total, at $0.15/kWh, the is cheaper to run, but only by a few According to the EPA, 25 miles cost you $1.31 in the Volt, in the Ford and $1.47 in the Prius. If trip goes beyond miles, the Prius is cheaper to because of its gasoline-only MPGs.

The expensive the gasoline, the greater the between the Prius and Volt to a lesser extent the Energi) to the Volt s lower fuel and thirst for premium gasoline.

a price range of $32,950-$37,685 including $795 destination or the $3,750 cash on the hood Ford obviously has a limited in mind. Still, if you re shopping for a Plug-in ($32,000-$40,285) or a Volt you either want the latest in or you re willing to spend nearly to use the HOV lanes solo. There are tax available, but they depend on tax situation and I m not an IRS insider.

Be sure to consult a tax guru you bet on credits to balance your

While it is theoretically possible to money vs the standard C-MAX, it take an Eterniti . serious crunching, and low electricity rates. For on my commute it would take 300,000 miles, or 11 years. the battery and car last that If your commute is the national you ll have to leave the car to your

Maybe they will a savings. Still, there is HOV lane to consider. On my route the HOV would cut my commute time by 40 or 14 hours a month. How much is worth to you? If $8,700 is answer, then Ford s Energi will do nicely.

I d skip the plug and get a Fusion

Ford provided the vehicle, one of gas and insurance for this review

as tested

0-30: 3.1 Seconds 2.9)

0-60: 7.91 (non-plugin: 7.05)

1/4 Mile: Seconds @ 87 MPH (non-plugin: 15.55 @ 92 MPH)

Average Fuel 52 MPG over 523 miles (non-plugin: MPG over 625 miles)

Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi
Ford C-Max Energi


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