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Electric Tesla Roadster

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Does the electric Tesla Roadster have an alternator?

You know how all gasoline powered cars have an alternator that turns when the engine turns, right? Does the electric Tesla Roadster have anything like this?

Technically Yes. The common car Alternator is a three induction alternator (with built in rectifier). Bypass the rectifier and it can make a handy three phase motor. (low voltage)

The main drive motor of the Tesla is a three phase four pole induction motor. It is far more powerful than the common car alternator. It is used as an alternator during regenerative braking.

The main battery of the Tesla is 366 v but it also requires a low voltage supply for computers,lights, instruments, radio etc.

I’d have to have a guess here, because I can’t find info. The most likely source would be from a dc to dc inverter supplied from the main battery. Electronic inverters are lighter and more versatile than an alternator running of the drive system.

Anyway here is a link that shows the motor/alternator. There is more info here so enjoy the read.


In case your wondering there is a magic box that converts dc battery power into a variable frequency, variable voltage three phase power to drive the motor. The box is full of IGBT’s and power MOSFETs if your that way inclined.


Where can I find reliable long-term owner-based reviews of the Tesla Roadster electric car?

Although the car magazine writers have written glowing review articles, I see that a one-year old Tesla roadster electric car on ebay appears to be worth approximately ,000 which is a steep drop from the original cost of at least 0,000 and up to 0,000 with optional equipment and extended warranty.

You might start with he WiKi article that is well documented with reviews and references: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla_Roadster

Here is a story about 3 Tesla Roadsters on Ebay. http://green.autoblog.com/2009/03/17/using-ebay-and-a-tesla-roadster-to-beat-the-recession/ The first went for ,000 OVER ITS STICKER PRICE and the other two are well over the price you found. It seems that if you can get one for ,000 you should definitely snatch it up. Forget about the reviews as they are only one sign of value, a normal market value alone should be enough to allow you to resell it at a substantial profit if the market were not depressed as it is presently.

As one of the first successful electric vehicles they should also be worth a great deal on the resale market in good condition.

When they become more affordable, would anyone buy an electric car like the Tesla Roadster?

The car is beautiful, gets 250 miles to the charge, and they can go 0 to 60 in 4 seconds.

Affordability is not as serious a problem as it might seem. In China, where electric vehicles are more popular, they are already very affordable. Look at these Chinese electric and hybrid vehicles, priced in US dollars, they start at only 00:


Here in the USA, electric vehicles (like the Tesla) are being made for the wealthy simply because that’s the best way for those small car companies to earn development money. Once EVs catch on, they can get very cheap.

But there are already some affordable electric vehicles here, made by small entrepreneurs by converting old gas cars to electric. These cars start as low as 00, and do freeway speeds. Look at the links at the bottom of this page:


Also on that page, it shows how inexpensive it is to drive an electric car. The electricity cost is only about a penny per mile, in most places.

How can electricity cost only a penny per mile, when gasoline costs up to ten times that? Don’t we wind up paying for fuel no matter how it gets to us? We do, but electric vehicles are many times more efficient than gas vehicles — so it’s possible for an EV to travel further on the same amount of energy.

Electric cars are also the only vehicles that fuel by wire — the electric grid that moves electricity around the country is 95% efficient. Compare that to the infrastructure that trucks gasoline around to thousands of gas stations. The cost of that infrastructure is built into the cost of fuel!

I’ll leave off with a link to an interesting Chinese electric car, that will be imported to the US next year. It goes 200 miles per charge, does 80 mph, and costs ,500. Here it is:



why is the Tesla Roadster the only electric car made for people who actually like cars?

all the rest are tiny, odd-looking and very very slow, as well as having very limited range.

No i haven’t seen ‘who … the electric car’

The Tesla will also just be the first of a full lineup from Tesla, there will be many other versions more family oriented slated to hit shortly after the roadster.

Tesla Motors Electric Cars

Zap has a good one if it comes to be in partnership with Lotus, which uses an existing Lotus with electric mods.

The Chinese stuff and others have very limited range and most are only useable on roads of 25 m.p.h. or less or limited to fleet sales only.

The stuff from Brazil has been touted for three years now and still no show.

All in all, it will be fun to watch and you can bet if it takes off the oil companies will have plenty to be nervous about.


ELECTRIC TESLA ROADSTER when is tesla going to make an affordable?

it seems you dont even need half the gas range this one has and its expensive not to mention heavy the batteries weigh 1000 pounds for 250 mile range, i could do with even a third of that since it includes a normal ac adapter plug, i read theyre developing a 4 door cheaper version question is why does such a great project delay so much? it would be great if they sold you the powerplant even in airplanes it would install great and given, its not so hard for diehard custom car guys anyways, it doesnt seem like their method of deplyment is effective since all youre really after is the engine, one could build one of these much like one builds a hot rod or experimental plane, for much much cheaper, when are these cars going to be any more affordable? is there any way to buy a powerplant alone?

ps worth noting, the powertarin is 70 pounds the size of a watermelon. why cant hey just sell this!

ps i read yesterday taht li ion batteries wear out about 30% a year, and upto 40% in hot weather like a car parked in summer, are they really the reason for much of the 0k price? because in that case it isnt very efficient to shell out even k more when its 2 years old dont these batteries pollute quite a bit? why not use only transistors?

Sorry, but you haven’t been listening.

Tessla has a problem—tey have to establish a market position and prove the practicality of the technology (a no-brainer if you’re familer with it, but most people are not).

So they have developed a very specific business plan. Step one is to introduce the roadster. It is high-performance, and targeted to a high-end market—the people who can afford to invest in a new technology and are likely to e willing to do so.

That’s a classic strategy for the introduction of new technology—and it works. They’ve done their homework on this.

Step two-already under way—is to develop two other models—a md-price family size car, and a budget low-cost model. They plan to introduce these in the near future.

As for selling jsut the powrplant—that’s simply not a viable option. Anyone who wanted to convert an existig car would end up spending more money than it would be worth. Hobbyists might be interested—but there are components on the market they can use already.

Airplanes are not anoption, either—the battery pack is simply too heavy—and aircraft require more power. The range would be nilil, evenfor a very light plane.

As for the delays—that’s normal. Some people seem to think you create new technology on a schedule, likea mass production line. It doesn’t work that way. New technology means tackling theunknown—there is no road map and no way of knowing what glitches you will enounter.

So you get delays. That goes with the territory when you do real research.

electric tesla roadster

Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars

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