Law would stop Tesla electric car sales in NC State Politics …

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Tesla Motors Electric Cars

Law would stop Tesla car sales in NC

A Tesla Model S is in this undated handout released to the media on Oct. 31, The all-electric car comes with an lithium-ion battery pack.


To date, 80 North residents have squeezed savings for the bragging right of the Tesla Model S electric some paying more $100,000 for their g-force but they may be among the last.

A proposal, backed by the N.C. Dealers Association, would it illegal for Tesla, or any other car to bypass dealerships and sell in the state. The proposal cuts at the of Tesla#x2019;s business model: luxury cars over the or Internet and then delivering to the front door of high-net-worth

Still, the proposal was unanimously by the state Senate#x2019;s Commerce on Thursday, despite concerns the state dictating who should be to sell an automobile. North is the latest forum for the clash as dealers around the country mobilized, mostly without in legislatures and in the courts to block direct car sales.

#x201C;They#x2019;re to insulate the dealer franchise from any competition,#x201D; said O#x2019;Connell, Tesla#x2019;s vice for corporate and business development, who to Raleigh to make a presentation to the #x201C;It#x2019;s a protectionist move to down the market so we have to go the middleman #x2013; the dealer to sell our cars.#x201D;

The 10-year-old company is seeking to upend electric car design by creating the of the practical plug-in and an alternative to the hybrid. Tesla#x2019;s 416-horsepower S can cruise 265 miles on a single Just this week Reports awarded the car a near-perfect of 99 out of a possible 100 points, gushing the S#x2019;s #x201C;world-class performance.#x201D; The start around $69,900.

In the process Tesla has run up against a gentlemen#x2019;s agreement between car who don#x2019;t want the hassle of car inventories all over tarnation, and dealers, whose prime is to move metal in high

The whole misunderstanding would go the dealers say, if Tesla its cars through licensed O#x2019;Connell countered, in essence, displaying a Tesla in a showroom of and SUVs would be akin to Dom Perignon in the food court at the mall.

Nor would it necessarily economic sense for Tesla to its own dealership; the company on Wednesday announced its first quarterly

But it#x2019;s not Tesla per se, that the dealers. It#x2019;s the precedent. The threatens the livelihood of North 7,000 licensed dealers, who millions in building big lots and to efficiently move product, say of the bill.

#x201C;We care about the system,#x201D; said Robert president of the N.C. Automobile Association. #x201C;The whole of the retail system is to protect the

The local dealer is the customer#x2019;s of contact on malfunctions, defects and Glaser said. Automakers are manufacturers and wholesalers that largely invisible to the car buyers, he

#x201C;You tell me they#x2019;re support the little leagues and the Glaser asked, directing his at the Tesla contingent milling a few feet away in the legislative

The sponsor of the legislation, Sen. Tom a Republican from Henderson, to tone down the bill originally would have anyone who provides a computer or used to order a Tesla to be as a dealer. Apodaca said his is about preventing unfair between manufacturers and dealers.

Tesla Motors Electric Cars

Some senators hesitant

senators who sided with the said they were by the bill. Sen. Josh of Wake County said he for it because Apodaca gave the proposal would be fine-tuned to concerns.

Stein considers a startup that should be from the state#x2019;s dealership until it becomes big enough to be a competitor.

Apodaca#x2019;s bill was two months ago and just now received its vote. It still needs to the full Senate and then the House. If it were to become O#x2019;Connell said, Tesla have to stop selling S to North Carolina residents.

is steered by CEO Elon Musk, the of PayPal and CEO of SpaceX, a rocket firm. Musk#x2019;s background in sales and supersonic velocity in the Model S: a noiseless predator of boron elements and digital that a Wall Street reviewer described as #x201C;a glassine tranche of well-heeled

Texas is another state prohibits direct car sales to the but is not as restrictive as North Carolina#x2019;s O#x2019;Connell said. In that Tesla has set up galleries to showcase the but Tesla reps are forbidden discussing price and offering drives, he said. However, customers can special-order the cars

Boone resident Ronald got his Tesla three months two years after placing his down payment through His $109,000 machine is stuffed every option available the rear jump seat.

owner of the Makotos Japanese House and Sushi Bar, about 200 miles to Raleigh on a charge for the opportunity to make a few of public comments before the committee, an opportunity he was not afforded.

#x201C;I hate it that the and state governments work so to promote alternative fuels and now at the of it they want to block he said. #x201C;It#x2019;s insane.#x201D;

Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars
Tesla Motors Electric Cars


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