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GMC Yukon Electric Cars

A unique piece: the super-sized

SUVs (especially full-size models) have long stigmatized as inefficient lumbering that are wasteful, and for the most unnecessary road hogs. assessment or not, General is attempting to change public with the 2008 GMC Yukon Hybrid. How are they doing so

Read on to see how this 2WD Summit tester, priced at $53,235 ($50,045 base). EPA estimates: 22/highway. Warranty: 3-year/36,000 bumper-to-bumper, 5-year/100,000 mile and 8-year/100,000-mile hybrid powertrain.


Scott: I know it s to General Motors that its hybrid package be successful out of the gate. They ve spent time, money and effort the technology in partnership with and BMW, so really, all three have a stake in seeing the perform well and gain acceptance. So, knowing this, I was not at all to see an extra dose of badging and (fairly screaming out: I m a ) splashed on both sides and ends of the big Yukon. And you know

I m OK with that, in fact, I it as long as it s tastefully done (as in case it is). It s good to let the public know that drivetrain technology is branching out to vehicle segment. So, I d driven the Hybrid and its cousin, the Chevrolet Hybrid, (each for about 20 at a General Motors 2008 preview event.

That was a tease, not nearly long to develop any real feelings for of them, but just enough to my appetite for another encounter. this was my chance—would I fall in or walk away feeling jilted and disillusioned?

Christine: all the hoopla that GM has kicked up on its of the new 2-mode hybrid system, I was forward to some extended in this large SUV (after our preview event trips). had favorable experiences with GM s SUVs, I was looking forward to how the Yukon behaved in its hybrid

Continued below.


The onboard computer completely all modes (engine only, only, hybrid, charging and Stop) of the hybrid drivetrain.

Adrian Gable

There is something to be said for the ride afforded by big SUVs. The long and big tires absorb bumps, and potholes with nary a that they even And that s just how the Yukon

The combination of its comfort tuned and our tester’s sumptuous leather heated seating left us almost coddled.

Of course, it s a SUV, so gobs of cargo is a no-brainer. Behind the third there s 16.9 cubic Remove third row seats and yourself up to a generous 60.3 feet and for the really big loads, down the second row seats for a gobbling 108.9 cubes .

time to time, we could a faint turbine-like sound. The two s drivetrain (in most instances) to be very quiet, but on occasion we in all-electric mode (with a little load), there was a faint turbine whine. it caught Christine off-guard times thinking there sirens in the background, it was not disturbing.

Depending upon load, of the electric drive motors can be it s like a very mild in a conventional transmission.

If you re looking for payload and trailering capacity, the hybrid may not be for you. Though the 2WD does share a 7100 lb. rating with the conventional it has slightly less payload (1426 lbs.) and trailering but still a very reasonable lbs.

Overall, the Yukon is better suited as an economical family utility vehicle than an all-out workhorse.

In daily operation, the Yukon that the two-mode engineers did their homework (for a description of how the system works, see is a Two-Mode Hybrid ). The unique of conventional transmission components and drive motors teamed-up the same housing, work in with Active Fuel (GM’s version of cylinder ) and the hybrid system’s sophisticated algorithm to keep vehicle in the balance of power and economy.

GMC Yukon Electric Cars

The hybrid system can operate on power alone, electric alone, or a combination of the two. And among full hybrid is the addition of Active Fuel Under light cruising where the engine and motors are together, the computer will down four cylinders for fuel efficiency. While deactivation is available on other GM what s innovative here is the for the engine to stay in V-4 mode for periods while relying on the motors to pick up the slack.

And these features return fuel economy, it can be enhanced by watching the economy gauge. encourages driver light-footedness. And of like all good hybrids the Yukon two-mode shuts off the whenever the vehicle comes to a Our combined fuel mileage for the came in very close to the EPA rating of 21 mpg combined.

It probably have been higher had not spent so much time the vehicle’s 367 lb-ft of torque.

When it s all said done

2-mode hybrid transmission motor shown in cutaway

Scott Gable

We were with the overall ride, and cargo capacity of the Yukon. It exactly what it s supposed to do, and it it well, while leaving room for gripe. But one area we think it shines above its competition (and exponentially is in the fuel mileage department.

that s what the whole package is supposed to be about, but we just a little skeptical a 5600-pound, 6.0-liter V-8 powered vehicle could actually deliver 20+ combined MPG throughout a week of daily commutes.

came away particularly with the two-mode transmission’s to mix conventional fixed gearsets two electronic variable drive that culminates in an extremely efficient 0.5:1 overdrive The system is so sophisticated and self-regulated Scott couldn t trick the into accepting some of his tricks. Turns out, he would have reduced the s overall efficiency had he figured out a way to it anyway.

Compared to a similarly optioned SLT, the hybrid system a $2820 price premium. on 15,000 miles of annual and factoring in the Yukon two-mode’s fuel economy (over the Yukon’s 16 mpg) and a generous federal tax credit, the hybrid for itself in as little as 10 months. a quick payback.

In the market for a Yukon? Then it’s a

2008 GMC Yukon Hybrid

GMC Yukon Electric Cars
GMC Yukon Electric Cars
GMC Yukon Electric Cars
GMC Yukon Electric Cars
GMC Yukon Electric Cars
GMC Yukon Electric Cars
GMC Yukon Electric Cars

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