Telex EV SonicXS Speaker 2 1 System Gaming Illustrated

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Great Wall C20R EV

Telex EV SonicXS Speaker 2.1

For anyone that has seen to the Future, there is a scene at the of the film where Marty (played by Michael J. Fox) his guitar into a kickin set of and plays one chord on his guitar. that s all he can get out of the speakers, and since he set dial on max, he was literally off his feet in a hilarious stunt.

speakers with that power on your desktop for PC. It s enough to excite anyone, and it s than enough to cause to those living with the However, I believe that the industry has found the perfect set of The Telex EV SonicXS series. is definitely not the new kid on the block, with 75 of concert audio experience in set.

As a matter of fact, the big s of these speakers are on tour the Rolling Stones this


Drivers (Per One 4 , magnetically shielded woofer one 1 tweeter

Driver: One 6 long

Frequency Response: 45Hz to

Satellite Power: 60 watts per with 1% THD at 1Khz (30 watts

Subwoofer Power: 125 Watts 1% THD @ 50Hz (60 Watts RMS)

Pressure Level: 105 dB SPL at 1 meter, 1 1%THD

Shielded Satellites

To it simple, you ll be hearing a lot more (and cranking out a lot more than you would if you went to and got a cheap pair of speakers to into your PC. Since awesome speakers are magnetically you can put them next to your if you like, and there won t be any interference. are nice and loud, yet at the same there is a clear, crisp to it as well.

It isn t like some speakers where you crank the and everything becomes distorted these speakers, you can crank up, and it still sounds good.

These babies are massive. managing to heft everything out of the box are rather heavy) and getting set up (which took a total of 5 tops) is a breeze. Everything on the of the subwoofer is color coordinated, so an imbecile could hook things up without any problem.

getting everything into I was ready for some serious Although, first, I loaded up a few to see how things sound. The Chemical s remix of Magic Carpet never sounded so better.

Listen to the song and imagine before the music plays; ..BOOM BOOM .BOOM . and then the song starts

Now, how go games like Theft Auto 3 sound on this speaker set? So good words to use, yet so space to use them in. Everything phenomenal. When being by a load of cops in GTA3, my looked outside to see where how state police cars going by.

Well, there none going by, but, people thought there state police cars by.

Heck, even games Nocturne had the spook-factor increased by speakers. Imagine zombies all you, their feet against the ground and their low Now, imagine that bass cranked, and a great set of That s enough to give the heebie-jeebies.

As a matter of fact, playing Nocturne at night these suckers on, I could get to sleep for fear that that go bump in the night going to come after me.

One of the that really impressed me was I m now stuff in games I ve never before. For example, I ve played of Honor: Allied Assault two different sets of speakers, as the ones that came my computer … and until I plugged in little darlings, there was stuff I never heard For example, where I picked up a lot of new from NPCs was in the D-Day

As the landing craft are going to behind me I can hear a guy praying in The first thing I said Hey! I never heard guy before! As the boats got nearer to I could hear a lot of other comments being made the troops in the boat with me.

the boat stopped and the ramps about to be lowered, one of the guys the landing ramp said; Jesus .. then it was all over.

Great Wall C20R EV

If you these speakers, don t be surprised if the cops show up at your wondering what the Hell is on. I cranked these things up, all the doors and windows, went and I could still clearly everything (of course nobody was at the time either, these have a high annoyance to those that hate These speakers are so loud a Surgeon General s warning to be placed on the box.

Something like, “Surgeon s Warning: Listening to these at excessively loud levels can permanent hearing damage.” it’d probably be a heck of a point!

Let s do a quick comparison to speaker sets as well. I was on a recent trip for college, and my at the time had a nice speaker set for his One day, just for fun, we everything on the speakers, a few minutes a C/T (counselor/tutor) came down the and yelled at us.

He said we were the front desk vibrate. The set he had was three years old. I everything on the Telex speakers that comment for those speakers we were both to see what these badboys do) and I went down cellar and the were vibrating, totes shaking.

After that I turned everything off and when I the family cat emerged from my parent s bed because he thought was a thunderstorm brewing.

When it to getting good speakers, people want to get surround-sound Unfortunately, where most are placed (i.e. living bedrooms, or small dens), isn t enough room to hook up a system. These speakers are the solution to that problem. I was thinking of taking my old speaker set and them into my computer and if I could make some of surround-system. That plan

The Telex speakers are so powerful and I I am not making this up, to even any sound from my old speakers, I had to those all the way up and turn the Telex to one notch above minimum. The are perfect for hooking up just anywhere.

Value and Usefulness

At things just don t get any better this. You get a great set of speakers AND a subwoofer for $199 total. people that have them ask me where they can get a set of like this, most at your local CompUSA. You can t go here. Most $199 I have seen at the stores an okay-sized subwoofer and two to four speakers, with this, you get a that is 10 x9.5 x15 , not to mention the on the satellites are 5 x5 .

You seriously cannot go with buying these When it comes to the value of speakers, I quote my cousin, who is to be five next month; These are really nice. I to get me one of these puppies!

As for the usefulness? If you play games, to music, watch movies, it is you do on your computer, and your old just can t keep up, an upgrade to the EV XS speakers is definitely in your

Overall Impressions

To be honest, speakers are just awesome. I say enough about them. are powerful enough to put a hole the wall and then some.

The crisp audio and the steady of the bass is enough to keep you in style for years to come. And at you can t go wrong.

Great Wall C20R EV
Great Wall C20R EV

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