2007 Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Problems DIY Reviews!

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Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)

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Chris4400: My does this too. It be fully charged and auto will be sitting at a light for 30 then the battery will completely discharged. and engine start back up. So then I for a mile or so, and try to drive slow so it can as much as it can, and it goes up to 4 then without any more shows fully charged all by even if on auto stop. the goes up all by itself. It never to act like this til AFTER the update

Chris4400: check out cnn.com story money-cnn-com/2011/03/01/autos/honda_civic_hybrid_battery_problems/index.htm

C @Interests2010s True, though I they improve over It does feel dumb to all that energy on braking. BTW I when Hyundai were throw-away cars.

Are they that good now?

I want a Prius..but I don’t enough money. In order to a Prius do you need to make at 60,000$ a year?

mb013962: I feel sorry for my science in a few more years when it bad. My dad has the 2004 civic and we spent the WHOLE past fixing, and later replacing the Well it works fine constantly averaging 38.9 mpg (it has a aerodynamic flaw) before the it always averaged 40.4

Chris4400: Mine does 2-3 times A DAY! It’s annoying, and pisses me off, and the fuel efficiency. It also it dangerous and unpredictable to drive.

wow! i was thinking of getting one but i knew the charging system and were so horrible. I do know people who have had great with them for 5 years on of the pruis but didint know could happen as well. a capacitor will do.

Tony Thatcher: its to computerized i never own something this

NecessariusVerum: Then tell him to the wars.

halim yusuf: i had the problem i took my car to the honda and i changed my elictric engines simple

Sherrie E: I also a 2007 HCH that was fine the summer I owned it but now whenever it over about 95 degrees it runs like complete and I’m getting terrible Honda won’t do anything it even though it’s unsafe to drive when no assist from the hybrid I just filed a complaint at BBB so that will help. you should go to BBB.com as well.

luck! This was my 6th Honda but I never buy another.

alejandro guifarro ramirez: as all the people loves earth I know the prius rocks

avuedown: I am to see and hear of your HCH concerns. Honda doesn’t care one We purchased two 2009 HCH at the exact time, like clock battery issues began to on both vehicles and our avg MPH plummeted.

denied everything and even as far as insulting us by saying well you have gained weight as an for the decrease in our MPG on BOTH cars only 6 months of ownership. realizing that Honda is the now famous Toyota lie till som

i agree. mine from and she doing great!

Tom Zyburt: hybrid car makers and Obama people like you too. the love not the hate.

Austin That’s the doings of their new update that’s supposed to the car run better and make the battery longer because the battery’s in Civic Hybrid’s were too early, and seeing how most under warranty, Honda has to pay for all battery’s, so they installed an that uses less and more gas to protect the battery’s. I Honda really needs to in Toyota’s Hybrid System and the weak assist hybrid

Michael Buchanan: I have a civic suffering the same I am on my second battery and it is starting to

jtman04401: So buy a crap car and replace it another car which will battery issues soon a fool and their money are parted. Hybrid car makers Obama love people you.

mysqueeker: @cheezmo1 you love the prius. the honda IMA assist is a joke and it does not the same technology as a prius as far as the battery in optimum working you can get massive miles built up on a sometimes 500k miles on a battery and it still work while i love honda i like their hybrid

iamviaw: same story. model and did the software upgrade, but different symptom. drops to 2 almost every other i turn on the engine and then finally getting charge to 5 bars, battery will all of a jump to max charge. and of course, my mileage and like your weight’ comment. they you need to change your habits and that if the IMA light turn on, then it’s S.O.B’s. it’s not normal your battery drains for no

incredibleblt: So it’s not just Can I ask what you ended up doing? is going in tomorrow morning for the 3rd to fix the issue. I just bought the car and I can’t stand it.

Every I start the car with a full By the time I drive out of the driveway, the level drops all the way till The dealer looked at me like I was

Well guess what, I it on video! 6 times. tomorrow be interesting.

C Khripin: @Interests2010s How many liters engine is it? recently increased the power. But the battery is so freaking heavy it has no

The 2007 model was rated for 50 then they cut it down it was unrealistic.

C Khripin: @Interests2010s I read the Wikipedia article on the and it was impressive. When you calculate the of electricity use, it is about per 100 miles — equivalent to a 99 range. Not bad. It does not an onboard charging motor, but OK by me, since the one in the Volt is actually not efficient.

Also the engine is 110 hp, 0 to 60 of 9.6

ToyotaforCorolla: So the 2006 Civic’s was all soft touch plastic. there was ONE strip of rubber material around the driver of the dash. THATS IT. The rest was as plastic as the 2012 is.

In fact, the in the 2012 are better grained and more solid to the touch. And the fit and is FIRST rate. We got the leather so there is leather padding all the door panels.

2012 civic. Don’t believe the

mb013962: @ckhripin sorry to but in, but I the ford fusion and focus in and hybrid) will make cars look weak.

Sam Iu: I also have the same as you, drops to 2 bars, and fully charged. I am so angry Honda is not willing to do anything it, even my car is still under

domenicd123: @cheezmo1 have fun the same problem in 3 years ill take any american made car a car that was made in a sweat anyday

thecarexpert21: @cheezmo1 i was wandering if you would be willing to a video of your new prius. I consider buying a prius gas prices near me were one day then $4.50 the next. If you rather not make a video okay.

Tom Zyburt: We gave up on lemon because it was unsafe to not full power while onto the freeway or making a turn at a light, especially 2 kids in the back seat. We 2010 prius and love it. We 52 mpg everywhere we go. )

Tom Zyburt: We gave up on this because it was unsafe to not have power while merging the freeway or making a left at a light, especially with 2 in the back seat.

Rosu Honda civic hybrid is in USA and Japan. Toyota prius is only in Japan. I have a civic hybrid asian-european I have 5 years and 90.000 km and the car is new one.

Fuel consumption 3,6 %. 66 So i like the honda tehnology only in Japan.

Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)

lexxintegra: really too bad. I’m this comment in 2012, so I so that things turned the better for you. No one deserves service from the manufacturer and of their chosen Car. I got a on august of 2011 a few months she was taken in to have the computer for code. They found a for a known issue that owners have experienced, so repaired it and covered the fee.

I understand why Honda wouldn’t behind their product. should !

C Khripin: @Interests2010s ah ok. it seems they never up to the EPA estimate. I heard car companies have like one model is really light and underpowered and do the EPA on that.

Also in Maryland you do get benefits — you can postpone tests. But you cant use HOV. The of a hybrid is to store power when you break to when you

C Khripin: @ckhripin But I agre all electric would be better. I like to try driving a Volt it has a small gas engine that can up your battery if you need it to. I how many HP Volt or Leaf

Proably not as many as a Tesla. I really drive stick, but I to ride a motorcycle, that was of fun but I would rather be able to do things while driving getting old I guess.

10p6: Check my video out. My 06 HCH was after only 4 and a half

ToyotaforCorolla: @cheezmo1 There was a flaw with the battery in generation of the HCH. The way the battery was taxed the torque motor for the IMA too darn much and it screwed up the after about 50-60K We now happily just bought a Civic Hybrid (HCH it gets 55+ MPG combined mileage and its not broken in yet.

There’s a new EV in the civic and now there is a lithium ion which should solve the that this gen civic

Chris4400: I looked at the 2012. and it like a plasticy cheap car, compared to the 2006 I it was a huge turnoff. Due to this, received a huge backlash, and Reports couldnt even it, so they’re redesigning it for 2013. they don’t make it all cheap inside. and I may bite for a one.

gwalia4: @silverton7777 You try to use your brain. Average for prius should last 250 to At 50mpg you will use 5000 of fuel for 250k miles. At 20 mpg you use 12,500 gallons of fuel.

So a will save over gallons of fuel. 7500 * is 24k+ in fuel savings. a battery does not have environmental impact than gallons of fuel.

You cannot throw the battery. They are by law to be recycled and used to make battery

C Khripin: We have the car. The battery is old, and not work very well. I replacing the battery will fix the there is a lawsuit going on. WHO SELLS YOU A HYBRID THAT IS YEARS OLD AND SAYS IT STILL THE SAME MILEAGE IS LYING.

I also can’t believe EPA these as 50 mpg to begin with.

Thatcher: lol

lipicsai: and you guys are over the gas prices. come to my an average person makes 400-500 $ a month and one liter of gas around $1.9-2.0. so thats $7.00 per gallon :)) talk prices huh. P

Todd @cheezmo1 I was able to settle Honda Motor of America on a new IMA Pack. They wanted but after talked with the reps at Honda Motor were able to come to $700 with labor My hybrid works perfect I am averaging and astounding 46 MPG!

I encourage anyone who has rapid discharge like mine, to a case with Honda of America.

myra ferrante: buy a toyata hybrid ,same problem,we need to start a action ,my toyota hybrid is four years old ,had problems since 5000mil,now it is cost me14,000 to fix anyone to buy a used 45,000 dollar only four yrs old,worth 0

Of course, they never can a problem with it, and I complained to in Torrance about it, and they have no answer/don’t care.

2007 Honda Civic Battery Problems 5 out of 5

Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)
Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)
Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)
Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)
Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)
Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)
Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)


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