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Honda hybrid Civic

It’s everything that’s about a Civic, with better fuel economy.


1. Fuel-economy is rated at mpg (city/hwy)

2. The Civic Hybrid $23,650 ($27,350 CDN) to

3. We got 456.6 miles on a tank and it cost $25.95 to fill it up.

4. The Hybrid uses Honda’s IMA system with a 1.3L engine, an electric motor and a pack, which combine for and 123 ft-lbs of torque.

And that’s why we now the new Insight.

Still, Honda has the decision to continue producing the Hybrid – and that’s a good


It might not the cache of the Insight or Prius, but again, there’s a lot to be said for the name. Besides, it gets fuel mileage than the Yup, at 40 mpg city it matches the and at 45 mpg highway, it edges it out by two ticks.

In our testing we averaged 41.7 mpg a heavier focus on highway and without running the tank all the way to the fumes we were able to get miles in one run. On fill-up we 10.38 gallons of good old 87 which at an average of $2.50 per works out to $25.95 for a tank. Not bad at

A fill-up in the Insight cost $23 but also only gave 373 to a tank. So realistically, the difference is much negligible.

The Civic real competitor comes outside the brand, however, the new Prius and its 51/48 mpg rating.


The hybrid system Honda uses is called IMA or Motor Assist and is quite from Toyota’s better-known Synergy Drive. In the Civic, the IMA is comprised of a 1.3-liter four-cylinder as well as an electric motor and a pack. In total the systems to make 110hp and 123 ft-lbs of – 12 more hp than in the Insight.

The system works quite with the gasoline engine assisted by the electric motor to the car. Energy for the electric is stored in battery packs, are constantly recharged through braking.

There are, two down sides to the Honda The first is that because the car operate on just electric like in the Prius, fuel-economy as good as it could be. The second is that the IMA setup uses a system that’s often

The way the start-stop system works is every time you come to a the gasoline engine shuts Then as soon as you lift off the pedal the engine is re-engaged your right foot the gas pedal. This way the car saves of gas by not idling at lights or when in traffic.

And if you’re really careful you can for quite a while with the off.

Unfortunately the car can’t when you’re crawling a hill in traffic. If it could, the gasoline engine would off and save even more but as it doesn’t, every time you your foot off the brake to gravity to pull the car forward the needlessly kicks in.

Honda hybrid Civic

As mentioned the IMA is jerky and quick pedal while the car is changing modes can it to buck. The Prius, on the other makes the change from to electric, and vice versa,

It’s important to note that as driving style is a factor when driving to get the most out of a hybrid you have to it properly. This often crawling away from a and it also means you’ll be plenty of folks cut ahead of you in rather than speeding up to the bumper of the guy in front of you.

Due to the regenerative brake system on the Hybrid, the left pedal not the clutch, this is a continuously automatic transmission) is incredibly In fact, it’s excessive. touch the brake and the Civic throws out its anchor.

Thankfully has fine-tuned this system in the new and hopefully we’ll see that aggressive brake pedal its way into the Civic Hybrid


As for the rest of the well, it’s a Civic… so essentially flawless. Power is yet sufficient, it’s well-built, has a design, is functional, comfortable and fun… and knowing Honda sure to be impeccably reliable.

As the name suggests, it’s a first and a hybrid second. It have a funky design limits your view, but it have the advantage of everything in exactly the right place the car has been refined for almost 40

As a pricier model, at $23,650 CDN) to start, the Civic does come with a list of standard goodies. are power windows and locks remote entry, a six-speaker AM/FM/CD speed-sensitive audio with MP3 and WMA compatibility and an auxiliary Tilt and telescopic steering are standard and the wheel has both audio controls as well as control buttons. There’s an outside temperature gauge and a 12 V

Exclusive to the hybrid model is an climate control system.

The like all Civics since features Honda’s two-tier and the Hybrid gauges also a separate IMA Meter to show the battery packs are being and when they are assisting the engine.

In the safety department, the Civic gets top crash ratings the NHTSA and IIHS, while have the added protection of six front and side for the front and side curtain for all front and occupants. The LATCH child restraint system is also and finally, for 2009, the Civic comes standard with control.

Honda hybrid Civic
Honda hybrid Civic
Honda hybrid Civic
Honda hybrid Civic
Honda hybrid Civic
Honda hybrid Civic
Honda hybrid Civic

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