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Honda CR-Z Electric Cars

2011 Honda CR-Z

by eric • September 10, • 4 Comments

Life is about compromises and so is the new CR-Z from Honda.

It s the first (decent acceleration and handling; six-speed manual transmission; t look like a sad-sack Al hybrid.

But to deliver all that goodness and hipster style, it much in the way of everyday functionality. And more seriously, it gets gas mileage for a hybrid.

I say perhaps to a great extent hybrids are as about image as they are economy. The truth is that people buy hybrids to make a as much as they do to save Doubt it?

Then recall how the obviously hybrid Prius has vs. the torpid sales of the not-so-obviously Honda Civic (and hybrid) sedans.

Some want to look green at as much as they want to green.

So the CR-Z may prove popular even if it s not especially

The CR-Z is a compact two-seater hybrid coupe with a gas engine supplemented by a small motor and battery pack.

It s the two-seater hybrid since the 1990s-era Honda Insight but unlike the original Insight was capable of more than 60 the CR-Z s gas mileage is about the as most conventional (non-hybrid) some of which (like the new Fiesta) actually get better gas

Prices start at $19,200 for the model and top out at $23,210 for a loaded EX GPS navigation and CVT automatic transmission.

S NEW FOR 2011

The CR-Z is a brand-new for Honda, although the car shares of its components with the current hybrid sedan.


The first hybrid that s not all fuel economy.

Available manual transmission a feature no to date has ever offered.

precise steering; good nice engine sound.

styling; Jetsons interior

Very large (for a 25 cubic foot cargo


37 MPG (highway, the manual) isn t much to write about; several current (such as the Mini Cooper) and handle as well or better and can (or nearly match) the CR-Z s economy without the complexity or of hybrid technology.

Two-seater limits the CR-Z s everyday


The CR-Z is by a 1.5 liter gas engine boosted (on by a small electric motor and pack, for a total rated of 122 hp.

A six-speed manual (with Star Assist) is the standard with a Continuously Variable automatic transmission with Normal and Economy modes the unit.

Zero to 60 happens in 9.6-9.8 seconds, quick for a

Fuel efficiency is good but not With the standard six-speed EPA quotes figures of 31 city/37 with the more efficient CVT the highway figure improves to 39 Several new econo-compacts such as the Ford Fiesta actually get gas mileage (41 MPGs) and the very and uber -cute BMW Mini (37 MPGs) virtually matches the s fuel economy while less to buy ($18,950 to start) and less to own down the road (no and potentially expensive to fix/replace components).

No doubt, this is the hybrid with hustle . 122 hp in a 2,700 lb. package is a much favorable power-to-weight ratio the Prius 134 hp and (almost) 3,100 Or for that matter, the current hybrid sedan s rickety 98 hp and lbs. (about the same weight as the CR-Z).

Granted, a 0-60 time isn t exactly GT territory, but check the stats and you ll it s not far off the pace of the base model Cooper (about 8.5 seconds) and a improvement over the diesel Prius (11-plus endless It feels punchy, too, peak torque is available at a low 1,000 RPM which is better even a diesel engine as far as goes.

The CR-Z also good when you accelerate and s a quality no hybrid I have driven could claim. The note under 3/4-full is very much like a Si s. And the optional CVT transmission s three settings dramatically alter the of the drivetrain.

Engage Sport and throttle becomes immediately sharper; the noticeably more racy and The transmission gears down, too making the most of the available In Normal, the transmission s behavior up a little and so does the aggressiveness of the but it s still got more verve any other current hybrid. To max out the efficiency potential, depress the button which has a green icon (which also on the dash display).

Now the CR-Z like a hybrid but for slow-poking town or being stuck in it s the ticket.

Mostly the CR-Z on gas, but the IC engine will turn itself off when you re at a traffic light, then cut on again, automatically, when it s to drive off. The electric pack also provide extra power for acceleration and but the CR-Z doesn t actually on electric power alone, as in the and some other hybrids.

reviews have criticized the for having excessive body when cornering. I drive aggressively (let s be honest; I very aggressively) and I didn t any such until I was literally the envelope of sanity (not to legality). Sure, on a road track, the CR-Z isn t going to up with Miata or even a Si. Does that matter? s intent was simply to inject personality into a hybrid to it somewhat fun to drive.

And the CR-Z absolutely is fun to drive and than just somewhat, Hard-core weekend racer don t buy hybrids anyhow. The target is someone who wants something won t put them to sleep.

Not scare or get them thrown in jail for driving.

If you remember the 80s-era CRX you ll see hints of it in the CR-Z. It s a stubby, little thing with a tapered rear hatch. efficiency (and so, fuel is enhanced by a molded-in lower kit/skirt though unlike the Insight coupe, the CR-Z on performance-minded 16-inch wheels and (with 17-inch wheels instead of super-skinny low rolling tires.

The interior is even aggressively futuristic than the with lots of swoopy and jet fighter-like displays. The main is a jewel-like speedometer with backlighting: It glows red when you re in Sport mode, blue for and Green for, well, (hybrid/economy mode).

You sit low in the sport and visibility for shorter drivers passengers) may be a issue; there s a fairly large blind caused by the steeply up-angled cat rear quarter glass and the bodywork but the back-up camera and the car s dimensions (just 13 feet, end to make it very easy to in tight quarters.

The two-seater forces comparisons with two-seaters, none of which as the Mazda Miata or BMW Z4 or Porsche are hybrids or intended to be particularly or even remotely green.

The 90s-era Insight was also a but it was capable of motorcycle-like fuel (some people got 70 MPGs out of and never intended intended to be sporty.

So the CR-Z is somewhere in a compromise.

Evidence of this can be behind the front seats, you ll discover what appear to be rear seats: A pair of cutouts that look they d accommodate a small s butt along with a seatback that s actually the of the cargo area. There s legroom and no seat belts as as no way to get a person back there literally crawling in from but they sure look almost-seats.

Though not usable for the end result is a decent amount of space just over 25 feet for what s otherwise a small car. That s than twice as much as the space you typically get in a conventional such as the Mazda Miata or BMW Z4 and it add a dose of practicality to the CR-Z s

A young/single person could use as their everyday driver more ease than the two-seater and its glovebox-like trunk.

economy is a big part of the CR-Z s it s not a stripped-down basic car with a few amenities. Automatic climate AC, power windows, locks, control and a nice stereo steering wheel-mounted secondary are among the standard features. luxury-level features are available, too leather/metallic interior trim and a audio system with wireless.

The major stand-alone feature is which works through a LCD display mounted at the top of the center and canted toward the driver.

All the active/passive safety equipment curtain air bags, ABS, and stability control is included in the base price.

The CR-Z comes with a longer, eight-year/80,000 mile warranty on the motor, battery pack and hybrid system components. The of the car is covered by a shorter-lived three-yar/36,000 basic (and five-year/60,000 drivetrain) warranty.


There are equally (or even fuel-efficient and as (or more) fun-to-drive little cars out there the spunky and 37 MPG Mini Cooper but the has the extra appeal of hybrid desired by many people as  — or even more either fuel-economy or sportiness.


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