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HONDA CR-Z 1.5 i-VTEC Sport Manual 6-speed


The CR-Z was born to provide the pure pleasure of driving. At the core of the CR-Z lies the Honda way of thinking to create a car that is emotional, exciting and smart.

Honda design engineers made their priority on low bonnet and based on the rest of the design around this goal. Their first focus was therefore the height of the bonnet, since there’s where the wedge form start. The engineers’ chanllenge was to get the bonnet low enough so that the entire silhouette of the car would not be compromised.

The design engineers designed the front and rear fenders which encase the tires boldly projecting a body-line that merge smoothly with the fenders. The engineers had to create enough space inside for the power train and implement pedestrain injuries imtigation features, which are crucial in the event of an accident. While creating styling that appeals to the emotion, Honda design engineers had created elegant, sensuous exterior styling to satisfy an experienced and discerning driver.




Honda design engineers felt that a car ought to provide the joy of driving while getting the drivers and passengers to their destinations. That’s why Honda design engineers designed the CR-Z to be a car that once again allows drivers to experienced the joy of driving with the car. In this era of comfort and convenience, Honda design engineers wanted drivers to enjoy driving as a full-body experience. This kind of interection is what brings cars and people together.

The CR-Z offers a superb driving position with a seat that keep the driver in communication with the car, as well as displays that allow the driver to concentrate and controls that are right where they need to be.

When the driver gets into the driver’s seat of the CR-Z, the driver will immediately notices the low-driving position of the seat. Combining the low-driving seats with the easy-to-handle, small-diameter steering wheel and the pedals with their sporty positions, creates excitement and makes the driver wants to start driving immediately. The superior functionality of the silver bucket seats become apparent when the driver drives off.

Two phases of support on the sides grip the driver during conering, while the 3D structure gives plenty of elbow room for smooth shifting. Drivers will immediately appreciate the support and superior functionality that keep them relax and ready for enjoyable driving.

Honda design engineers clustered frequently used controls to the right and left of the steering wheel to help the driver focus on driving. The instrument panel have an elegant luster and feels good to touch — born of a new manufactruring process.


The 3-Mode drive system provides unified control of the Powertrain, EPS (Electric Power Steering) and Air Conditioner to match the driver’s choosen driving style with the touch of a button. The default mode upon start-up is normal. Using the 3 switches on the cluster panel directly to the right of the steering wheel (Right-Hand Drive), the driver may select the different mode at any time, including during driving. The 3 Modes are Sport Mode . Normal Mode and Econ Mode .

SPORT MODE: For Fun and Sporty Driving

CR-Z that is fitted with 6-speeds manual transmission, this mode highten engine response and electric motor assist. CR-Z that is fitted with CVT, it selects transmission ratios that highten engine rpms and acceleration response. For both CR-Z versions the Sport Mode also enhances EPS response for a sporty steering feel.

NORMAL MODE: For Balance Driving Performance and Fuel Economy

This Mode leverages IMA’s ample torque in the low rpm range for balanced everyday driving. EPS response is similarly balanced and smooth.

ECON MODE: For Enhanced Real-World Fuel Economy

This Mode reduces throttle response and optimises electric motor assist for normal engine efficiency. For the CR-Z that fitted with CVT, it selects transmission ratios that lower engine rpms. In addition it runs the air conditioner more efficiently and lengthens idle stops.

EPS response is the same as in Normal Mode.

Honda goal in creating the CR-Z was to offer a compact Hybrid Sports car for a new era that’s truly fun to drive. The CR-Z is not about maximising space and convenience. It’s a car for those who wants to enjoy every moment of the drive.

It was born to provide the pure pleasure of driving.

Honda utilizes it’s original compact Hybrid system — a combination of a petrol engine as the main source of power with an electric motor providing power assist as needed, resulting in outstanding fuel economy and low emission. Honda Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) combined with Honda’s newly developed 4-cylinder, 16 valves, 1.5 liter i-VTEC engines provide strong power assist at lower engine speed.

The engine has a low height allowing for a low bonnet and low overall vehicle height. The intake chamber and air cleaner case are flat and follow the lines of the bonnet, and other parts have been made as compact as possible. As a result, the 1.5 liter engine of the CR-Z is almost as low in height as the 1.3 liter engine of the 2009 Honda Insight.

CR-Z is the world’s first 6-speeds manual transmission in a Hybrid. It gives the driver full control of the powertrain, which offers ample torque at low speeds thanks to power assist from the electric motor. The CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) is also available and comes with paddle shifters as standard equipment to offer true driving enjoyment to even more drivers.

HONDA CR-Z 1.5 i-VTEC Sport Manual 6-speed


This exclusive 6-speeds manual transmission with it’s light, smooth feel allows the driver to enjoy truly sporty driving. The Hill-Start Assist function is also standard.


The CVT offers a smooth and seamless transition between ratios while keeping the engine within an optimal rpm range for enhance fuel economy. Paddle shifters come as standard equipment, allowing the driver to shift between speeds while grasping the wheel.


The lightweight, rigid, aerodynamic body of the CR-Z features acceleration sound tuning and a wide variety of high-precision features. CR-Z made for nimble, enjoyable driving and outstanding fuel economy, the body of the CR-Z is lightweight and highly rigid. The CR-Z features strong high tensile steel and other light weight materials, optimized plate thickness and cross-sectional shapes and high strength joints.

The advanced aerodynamics design of the CR-Z enhances driving performance, fuel economy and quietness. In addition the CR-Z features noise reduction technologies that minimize NVH while allowing for a sound in tune with the CR-Z’s sporty acceleration.

CR-Z low vehicle height contributes to its low centre of gravity. With its short wheelbase and wide track, the sport chassis of the CR-Z combines nimble handling with exceptional stability. The placement of the IPU (CPU and Battery) beneath the cargo area floor helps create a 60:40 front/rear weight distribution, resulting in highly stable handling. The chassis of the CR-Z responds nimbly to the driver input while providing exceptional stability for peace of mind.

The lower-arm, aluminium wheels and other unsprung components are of lightweight design allow the CR-Z to offer a combination of nimble footwork and a smooth ride, while high-spring rate busings provide a low-bounce cruising feel.


Supporting the wide front track, newly designed long-span lower arms are made of forged aluminium for a 4kg weight reduction in each arm. The MacPherson Struts fitted in the front contributes to the CR-Z spaciousness, low height and low centre of gravity. In the rear of the CR-Z, a compact H-shaped torsion beam suspension allows for the placemant of the IPU (CPU and Battery) beneath the cargo area floor. The suspensions utilize High-hardness compliance bushings and engine mount bushings to contribute to direct and responsive driving.

The axle is specially designed to support the wide rear track.

The CR-Z’s low center of gravity was due to the low vehicle height, while the IPU (CPU and Battery) beneath the cargo area floor helps create the 60:40 front/rear weight distribution, resulting in responsive handling and stable driving.


HONDA CR-Z 1.5 i-VTEC Sport Manual 6-speed
HONDA CR-Z 1.5 i-VTEC Sport Manual 6-speed
HONDA CR-Z 1.5 i-VTEC Sport Manual 6-speed
HONDA CR-Z 1.5 i-VTEC Sport Manual 6-speed

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