Honda Civic 9600 DIY CTR Headlights Guide(with Pictures)

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Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)

Thread: Honda Civic DIY CTR Headlights Guide(with Pictures)

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DIY 6th gen Civic CTR Headlights: The Difinitive

Ok, we FINALLY did this thing the way and took some pics to eveyone out. Here’s the enjoy!


— Gunmetal spray paint

Alchohol and clean rag

— gun/blowdryer (prefer the heat

— Old kitchen knife you can destroy

— Oven big to fit the headlight on a tray in

The Process

First things

Remove the headlights from the car by off the front bumper (center clips, 2 lower 10mm 2 screws under the bumper, 2 at each fender)

Then, the headlights by taking off the 4 10mm from each headlight. forget to disconnect the headlight and the corner bulb (once the is free).

Ok, the headlights are now off the car and ready to be disected.

Start by removing the light from the housing.

— the oven to 325 deg.

— the oven is ready, place the housing onto a baking and put it in the oven for appx. 2 min (you may to repeat this step the silicon is plyable enough to with)

— Remove the from the oven (with the pan on)

— Place the housing on the or whatever surface you choose (we a towel) and put the baking sheet in spot as you will be using it

— Use the blunt side of the to pry the outer plastic piece from the housing. You will to use the heat gun/blowdryer at this to help you get it apart. Also, be of the little clips and be sure to them without breaking or them

— With the clear now off, remove the 2 phillips-head holding the reflective piece to the lense and pull the chrome from the clear lense, but be to not get the silicon on the chrome piece

Prepping the housing is easy, but patience: use the alchohol and rag and wipe all the chrome piece. I rubbed to where the chrome was actually off. You will be painting this part so that not matter.

BE SURE! to wipe the crevaces very well or the will not stick.

— Let the dry COMPLETELY! and begin painting the by spraying very lightly. Do not a thick coat on yet, a VERY light coat and it a couple of minutes to dry.

— When the first has set for a few minutes, apply a second, coat, but be careful not to overwhelm one as the paint will run and ruin project. After this is applied, you may want to go work on other headlight to give housing enough time to

— Keep applying until you are satisfied with the


This is a little extra that we to do on the fly:

I happen to have spare Black Transparent Tinting model paint from a model I did and the amber were just a little too for our liking. So, we sprayed the rough of the amber reflector with a of quick coats of the paint. The was AWESOME.

back on track.

Reinstall the painted piece the clear housing and screw it

Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)

— be careful not to get silicon on the piece as it will show and make you very mad

— use the gun/blowdryer on the main housing to heat the silicon back up do this on the clear housing as

— with both sticky, reinstall the clear back onto the main

— use the heat gun/blowdryer to you get the snaps back on

— the housing as far on as you can get, place the back onto the baking and into the oven for another of minutes

— when you it, immediately place the headlight clamps or have something to it together (we used an old towel, the headlight in the towel and duct around the towel as tighly as we for about 10 minutes)


Here’s how they out.

And, on the car.


1. DO NOT leave the baking in the oven while you work on one and just go set the headlight onto the — THE HEADLIGHT WILL Always remove the sheet the headlight and set it aside.

2. Patience is the tool to have here. The runs very easily on the surface so spray a bunch of coats

3. Don’t force if it’s not working, step from the project and come to it. It’s not worth breaking when you’re trying to

4. You may have to place the housing in the for longer or shorter time to get it right. We used the heat gun than anything, but be careful not to one spot for too long or it will

That’s it, I hope it helps This was a SWEEEEET. mod and his car looks cooler now.



today that you can get the headlight much easier and faster by the headlight in the oven for 325 deg. for 2 min 45 MUCH EASIER! FYI.

Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)
Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)
Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)
Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)
Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)
Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)
Honda Civic Hybrid (3rd gen)


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