Honda Fit EV Electric Concept

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Honda Fit Electric Cars

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Honda Fit EV Electric

November 26th, 2010 | Max Loeb

Honda recently at the Los Angeles Fit Concept EV, electric batteries. The Company has also the platform to equip its plug-in The Company also shows the to equip its plug-in hybrids

just introduced at the auto in Los Angeles the new battery electric Fit EV Concept and the platform for a plug-in vehicle of average size. vehicles are part of the Honda Mobility Network (Honda Mobility), the company s global to reduce CO2 emissions through products, energy management and production technologies.

The Fit EV Concept strongly in the direction and style will have the EV Fit, batteries that the company present U.S. and Japan in with a maximum speed of 144 km / h and an range of 160 km. per charge. On the other has presented a new platform for plug-in which will also in 2012.

Honda s long heritage the mobile technology has enabled us to customer needs, said Ito, President and CEO of Honda Co. Ltd. In the view of Honda, an vehicle should provide a convenience while being fun to The urban character of EV Fit makes it a complement to mobility multipurpose hybrids and electric vehicles to fuel cell as the Honda FCX

The EV Fit has been designed to meet the of everyday driving in a metropolitan and uses the same design as the model Fit (Jazz in Europe). you launch the Fit model EV, will by a lithium-ion battery and an electric coaxial.

The high density derived from the electric fuel cell FCX Clarity excellent efficiency and power at speeds while remaining The Fit EV has a top speed of 144 km / h and an estimated range of 160 km. per using the city LA4 cycle EPA (112 km. If you apply the adjustment EPA).

Autonomy has been maximized the use of an innovative 3 modes of driving drive, hybrid adapted Honda CR-Z sports. The allows the driver to select a (Econ, Normal or Sport) to the driving experience instantly and and maximize efficiency or improve

This system uses the principle as the system of 3 driving which equips the Honda hybrid, which allows to optimize the operation of the vehicle to your preferences or traffic Econ mode, autonomy can be by 17%, compared with in Normal mode, and up to 25% compared to in sport mode. Significantly acceleration in Sport mode, a performance similar to a vehicle a gasoline engine of 2.0 liters.

of the 3 driving modes E-Drive, the EV Fit several interactive training to help drivers maximize life. A special monitor the driver when it is off the air conditioning and items to save battery.

To help the driver to enjoy the of owning an electric vehicle, the EV Fit standard connectivity system allows drivers to stay via a smartphone or a personal computer, or the system remoting Honda you are away from the vehicle. system can be plugged into the without the need of Internet or phone signal. Through system, drivers can remotely the status of recharging the vehicle and charging and turn the air conditioner, while connected to the network, to battery consumption at startup. The application and the website also the ability to set notifications and alerts to charging rates of use, and roadside assistance 24 hours, with a locator public stations.

The Fit EV is equipped with a Satellite Linked Navigation ™ standard, which includes a public recharging stations.

The EV Fit has designed to be easy and convenient Recharging the battery can be accomplished in than 12 hours when a conventional 120 volt outlet, and than six hours when a 240 volt outlet.

The Fit EV Concept that was unveiled at the Los Motor Show features an exterior color blue and a distinctive alloy wheels five spokes with inserts. The prototype LED lights, front grille, aerodynamic LED taillights and adhesives EV. Inside, the EV Fit seats are made of biological gray, friendly environment.

in the Hall can be seen along the Fit EV prototype of Honda charging To start charging, the driver a card in front of the screen and connect the charger to the vehicle. s stand to imagine the future of charging infrastructure that is to use and intuitive for consumers.

The plug-in Honda

Honda also a plug-in hybrid platform, the Honda hybrid next-generation, two Integrated into the bed of a midsize the plug-in hybrid is designed to be with the habits of everyday allowing frequent short in electric mode while autonomy for long distances for situations. The Honda system of two run continuously through three driving modes to maximize electric, gasoline-electric and a unique of direct drive motor.

Honda Fit Electric Cars

Plug-in Hybrid also regenerative braking to charge the

In all-electric mode, the vehicle a lithium ion battery of 6 kWh and a powerful 120 kW motor. This mode a range of approximately 16-24 km in driving and a maximum speed of 100 km / h. For a battery charge, it will two hours to two hours, if you use a 120 volt and an hour to an hour and a half if you use a 240 outlet.

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Honda Fit Electric Cars

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