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Honda Insight Hybrid

Written by Sophia Schmidt


Honda’s Market Loses Sight with the

When you are test driving the Insight, Honda’s first foray into the electric and gas hybrid marketplace, baseline can’t help but come the Honda brand. Decades of have gone into the and design of Honda’s car lineup, in remarkable reliability and appeal the American consumer market.

The Insight carries this forward. Honda’s newest and first generation hybrid car to consumers who want the efficiency and mpg that comes from gas/electric cars. The car’s resonates with the eco-conscious showcasing its Eco Assist feedback that helps drivers mpg and, supposedly, driving overall. This 5-seater sedan includes many of the that consumers expect including navigation (an upgrade), entry and the definitive thoughtfulness to the six holders strategically placed the interior.

However, the overall design seems to overpower the or the notion that this is a car.

Taken together, the and features instill car confusion for Insight. It is supposed to be marketed as a hybrid car, a mainstream car for or a sporty compact sedan for the twenty-something consumer?

Quality parts

Because it is a several features usually not on the typical electric car, today, are standard, including its Eco feedback system, ABS brakes, six a tire pressure monitoring power windows and mirrors, entry, climate control and halogen headlights.

Performance and

The biggest disappointment from the Insight hybrid test is the acceleration experience. The Honda actualizes the feeling of running in place in one’s dreams. is an uncomfortable position to be in if driving on the with an 18-wheeler barreling on your car. Unlike cars or electric cars, the Insight had slow-to-limited acceleration off of a position. Then engine labored tackling even the of hills and seems to continuously with the tachometer in the 4- to 5000 rpm

The sales personnel at the Honda indicated that the engines variable transmission is engineered to the most efficient of gears for the experience, but I doubt even the eco-consumer would find appealing. The small 1.3L, engine may need some sizing to better manage the

The 2010 Insight’s hybrid cannot start-up from a on electric power alone. is a big detraction for the Insight when to the Toyota Prius or Ford vehicles which can start on alone. Stepping on the pedal at a creates an akward gas golfcart and the engine seems to sputter, but actually getting started.

The car did a comfortable turning radius and telescoping steering wheel. As the hybrid car’s suspension was satisfactory. Similar to the technology in electric cars, the braking regenerates the battery as the car decelerates. feature does make stops seem particularly and requires the driver to anticipate down for the best mpg performance.

comparable to electric cars, the either feels like it is in a or deceleration mode so that it is recycling energy from the (in the case of gas to electric battery) or system.

Body style

a bit from the Toyota Prius, the Insight has taken and improved the prevailing ugly duckling of current popular hybrids on the Honda Motor seems to approached the auto styling and with the intent to keep model among the pack, of becoming a standout. It looks a Honda Accord from the but a bit smaller and carrying a little

Any mainstream American consumer be proud to own the Insight and few neighbors may know it is an electric gas hybrid unless viewing the car from the view, which showcases a window that adds a bit of to the overall feel of the hybrid

The side appearance is all Honda better door handles and wheels at either model This is a vast departure and different vehicle from former model named the

Interior styling

One of the most features of the Honda Insight is the hybrid car’s rear styling benefits the rear-view of the driver. Looking through the mirror makes the interior of the car like there is a large inside the cabin.

The driver’s is very comfortable with of legroom, despite the sedan’s size. The dashboard does a way to confuse the driver with a that at any moment one could be into a NASA space program. There seems to be too bells and whistles. The Eco Assist is positioned in the middle of the driver’s vantage point, with the playing second fiddle. It is among the glitz of the glowing and appears on top of the dashboard above the Eco system.

Depending on driver seating the speedometer may feel hidden the telescoping steering wheel. The of the dash is also a blur of lights, big city- this someone who lives in one of the US’ cities.

The seating arrangement in the Insight was very comfortable. the rear seating area sufficient legroom for the average There was ample trunk space for most daily and the rear seats conveniently forward should there be a for hauling larger items.

One is that the battery cooling fan is at the top of the rear seating area, to passengers.

In terms of upgrade from the LX, or base model, to the EX, the console armrest and 15-inch wheels (versus standard) and control does not seem to win one However, ifa leather interior is the only model available is the EX.


Subcompact sedans and car seats are in an ongoing wrestling match. The allowed us to install each of the two car in under four minutes per However, it is clear that a passenger in the rear would be uncomfortable in the space remaining to two car seats.

If the car seats were behind each of the front it’s doubtful that a passenger could fit at all in the middle.

The Insight stands apart other hybrids and most in general in its class in terms of The Honda Insight has garnered a 5 in the NHTSA front driver test and compares equally to the Prius with its 4 rating front passenger crash


The Honda Insight’s flat nickel-metal-hydride battery sits under batteries below the trunk space The battery holds 0.58 of energy—just slightly less half the 1.3 kilowatt-hours of the current Prius. The Insight battery is with both spare power and regenerative braking, and its connects to an electronic sensor than a cable, also as “drive-by-wire.

Batteries carry and warranty, with replacement are currently estimated at $3,000, from $5,000 from a few ago.

Overall Driving Impressions

Insight’s 2010 hybrid me scratching my head. A good of hard work and energy into this car, but the variable transmission seems to just when the gas and electric of the hybrid should wow. As the driving experience seems with the Eco Assist dashboard keeps the driver looking to find out how efficiently the hybrid is along the road.

The Honda is a great option for consumers in improving gas efficiency and like the of a hybrid car. However, if can wait a year or two for other and electric compact sedans the marketplace, there will be better alternatives to the Insight.


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